IObit Uninstaller 11 for Windows PC 2023

IObit Uninstaller 11 for Windows PC: Generally, when an individual wishes to uninstall some software on their computer, they will be required to make use of the default uninstalling program that is available on Microsoft.

However, there is something that you don’t truly know about this uninstall program on your device and the fact is that you should.

This type of program will certainly uninstall the software for you but won’t completely get rid of all the files and folders that are associated with it.

These may include any temporary files, registry, or any other files that were created while using that particular software.

Now, this is where the role of IObit Uninstaller 11 comes into play. This uninstaller software is specifically created to entirely get rid of all this junk file matter from your device.

After first discarding it in a basic way, a special feature called Powerful Scan will then come into action which will scan as well as identify any and every file that was formerly produced by the particular software that IObit uninstaller just removed from your device.

The program uninstaller Windows 10 by IObit will clean your computer up while clearing its HDD in an instant.

This will further help enhance the operation and functionality of your PC. 

To know more about the IObit uninstaller download, continue reading this article and start uninstalling applications or software on your device more effectively and efficiently.

About IObit Uninstaller

Free IObit Uninstaller 11 for Windows PC
  • Licensing: Free
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Category: Device Maintenance
  • Language: English as well as 15 more
  • Author:
  • Date of release: 18 October 2021

Iobit Uninstaller software is a free program that helps its users in managing as well as eliminating all the applications or software installed on their computer.

It is also worth mentioning that the uninstaller features a special element that helps the users in getting rid of even those software that can not be deleted by the operating system by the default settings, whatever the reason may be.  

The interface of Iobit Uninstaller splits up all the installed software on your device into plenty of categories.

The Programs column extends an uninstallation operation that is more or less similar to the default tool of Windows.

But, this one here allows you to uninstall numerous programs in one go and also displays all the elements that are hidden on your system by default.

  • One of the most powerful features of this tool is its ‘Uninstall Bundleware’ feature. This specific feature allows you to locate any excessive packages on the device that you can choose to delete in an instant.
  • Users can also choose to force the installation in case the system strives to obstruct the uninstalling process. Moreover, it is also easy to operate a scan in the registry of Windows to locate unworkable keys as well as entries once the process of uninstallation has finished.
  • Another feature called ‘install monitor’ helps the users to keep a track of any modifications that have been made to their computer during the installation of a Windows program. Consequently, any change can be eliminated with great ease once you are done uninstalling the software.
  • There is also one more category in the application that consists of plugins as well as toolbars that are related to the browsers installed on your device. You can make use of this specific feature for deleting these.
  • The nicest thing is that all the elements comprise a consumer rating which allows the user to easily find skeptical software or applications with the assistance of society.
  • You can also make use of the ‘Software Health‘ feature for tapping and getting rid of any loopholes that may have been left behind by some former installations and with great ease.
  • It is also pretty simple to remove scraps of bad software or applications and put a full stop to the troublesome advertisements that keep popping up over time.
  • Another element in the software allows the users to get rid of the default Windows programs that are incorporated in the PC from the beginning.
  • It is worth noting that there are also more tools available with this software including a cleaner for getting rid of damaged shortcuts, a catalog for recovering some recovery thresholds that are created during the process of uninstallation, a files shredder for curbing them to get reclaimed with any special tool, together with direct entry to some tools that are included in Windows PC by default.

Without a question, IObit Uninstaller download is one thing that you must always bear in mind in case your operating system is causing you any type of trouble while you are striving to remove any software on your device.

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Major Highlights

  1. A brand-new feature called Software Health
  2. More efficient uninstall engine
  3. Advanced scanning procedures
  4. Extra in-depth functioning of Install Monitor
  5. Database increased up to 50%
  6. A unique feature for removing Stubborn Programs
  7. Brand-new user rating of Windows applications
  8. Two different skins: light and dark
  9. Complete support with Windows 11
  10. Supports 37 different languages
  11. The enhanced user interface which is user friendly

What’s Special About IObit Uninstaller 11

Free IObit Uninstaller 11 for Windows PC

1. Lighter and Cleaner Device

Are you looking for ways to free up some disk space on your device by uninstalling a few applications?

Then IObit Uninstaller program is the only one you can and you must trust.

With this program uninstaller Windows 10 by IObit, you can get rid of any software that is no longer of use, if you can’t uninstall it with your default uninstall the program or if it is wrapped with any other programs.

Whatever that is, this uninstaller software is going to do the job for you and leave you with a much lighter as well as cleaner device.

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2. Safe and Fast Browsing

When a bad toolbar gets access to your PC, that is most likely going to take control of the browser installed on your device and alter all the settings even without any permission.

The worst part is that you will eventually end up with a slow internet connection as well as with the personal data and privacy being leaked.

The uninstaller software by IObit is going to provide you with a list of every toolbar in your device and also highlight the bad ones out of them that are installed on your device’s mainstream browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

This way you can easily identify such malicious toolbars and get rid of them from your device as soon as possible.

3. No Residual File Matter

Regular uninstall programs on your device won’t ever be able to get rid of programs entirely.

As soon as you download the IObit uninstaller, you can stop worrying about residues of files left behind anymore.

This uninstaller software automatically gets rid of all the leftovers after it is done uninstalling the desired programs.

Even for the leftover files that cannot be eliminated by any other usual uninstaller programs; you can nonetheless count on IObit uninstaller for it.

4. Easily Update Software

Outdated software can be highly risky especially when kept on the device for a long time.

An attacker will easily be able to identify a weakness in obsolete software which often results in damaging the entire system altogether.

IObit uninstaller software download helps you keep more than 60 crucial programs or applications completely up to date.

Users will easily be able to update the software on their PC with the help of safe download links that lead to the most recently released version on the websites of the publishers.

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5. Recent and Vital Modifications in software

Being one of the most effective uninstaller software, IObit Uninstaller can easily remove all the excessive and undue programs, plug-ins, as well as Windows applications on your PC so that it becomes much lighter, cleaner, and safer.

With some recent and crucial modifications being made in the uninstaller software, users will now be able to get rid of 300% additional stubborn software as well as 100% extra ad-based and malicious plugins.

It is very simple and quick to uninstall any unwanted program on your device from an opened window, desk icon, as well as a system tray icon.

IObit Uninstaller 11 Free License

Users can easily download the IObit uninstaller from the link given below:

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Use your installer, prevent unwanted software of IObit and finish off the process of installation.

Open the application, and tap on the option of ‘Enter Code’ on the main window. You will find it below the ‘Activate Now’ Option.

After that simply type in the below-mentioned license code:


Note: The above-mentioned license code is only going to provide a subscription until 22 September 2023.

System Requirements for IObit Uninstaller

1. Hardware Requirement

Processor: 1Ghz, or extra-powerful

Memory: Available RAM of at least 1GB

Hard Disk: Free disk space available of minimum 300mb

2. Supported OS

Support for Windows: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

Operating System support: 32 bit and 64 bit

Pro Version of IObit Uninstaller

Free IObit Uninstaller 11 for Windows PC

It is no secret that the free edition of the IObit uninstaller offers plenty of features to the user and fulfills the majority of requirements.

However, in case you wish to get access to some additional or full features of the app then there is also a pro version available for this uninstaller.

There is so much to take advantage of with the pro version and one of them includes automatic updates on any application that does not belong to the Microsoft Store.

Moreover, with the pro IObit uninstaller download edition, users will also be able to get rid of any and every bundled and stubborn program on their device, together with malicious and ad-based plug-ins.

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Wrapping up

All in all, it is no surprise that IObit uninstaller download is highly recommended as well as beneficial for all users and devices.

All the junk that is otherwise going to consume your device storage will be gotten rid of with this effective uninstaller software.

Just check out the crucial system requirements and we suggest that you do not hinge for a second on clicking the download IObit uninstaller link provided above.

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