Mobile Legends Vexana Guide| Vexana Best Build 2024

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has become a battleground where legends are born, and among these legends, Vexana, the Necromancer, commands the dark forces to bend to her will.

With her sinister presence on the battlefield, she can turn the tide of any battle with her dark magic and summoning prowess.

This guide aims to delve deep into the mechanics, strategies, and nuances of playing Vexana, ensuring you can harness her full potential to dominate your enemies.

Who is Vexana?

In the lore of Mobile Legends Vexana was once a queen, beloved and revered. However, her story took a dark turn as she sought forbidden magic to save her kingdom, only to be consumed by it.

Now, she walks the battlefield as a mage of unparalleled power, using her necromancy to raise the undead and curse her foes.

Her transformation from a benevolent queen to a feared necromancer serves as a cautionary tale of the price of power and the depths of despair.

Vexana’s Abilities and Skills

A deep dive into Vexana’s abilities reveals the complexity and versatility of her kit. Each skill is designed to synergize with her role as a controller and damage dealer on the battlefield.

  • Passive – Nether Touch: This passive ability is what makes Vexana a constant threat. Enemies cursed by Nether Touch explode upon death, dealing AoE damage. This makes her exceptional at wave clearing and adds an extra layer of damage during team fights.
  • Skill 1 – Charmed Specter (Deathly Grasp): Deathly Grasp is not just a damage-dealing skill but a strategic tool for crowd control. The terror it inflicts can disrupt enemy formations and peel for allies, making it a versatile skill in Vexana’s arsenal.
  • Skill 2 – Nether Snare (Cursed Blast): The area of effect and slow provided by Cursed Blast make it an excellent zoning tool. It can be used to control enemy movements, secure objectives, or protect choke points during engagements.
  • Ultimate – Cursed Oath (Eternal Guard): The summoning of the Undead Knight through her ultimate is a game-changer. It can turn fights around by providing additional damage, tanking capabilities, and causing chaos among enemy ranks.

Skill Usage Tips:

  • Mastering the timing and placement of Nether Snare can significantly enhance Vexana’s control over the battlefield.
  • Charmed Specter should be used judiciously, as its ability to terrify can save allies or secure kills.
  • Positioning is key to maximizing Cursed Oath. The Undead Knight can act as both a shield and a spear, disrupting enemy lines or defending your own.

The Best Builds for Vexana 2024

Building the right items for Vexana can amplify her strengths and mitigate her weaknesses. Here’s an expanded look at the optimal build for her:

  • Arcane Boots: The magic penetration provided is crucial for Vexana to deal significant damage to heroes with magic resistance.
  • Enchanted Talisman: This item is a cornerstone for Vexana, offering mana regeneration and cooldown reduction, allowing her to cast her spells more frequently.
  • Lightning Truncheon: It synergizes well with Vexana’s kit, providing a burst of AoE damage that complements her passive and skills.
  • Holy Crystal: This item significantly boosts Vexana’s magic power, making her abilities even more lethal.
  • Divine Glaive: When facing enemies with high magic resistance, Divine Glaive ensures Vexana’s attacks remain potent.
  • Blood Wings: Provides a substantial increase in health and magic power, bolstering Vexana’s survivability and damage output.

Situational Items:

  • Winter Truncheon offers a lifeline in dire situations, allowing Vexana to become invulnerable temporarily.
  • Necklace of Durance is essential against heroes with high healing capabilities, ensuring Vexana’s damage sticks.

Emblem Configurations and Battle Spells

Emblem Configuration: The Mage Emblem set, with its focus on magic power and cooldown reduction, is perfect for Vexana. However, customization within this set can further refine her capabilities:

  • Flow: Increases magic power, enhancing her overall damage output.
  • Observation: Boosts magic penetration, ensuring her attacks pierce through magic defenses.
  • Mystery Shop: This talent is invaluable for accelerating Vexana’s build, allowing her to access her core items faster.

Battle Spells:

  • Flicker and Sprint remain the top choices for Vexana, providing mobility that her kit lacks. Flicker can be used defensively or offensively, offering escape or engagement options. Sprint, on the other hand, allows Vexana to reposition quickly, crucial for landing her skills effectively or escaping adverse situations.

Effective Combos and Gameplay Strategies

Advanced Skill Combos:

  • Poke and Harass: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Basic Attack. This combo is great for whittling down enemy health in the laning phase.
  • Full Engagement Combo: Skill 2 -> Ultimate -> Skill 1 -> Basic Attack. Use this combo to maximize damage output in team fights or secure kills.

Gameplay Strategies Expanded:

  • Early Game: Focus on farming and using your skills to keep the enemy laner at bay. Vexana’s ability to clear waves quickly should be utilized to maintain lane pressure.
  • Mid Game: With a few items built, start looking for opportunities to roam and support your team in skirmishes. Your goal is to catch enemies out of position with your crowd control and burst damage.
  • Late Game: Positioning becomes paramount. Stay behind your team’s front line, using your skills to control the battlefield and eliminate key targets. Your ultimate can turn the tide of team fights, so use it judiciously.

Vexana’s Role in the Team

Vexana’s role transcends mere damage dealing. Her ability to control the pace of the game with her crowd control and zoning skills makes her a valuable asset in any team composition.

She excels in teams that can capitalize on her crowd control, allowing allies to follow up on her engagements with their own abilities and attacks.

Pros and Cons of Playing Vexana


  • Versatility: Vexana’s kit allows her to adapt to various game situations, making her a flexible pick.
  • Team Fight Presence: Her AoE damage and control can significantly impact team fights.
  • Lane Control: Vexana can easily manage lane pressure thanks to her wave-clear capabilities.


  • Vulnerability: Without inherent escape mechanisms, Vexana relies heavily on positioning and team protection.
  • Mana Dependency: Early game, managing her mana pool can be challenging, requiring careful ability usage.
  • Skillshot Reliance: Her effectiveness is contingent on landing her skillshots, which can be difficult against highly mobile enemies.

Vexana’s Place in the Current Meta

In the shifting sands of the MLBB meta, Vexana remains a potent force. Her ability to disrupt enemy formations and provide significant AoE damage makes her a feared opponent.

While not always the first pick in high-tier play, her unique skill set can be a game-changer in the right hands, particularly against clustered enemies or compositions lacking in mobility.


Mastering Vexana is a journey of understanding the nuances of her abilities, building the right items, and executing her skill combos flawlessly.

With practice, Vexana can be an asset to any team, capable of swinging the momentum of the game in her favor.

Whether you’re pushing lanes, controlling team fights, or securing kills, Vexana’s dark magic is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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How do you win with Vexana?

To secure victory with Vexana, focus on mastering her skill combos for maximum damage, positioning wisely in team fights, and leveraging her crowd control abilities to disrupt enemy formations.

Is Vexana good in Mobile Legends?

Yes, Vexana is a strong pick in Mobile Legends, especially in the hands of players who can effectively utilize her unique set of skills for crowd control and area damage.

What is the best battle spell for Vexana?

Flicker is often considered the best battle spell for Vexana, providing her with much-needed mobility for positioning or escaping dangerous situations.

What is the first skill of Vexana?

Vexana’s first skill is “Charmed Specter” (Deathly Grasp), which unleashes a phantom claw to deal damage and terrify the first enemy hero hit, making it a powerful tool for control and engagement.

Below Guide as per Old patch note

Mobile Legends Vexana is one of the best Late Game Mages in the whole game Like cecilion. She has a very scary passive and SUPER BROKEN ULTIMATE DAMAGE.

She can literally One shot any of the Squishy Heroes with just using her Ultimate.

So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Vexana Guide.

Best Lane for Mobile Legends Vexana

Vexana is played as Support for the whole team in the Middle Lane. She also roams with the tank and Hyper Carry to secure kills during the game.

How to Use Vexana Skills?

Passive Necromancy Spell

Whenever Vexana deals damage, she marks her enemies. Marked enemies will explode on death, and deal damage to any of the nearby enemies.

Mark remains for 5 seconds.

Mobile Legends Vexana

Skill 1 Charmed Specter

Vexana releases a magic spell from her hand which deals damage in a straight line and confuses all the enemies that are hit.

This skill prevents enemies from using any skills including Dash Skills.

Only Purify skill or similar skills like Wanwan Skill 2 can remove this effect.

Mobile Legends Vexana

Skill 2 Nether Snare

Vexana summons the power of Necromancy on the ground and deals burst damage after a delay to all the enemies standing on it.

Mobile Legends Vexana

Ultimate Skill Cursed Oath

Vexana curses her target and summons the clone after 8 seconds. Till 8 seconds, the target receives continuous Magic Damage every second.

Vexana summons the clone whenever the target enemy dies or the time for curse ends, i.e., 8 seconds.

Clone gains 70%/80%/90% of the original heroes’ attributes. Clone also deals Magic Damage to surrounding enemies based on the Clone HP. Clone is summoned for 20 seconds.

Mobile Legends Vexana

Clone Mechanics

  • If enemy kills the clone, then they receive Gold and Exp.
  • Clone can use the passive of the original hero but cannot use their skills.
  • Clone can provide Vision even inside bush.
  • Clone can deal Critical Damage in the Basic Attack. It cannot use any of the other Basic Attack Effects.
  • Clone cannot use Item Effects.
  • Clone will only gain stats of the First HP Bar of X.Borg and Masha.

Skill Combo

Vexana Combo

Vexana has just one combo which guarantees kills.

Skill 1 + Skill 2 + Ultimate.

This combo will instantly melt down enemy HP.

Mobile Legends Vexana
Vexana Combo

Skill Level Up Order

Skill 11610131415
Skill 22357911

Guide & Gameplay Tips

  • Bush is your best friend. Use it surprise your enemies.
  • Always use Skill 1 first then Skill 2. Skill 1 will make sure that enemies don’t move for enough time that your Skill 2 explodes successfully on them.
  • Clone Mechanics doesn’t really make your Clone very Powerful enough to support your team. Therefore, use Ultimate on either Tank or Marksman to gain the most from your Clone.
  • Clone deals High Damage with High HP, therefore Tanks become a great target.
  • Clone can deal Critical Damage in their Basic Attacks, therefore Marksman or any other hero which deals continuous Critical Damage becomes a great target.
  • Use Glowing Wand and Holy Crystal to fully utilise the Power of Vexana Ultimate.

Emblem Set

Mage Emblem is the best emblem for Vexana. Whether she plays as Main Mage or Support, Mage Emblem will fulfil all of his requirements.

I recommend upgrading points in.

Mage Emblem for Vexana

  • Agility – For higher Movement Speed.
  • Observation – For Magic Penetration.
  • Mystery Shop – For purchasing Items at a cheaper price.
Mobile Legends Vale
Mage Emblem for Vexana

Battle Spell

Flame shot

It is the only spell which should be given to him, it also secures kills very easily.


Strong and Weak Against

Vexana Strong Against 

Many Heroes who lack the capability of Dashing and Closing the Gap.

For example, Valir, Luo Yi, Sun, Zilong, Chang’e.

Vexana Weak Against 

Those Heroes which can instantly Dash and Close the Gap.

For example, Benedetta, Lancelot, Guinevere, Helcurt, Ling, Atlas.

Best Build

Vexana Build for Core Items

  • Demon Shoes – It provides Mana Regeneration.
  • Clock of Destiny – It is very important as it increases HP and Magic Attack every 30 seconds, up to 10 times. When 10 times HP and Magic Attack is increased, it will give additional Mana and an extra 5% Magic Attack.
  • Lightning Truncheon – It is the main source of Damage. It will deal with Burst type of Damage and deal additional damage based on your Mana. It also deals extra damage by spreading the Magic Damage to enemies as Lightning.
Mobile Legends Vexana
Vexana Build for Core Items

Vexana Best Build

  • Demon Shoes
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Glowing Wand – It deals Magic Damage based on enemy HP.
  • Holy Crystal – It will drastically increase Magic Attack which works well with the combination of Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon.
  • Divine Glaive – It gives huge Magic Penetration.
Mobile Legends Vexana
Vexana Best Build

This build is against Regeneration Heroes in team fight.

Best Build for Vexana

  • Magic Shoes
  • Necklace of Durance – It reduces the enemy Regeneration effect, which decreases the durability of many Heroes.
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Divine Glaive
  • Holy Crystal
  • Immortality – It will revive you one time after death.
Mobile Legends Vexana
Best Build for Vexana

If you are looking Cooldown Reduction Build then you can use this build for Vexana.

Vexana Damage Build

  • Magic Shoes
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Holy Crystal
  • Divine Glaive
  • Fleeting Time – It greatly reduces cooldown of the Ultimate.
Mobile Legends Vexana
Vexana Damage Build

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