Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide & Best Build 2023

Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide & Best Build: Greninja is one of the Water – type Pokemon who has the ability to dominate game and can also solo carry his team.

Greninja has insane ranged attacks which makes him a very strong pokemon and hard to kill pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Pokemon Unite Greninja Evolutions

You start playing him as Froakie at the level 1 which evolves to Frogadier at level 5.

Frogadier then evolves to Greninja at level 7.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Pokemon Unite Greninja Lane

Greninja can be played well in the Center/Jungle Lane.

Pokemon Unite Greninja Skills

Passive Ability


When HP drops below 50%, Greninja has enhanced attacks and movement speed is increased.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Basic Attack

Every third Attack becomes enhanced and deals higher damage in an area. It also decreases their movement speed.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Skill 1

Bubble (Level 1 or 3)

Greninja shoots bubbles which deals damage with each hit. It also slows them down.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Surf (Level 7)

Greninja rides a water wave which deals damage to all the enemies in the way.

It also heals Greninja. Cooldown of this skill resets with every successful takedown.

Upgrade (Level 11) – HP restored is increased.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Water Shuriken (Level 7)

Greninja throws shuriken in the designated direction.

Each shuriken hit will slow down the enemy and steal HP.

Upgrade (Level 11) – Number of shuriken increases.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Skill 2

Substitute (Level 1 or 3)

Pokemon Greninja will dash in the designated direction while leaving behind a doll which takes damage for him.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Smokescreen (Level 5)

Pokemon Greninja dashes in a designated direction and creates a smokescreen.

It grants him invisibility, bonus movement speed and enhances the next attack.

Upgrade (Level 13) – Enhanced attack damage is increased.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Double Team (Level 5)

Pokemon Greninja dashes in the designated direction leaving behind his clones which are uncontrollable and disappear after some time.

It also copies the skills of Greninja, i.e., Water Shuriken.

Upgrade (Level 13) – Cooldown is decreased.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Unite Move (Level 9)

Waterburst Shuriken

Pokemon Greninja jumps high in the air and creates a giant shuriken on his back.

He then throws the giant shuriken at the designated target which deals damage.

Greninja lands on the shuriken which deals damage again and also slows down the enemies.

Greninja then jumps away in the direction you choose.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Pokemon Unite Greninja Skill Combo

Greninja excels in 1 vs 1 fights so always try to get those fights.

Use Double Team to create clones and follow your enemy.

Use Water Shuriken before clones disappear. This way you and your clones deal damage and provide huge amount of HP too.

Finish off the enemy with Basic Attack.

Pokemon Unite Greninja

Best Held Item for Pokemon Unite Greninja

  • Buddy Barrier – Whenever you use your Unite Move; it provides shield to you and ally with lowest HP. It is a perfect item for Healing Pokémon.
Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide & Best Build 2023
  • Focus Band – It provides Heal whenever your HP drops to a certain level.
Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide & Best Build 2023
  • Muscle Band – It increases the damage whenever your basic attacks hit the enemy. Damage increases as HP of enemy decreases.
Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide & Best Build 2023
  • Scope Lens – It increases Critical Damage on Basic Attacks. It increases the damage with increase in Attack.
Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide & Best Build 2023

Best Battle Item for Pokemon Unite Greninja

  • Eject Button – It allows your Pokémon to dash in designated direction.
Pokemon Unite Greninja Guide & Best Build 2023

Pokemon Unite Greninja Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Repositioning is extremely important while playing Greninja. Continuously change your position to keep enemy surrounded and deal maximum damage with your clones.
  • Greninja should join fights after Level 7 as his main damage comes from Water Shuriken.
  • It can deal maximum damage effectively with Double Team.
  • Use Double Team or Smokescreen to travel faster in the map.
  • Always look at the map for easy kills and also gain advantage to obtain objectives.
  • Use simple combo like Substitute > Bubble to deal damage in the early game without taking any damage.

Pokemon Unite Greninja Matchups and Counters

Greninja Best Counters

Slowbro, Zeraora, Lucario, Pikachu

Greninja Best Teammates

Slowbro, Wigglytuff, Snorlax, Crustle, Gardevoir

Pokemon Unite Greninja Pros and Cons


  • High Mobility
  • can Jungle effectively
  • High damage


  • Difficulty to use him is high
  • Very squishy
  • Late game pokemon

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