Mobile Legends Kadita Guide | Kadita Best Build 2022

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Kadita in Mobile Legends.

I will explain Mobile Legends Kadita Passive and Skills, MLBB Kadita Build & Emblems, ML Kadita Spells, kadita mobile legends build.

Who are ML Kadita Best Teammates, Kadita Skill Combo, and finally give you some Tips and Tricks How to Play Kadita Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Kadita?

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For now, let’s focus on Kadita ML.

How to Use Kadita Skills?

What is Mobile Legends Kadita - Basic attributes

Passive – Thalassophobia

Kadita has an HP regen passive. When Kadita takes damage, her passive will activate after taking damage for 4 secs, she will regen 65% of lost HP during that period.

Her passive won’t activate when receiving very low damage. Damage from lane minions this passive has 30 seconds cool down time.

There will be a small animation around her, when the passive is available.


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Skill 1 – Ocean Oddity

This is a blink skill, it also deals magic damage. This skill can be used to go through walls. You can click this skill again, to get off the wave.

But, the wave will continue its path. Or you can also use other skills to get off the wave. She is immune to CC effects and damage taken is reduced during this skill.

This skill also reduces the enemy movement speed by 70%.


Skill 2 – Breath of the Ocean

This is an AOE skill; it deals magic damage and knocks up enemies in the area for 1.5 secs. But, i will take some time after casting to take effect.

If you cast this skill with skill 1, it will take effect quickly.


Skill 3 – Rough Waves

Kadita will release 6 waves, after a period of time it will return back to her. The damage will be very high when she releases all waves and the damage will be slightly lesser when it returns back to her.

Kadita will be immune to everything during this skill. But, she can’t go through walls while using this skill. That’s all for passive & skills.


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Mobile Legends Kadita Battle Spell 2022

These are 3 spells, i recommend for kadita battle spell.

Flicker is the most useful spell for her. You can combine Flicker + Ultimate to surprise enemies. The flicker will also be useful to escape.


Execute is also a very good option for her. In the early game, she can’t kill full HP enemies with her full combo. So, having execute will do the job.


You can use “Petrify” for your first few matches. Because, it will give you extra time to position yourself before using ultimate.


Mobile Legends Kadita Best Emblem Set 2022

Kadita Emblem 2022

Use Custom Mage Emblem for Kadita Upgrade “CD Reduction” And Magic Power in First and Second Row. Use Either Magic Worship Or Pure Talent.

ML Kadita Best Emblem

Kadita Emblem Set 2022

Use “Magical Emblem” If You Don’t Have Custom Upgrade Mana Regen and Magic Power in First And Second Row.

Use the Second Talent It Will Increase Magic Power after Using Skill. Both Talent Improves Overall Image.

ML Kadita Best Emblem 2

Mobile Legends Kadita Best Build 2022

Best Kadita Build 2022

  1. For MLBB Kadita Build 2022, i will guide you through each item one by one. Choose “Demon Shoes” for Mana Regen or “Arcane Boots” for more damage.
  2. You can choose any boot you want for 2nd item, i choose “Clock of DestinyKadita’s Passive works based on HP. So, “COD” is a very good item for her.
  3. For 4th item, i choose “Lightning Trucheon” it gives Magic Power, CD reduction and its passive helps you to deal more burst damage kadita item build 2022.
  4. For 5th item, i choose “Fleeting Time” Even at max Level, Kadita’s ultimate has 32 second Cool down. So, “Fleeting Time” helps to get her ultimate faster.
  5. For final item, i choose “Blood Wings” it increases her overall HP and Magic Power. Go for “Winter Truncheon” or “Immortality” if you want some defense. This is my recommended best build for kadita.

Kadita Damage Build 2022

  1. Arcane Boots
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Glowing Wand
  4. Ice Queen Wand
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Divine Glaive

Kadita Best Build 2022

  1. Demon Shoes
  2. Clock of Destiny
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Genius Wand
  5. Fleeting Time
  6. Holy Crystal

Best Build for Kadita 2022

  1. Arcane Boots- 690
  2. Clock of Destiny- 1950
  3. Concentrated Energy- 2020
  4. Lightning Truncheon- 2250
  5. Fleeting Time- 2050
  6. Blood Wings- 3000

This is my recommended best build kadita 2022.

MLBB Kadita Best Build
Best Build for Kadita 2022

How to Play Kadita?

How to Use Kadita Combo 2022?

This is the skill combo, you should mostly use. Practice to place your skill 2 correctly. In an open fight, use skill 1 first then follow up with skill and ultimate.

Mobile Legends Kadita - Skill Combos

Mobile Legends Kadita Guide 2022 & Gameplay Tips

  1. Max skill 1 first; upgrades ultimate whenever available Max skill 2 at last. Start the match with a 2 mana necklace. Then, go straight to clear wave or help your assassin to take buff.
  2. Use Skill 1 and skills to clear minion wave and to poke enemies while laning. When your passive is available, try to be aggressive when doing tower dive, make sure you have your ultimate and passive ready.
  3. After reaching level 4 try to gank other lanes or invade enemy jungle. When using Flicker Ulti combos, always use Ulti first, then Flicker near the enemy.
  4. Like Aurora and Eudora, Kadita can also ambush enemies in seconds. Just execute combos correctly. To escape Aldous Ulti, use your skills 1 in the direction facing Aldous.
  5. Kadita’s skill 2 can cancel unique skills like Gods and Claude’s ultimate. So, use it wisely. In team fights, always use your ultimate on enemy damage dealers. With Kadita’s skill 1, she can easily reach back row.

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That’s all for this How to Play Kadita in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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