40+ Outdoor games name in Marathi 2023

If you enjoy outdoor games and looking for different kinds of outdoor games name in Marathi to keep your kids engaged or any kind of outdoor games name in Marathi that can be played with friends or family, then is the article for you.

Sports and outdoor games are well-liked all over the globe because they are enjoyable and encourage physical fitness.

Due to the widespread use of electronic games, online games, and gaming devices, these kids’ outdoor activities are no longer as important.

Outdoor games are not only fun but also increase team building spirits among individuals. Thus, outdoor games are not just for enjoyment but extremely beneficial for kids.

After reading this article, which talks about different types of outdoor games name in Marathi that can be enjoyed not only by kids but people of all ages, you would not require to read another article as this article covers all the information necessary for anyone seeking to know about different kinds of outdoor games name in Marathi which can be played in a group setting.

This article provides basic information about top 10 outdoor games name in Marathi which can be enjoyed by any number of people belonging to any age group.

Kids are kept active by outdoor games, which also serve to improve physical fitness and stamina.

By boosting their bones, muscles, and immune systems as well as reducing their risk of developing diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc., playing outdoor sports also benefits children.

Additionally, children’s vision is improved by outdoor activities. There are many various outdoor game types that are very well-liked in India.

The Indians perform a variety of sports, from the well-known ones like Cricket and Football to the less well-known ones like Gillidanda, Kho-kho, Kabbadi, etc.

Therefore, we can conclude that India has a variety of outdoor activities that are excellent for the health of the participants.

This article also provides the required information regarding outdoor games name list 2023 as it is pertinent to keep up with changing times and introduce new games and activities for kids to enjoy with family or their peers.

The outdoor games name list 2023 is not only meant for children but some of the outdoor games can still be enjoyed by teenagers and adults. 

What are the benefits of outdoor games?

Outdoor games are those games or sports are those that must be played outside and require a large space as they are often played in a group setting among a lot of people.

These activities or games are played outdoors. Playing outdoor games has several advantages, which have been mentioned below: 

  • Since the sun is a natural supply of Vitamin D, playing outside can be good for the players’ health. 
  • The immune system of the participants can be built up and strengthened by playing outside and in a natural setting. 
  • The players learn the value of teamwork through playing outdoor team activities, which aids in their social development. Additionally, players develop better discipline than regular individuals do. 
  • The participants’ blood circulation can be boosted and they can stay active and fit by playing outside in the open air.

Importance of outdoor games for kids

Children today spend an increasing amount of time indoors. Most young people are engrossed in television, cellphones, and other technology.

But watching cartoons on television or using phones for endless hours can affect their health. Children’s obesity can also result from being sofa potatoes.

On the other hand, children’s mental and physical health can be enhanced by playing outdoor activities.

Their personality can be shaped and important social skills can be developed through exposure to outdoor exercise. It is an excellent method to support their development of life skills. 

Kids’ learning skills can be greatly improved by playing outdoor games. They might pick up valuable life lessons and skills, foster a problem-solving mindset, have the opportunity to explore nature, learn new things, etc.

Additionally, when children learn outside by playing playing outdoor games, they view it as an ongoing, enjoyable exercise rather than a tedious or boring task which must be completed in a formal setting.

Furthermore, playing outside keeps kids busy and can improve their physical fitness and stamina.

Their muscles and bones will be strengthened, their immunity will be boosted, and they will be less likely to develop illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

They may get their vitamin D naturally from being outside under the sunlight and fresh air.

Children’s vision can become impaired if they are exposed to technological devices for an extended period of time.

But playing outside games on the other hand will improve their vision and aid them in seeing better.

Compared to kids who stay inside and are withdrawn and isolated, kids who spend time outdoors and plays outdoor games with other kids tend to interact with other kids more successfully.

You should encourage your child to interact with other kids in case, if he or she spends more time inside and isolates him or her.

As kids who plays outdoor games or interact with kids their age they often without even being aware of it, learn and develop their social and communication skills when they make new friends, take turns playing alone without adult supervision, or simply speak to one another.

And this talent will be useful to them in the future. Moreover, Children who play outside often grow up with an optimistic outlook on life and are more mellow and content.

Also, playing outside gives kids a wonderful chance to focus their energy in productive and meaningful ways. 

Playing outside helps kids develop their personalities. They learn to be independent and self-reliant.

They gain the ability to handle crises, setbacks, etc. without parental supervision. They gain confidence as a result, and they are better prepared to handle challenges in the future.

They also learn skills like discipline, cooperation, and leadership through outdoor physical activities, all of which are beneficial later in life. 

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Top 10 Outdoor games name in Marathi

Here I have mentioned a list of top 10 outdoor games name in Marathi for people to enjoy to belonging to age group with friends or family.

These games can also be played to keep kids distracted and to reduce the screen time of the kids. 

  • Kancha: Kancha is one of the fun childhood outdoor games, which is very popular in India. The game is also known by the other names such as Golli, Marbles, Goti, and Lakhoti. It started in the Harappan era. In order to play this game round glass pebbles, also known as kanchas, are used by the players. This game can be played by a large group of individuals. The goal is to hit the designated kancha with another marble as many times as possible in order to gather the most marbles. All of the other participants’ marbles go to the winner, who also gets to keep them.
  • Lagori or Pithu: Lagori or Pithu is another popular game in India and it is quite famous in Maharashtra. In order to play this game a ball and a collection of some flat stones are needed. There are two teams and the flat stones are piled on top of one another. One team member will toss the ball to knock the stone pile over, and the other team will then attempt to rebuild the pile while they are being thrown at by the first team. If the ball touches a player, that player is out and the squad must carry on with the game without him or her. 
  • Gilli Danda or Lippa: Gilli Danda or Lippa is the older or previous version of very popular contemporary games cricket or baseball. Previously, this game was as well-known and popular in India as cricket. For playing this game you only need two rods that are of different sizes. The larger stick, which strikes the smaller one, is known as the Danda, and the smaller one is known as Gilli. In order to succeed, you must use the Danda to lift the Gilli into the air. The player has to strike the Gilli with the Danda as far as they can while it is in the air. This game can be played by many people at the same time in fact the greater number of players the game becomes more enjoyable to play. Name of outdoor games in India definitely has to include this. 
  • Hockey: One of the first outdoor sports to be played in India was hockey, also known as field hockey. It is regarded as India’s unofficial national sport. Numerous trophies were also obtained by Indian hockey players. Two teams of 11 players each compete in this game as they attempt to use their sticks to strike a hard, small ball into the opponent’s goal. It has been a popular game in India for many years. 
  • Kabbadi: Kabbadi is a team activity that only requires agility and strength and no other sporting equipment. It was created in India and now it is not only popular in every part of India but it is also enjoyed all over the world. Kabbadi in Hindi means holding the breath. In this game two teams of players each have seven to twelve individuals. During the game players from one squad must enter the territory of the other team and they must attempt to contact as many opponents as they can while doing this. The athletes who were “touched” by the player of the opponent team are ruled out. At the end of the match, the squad with the fewest players is deemed the winner.
  • Kho Kho: Kho Kho is very popular Marathi game and it is also the second most popular game in India after Kabbadi. The game of Kho Kho originated in India. It became well-known in 1935 after Akhil Maharashtra Shareerika Shikshan Mandal published the regulations of this outdoor game. In this outdoor game there are two teams in total, each with nine people. In order to play this game, the chasing team’s players are arranged in a straight line on the field, facing the opposing teams’ players. Before the allotted amount of time has passed, the players who are chasing the members of opposite team must catch the members of the opposing squad. This is another of the popular name of outdoor games in India.
  • Vish Amrit: Vish Amrit is a Marathi outdoor game which is very popular among school going kids. It’s a large-scale outdoor game with kids. In order to play this game one person lags behind the others. The word “vish,” which means poison, is uttered whenever the den or the person who lags behind comes in contact with another participant. Until another player touches them to give them “amrit,” which means nectar, the touched player must settle down and is unable to move, that is the touched player becomes frozen. This entertaining activity can develop a child’s social abilities and agility. In some areas, the game is also referred to or known as Lock and Key.
  • Nondi or Hopscotch: Nondi or Hopscotch is another popular traditional Indian game. The game entails numbering and drawing a grid on the ground. For playing this game it is customary for players to toss a small stone onto the numbered blocks during their turn. In order to gather up the object and complete the lap, they must hop across the blocks drawn on the ground and they must be careful not to step on the boundary lines. It is a game played by a group of people and this game also facilitates team building spirits. 
  • Maram Pithi: Maram Pithi is similar to the famous game of dodge ball. However, this outdoor game which originated in Maharashtra has now become a very popular traditional Indian game. For playing this game there must be two teams in it, each with any number of participants, there is no specific requirement. Further, this game requires a sizable space to be played, that is an open area or outdoor setting. Players from one team make a circle and use a ball to strike players from the other team who must enter the circle. Players on the opposing side must attempt to avoid being struck by the ball, and those who are struck are ruled out and they must exit the circle immediately. 
  • Posham Pa: Posham Pa is an outdoor game which is played by three or more players in an open area or outdoor setting. For playing this game a “gate” is formed by two of the players by joining hands. Then those players who joined hands start singing. The other competitors form a line and move through it. The two gatekeepers lower their arm after the music is over, trapping a player inside who was passing through. Once every other participant has been caught in the gate by those two players, the game is over. In different parts of India, the game is played in various ways. In some states, the player who is trapped is discreetly asked a question, and depending on their response, they are assigned to one of two teams. After dividing into two teams, they engage in a game of tug of war. The squad that is successful in pulling the rival team wins the game and is declared winner. 

How to motivate your kids to play outdoor games?

To make kids play outside with their peers it is essential to let them know how fun outdoor games can be.

You can start by taking your child’s favorite toy outside or take him or her to a park with his or her peers which will initially act as a motivation to encourage them in engaging in outdoor games. 

To pique your child’s interest, you can arrange a variety of outdoor activities like a journey to the beach, a stop at a farm, or a trip to a botanical garden.

You can set up obstacles or prize hunts for him or her to complete, and then you can reward them appropriately.

Your kid may develop an interest in outdoor activities if you take them hiking, camping, etc. 

Make sure your kid enjoys themselves while they are outside. While you are outside with your kids, you can teach them new things, but avoid making the entire experience informative.

Allow them to be how they feel like and how they can enjoy themselves. You can initially go with your kid to a park or a nature trail, but allow them to explore on their own.

Keep a watch on them, but refrain from interfering with or controlling them. Only offer help if requested by the child.


What are some famous names of outdoor games in India?

Some famous names of outdoor games in India are Aankh Micholi, Chhupam Chhupai (also known as Hide and Seek), Lagori or Pithoo, Dog and the Bone, etc. You can also find useful information on famous names of outdoor games in India by clicking on this link here.

How do playing traditional Indian outdoor games help individuals?

We feel more connected to our ancestors and the history of our country when we play traditional games. Through traditional outdoor games, it enables us to re-connect in the simplest manner possible. It guides us to keep our ancestral roots close to our hearts, which also results in making us happy.

What are some disadvantages of outdoor games?

Outdoor games also come with some disadvantages such as excessive outdoor activity among children may cause them to ignore their academics. Kids sometimes physically strain themselves too much because they enjoy playing outside too much and they have been playing for long hours. Outdoor games can put bodily strain on players. Kids who play outdoor games unsupervised by adults raise questions about the safety of the child’s health.


Yes, outdoor games also come with certain disadvantages like kids who engage too much in outdoor games often end up neglecting studies, playing outdoors for too long also leads to physical strain, playing outdoor games without adult supervision also raises question about safety of the child’s health.

However, the benefits and importance of outdoor games in developing years outweigh the disadvantages of playing outside.

A child’s concentration, observational abilities, and gross motor skills all increase when they play outside.

Along with other skills that your kid will require throughout their lifetime, you should make sure that these skills develop properly.

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