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Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Saber after Revamp in the game.

In this Guide we will cover below topics about Saber Passive & Skills, How to Gank? You will know Mobile Legends saber build and emblem, ML Saber Best Spell.

MLBB Saber Laning & Rotation and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Saber Effectively. So are you Ready to know about Revamped “Saber ML”?

Welcome to the ultimate guide for mastering Saber, the formidable assassin hero in Mobile Legends.

This guide is designed to help both beginners and seasoned players understand the intricacies of playing Saber, ensuring you can maximize his potential on the battlefield.

Who is Saber in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends Saber Pro Guide

Background Story

Saber, known as the Wandering Sword, is a time-traveling assassin whose sole purpose is to bring justice and restore balance. His agility and deadly skills make him a feared opponent in any match.

General Characteristics

  • Role: Assassin
  • Specialty: Burst damage and target lockdown

Saber’s Skills and Abilities

Understanding Saber’s skills is crucial for mastering his gameplay.

Passive: Enemy’s Bane

  • Reduces enemies’ physical defense upon hit.
  • Stacks up to five times, enhancing subsequent attacks.

First Skill: Orbiting Swords

  • Releases swords that deal damage and return to Saber.
  • Reduces cooldown of the second skill with each hit.

Second Skill: Charge

  • Saber dashes, damaging and slowing enemies.
  • Can be used for engaging or escaping.

Ultimate: Triple Sweep

  • Targets and knocks an enemy airborne, striking thrice.
  • Combines well with Saber’s other skills for maximum impact.

Effective Skill Combos for Saber

Master these combos to enhance your gameplay.

  • Early Game: Orbiting Swords → Charge for poke and farm.
  • Team Fights: Orbiting Swords → Charge into enemies → Triple Sweep on key targets.

Saber’s Best Builds

Core Items

  • Warrior Boots: For mobility and defense.
  • Hunter Strike/Blade of the Heptaseas: For damage and penetration.
  • Blade of Despair: For a significant attack boost.

Situational Items

  • Malefic Roar: Against heavy armor.
  • Endless Battle: For sustain and true damage.

Recommended Battle Spells and Emblems

  • Battle Spells: Retribution (Jungling), Execute (Laning/Roaming)
  • Emblems: Assassin emblem with Rupture and Lethal Ignition for penetration and burst damage.

Gameplay Strategies and Tips

Laning Phase

  • Focus on farming and avoid unnecessary fights.
  • Use Orbiting Swords to clear minion waves quickly.

Jungling Strategies

  • Prioritize buff monsters for faster leveling.
  • Use Charge to move between camps swiftly.

Team Fighting

  • Target squishy enemies like mages and marksmen.
  • Wait for the right moment to engage with Triple Sweep.

Countering and Outplaying Opponents

  • Versus Crowd Control: Maintain distance and wait for CC abilities to be used before engaging.
  • Against Tanks: Focus on armor penetration items and target softer enemies first.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Use bushes for surprise attacks.
  • Master the timing of Saber’s skills for effective combos.


Saber is a dynamic and powerful hero in Mobile Legends. With practice and the right strategy, you can dominate the battlefield and lead your team to victory.


Is Saber a good hero in MLBB?

Saber is a highly effective assassin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. His ability to quickly eliminate key targets makes him a valuable asset in team fights and solo engagements.

What is the highest damage in Saber?

Saber’s highest damage output is achieved through his ultimate, Triple Sweep, especially when combined with his passive and first skill, Orbiting Swords, for maximum burst.

What is the combo of Saber?

A classic Saber combo starts with activating Orbiting Swords, followed by Charge to engage, and then using Triple Sweep to lock down and eliminate a target.

What role is Saber in ML?

In Mobile Legends, Saber is primarily played as an assassin. His role revolves around quickly taking down high-value targets and exerting pressure across the map.

Below Guide As per Old Patch Updates

How to Use Saber Skills?

New 1st Skill- Flying Sword

Revamped Saber New 1st Skill

This is Revamped Saber’s most noticed changed ability, he sends out 5 flying swords that revolves around him. Before his revamp he only sends out 4 flying swords.

Like the Old Version after 5 seconds the swords will fly back to Saber.

While the swords are still in the air if Saber uses his basic attack or skill the a sword will immediately strike the target that he attacked earlier.

This allows Saber to deal damage with his flying swords even though it hasn’t recalled back to him yet.

New 2nd Skill: Charge

Revamped Saber New 2nd Skill

Saber’s new 2nd Skill is similar to his former one with a few exception. Compared to before if there are flying swords and he used this skill all blades will go with him an strike an enemy if there’s any.

Furthermore the new 2nd Skill now gives Saber an enhanced basic attack after the dash, this enhanced basic attack has a bonus damage that will also slow the targeted enemy.

Revamp Passive

Revamped Saber Passive

Enemy’s BaneSaber’s Passive makes it easier for him to slay enemies whether they are tanky or not. Whenever he deals damage to his enemies he will reduce their Physical Defense by 7 points.

The Reduced Physical Defense Bonus can stack up to 5 times (35 Points) of reduced Physical Defense. The effect will last 5 seconds and an indicator will show on top of the enemies head.

Mobile Legends Saber Revamp Skill 1

Revamped Saber 1st Skill

Flying SwordThis skill is Saber’s Area of Effect (AoE) Skill. Saber sends out 5 flying swords that circles him enemies that are hit with the sword while it is flying will receive Physical Damage.

If Saber uses basic attack or his Skill 2 and he hits an enemy one of the blades will strike the targeted enemy. If he uses his Ultimate 3 blades will hit the enemy that he has targeted.

Revamped Saber 1st Skill Returning Swords

Every Consumption of the Flying Blades through basic attacks or skills will reduce Saber’s 2nd Skill Cooldown giving him more mobility if utilized properly.

Tips: When using this skill it is worth noting that the travelling blades that strike the enemy will not only strike a single enemy but will also damage those who are in the path the blade travels.

This skill is the best skill to trigger his passive that reduces the enemies Physical Defense. If all 5 blades hit the target they will have reduced Physical Defense of 35 points making them easier to kill.

Don’t forget that the despite the fact that the blades recall when hitting a turret it doesn’t do damage do them at all, also creeps and minions only receive 50% of the blades’ damage.

Mobile Legends Saber Revamp Skill 2

Revamped Saber 2nd Skill

Charge: This skill is a combination of a Blink Skill and AoE skill. Using this skill will allow Saber to dash a designated direction. He deals Physical Damage to enemies hit along his path.

Additionally Saber will gain an enhanced basic attack after the dash. This enhanced basic attack is indicated with a glow on Saber’s swords that he holds.

Revamped Saber 2nd Skill Enhanced Basic Attack

Hitting the enemies with it will slow them by 60% for a total of 1 second. This also deals Physical Damage like the first part of the skill.

If Saber has Flying Swords(1st Skill) activated using this skill will recall one of his blade towards him and hits the enemies dashes to.

TipsTo fully maximize the damage output of this skill it is best to send out Saber’s 1st Skill first so that his dash will do more damage because of the recalling sword feature.

His enhanced basic attack will also do more damage with the blade that will recall along if an enemy is hit. This combination will melt an enemy HP if properly utilized.

Revamped Ultimate Skill

Revamped Saber Ultimate

Triple SweepThis skill is a combination of a Burst and Crowd Control type of Skill, it is also a Target-Locked skill.

Saber will quickly dash to one enemy hero and will knock them into the air for 1.2 seconds, while in the air Saber will slash the target for 3 times dealing massive Physical Damage.

If Flying Swords(1st Skill) is activated 3 blades will recall to Saber while he is slashing a target in mid-air dealing 6 times the damage in just one press of a button.

Revamped Saber Ultimate 1st Skill Enhanced

Tips: It is best to activate Saber’s first skill before using this skill, doing so will damage the target 6 times, if the target is a squishy hero it will be an instant death for them.

Using this skill without Saber’s 1st skill will only trigger 21 points of reduced Physical Defense of the enemy but with First Skill activated the target’s Physical Defense will be reduced by 35 points.

Mobile Legends Saber Best Build 2024

Use this Burst Damage if the enemy lineup doesn’t carry heavy Crowd Control heroes. This saber build has a high chance of one hitting enemy Marksman or Mages because of damage output of the items included saber best build savage.

The items included are more focused on dealing damage rather than focusing on Cooldown reduction. A swift boots is included to further utilize the recalling blades feature saber ml build.

Saber Best Build 2024

  1. Raptor Machete- 1650
  2. Swift Boots- 710
  3. Blade of the Heptaseas- 1950
  4. Blade of Despair- 3010
  5. Endless Battle- 2470
  6. Rose Gold Meteor- 2120
Revamped Saber Burst Damage Build

This is the Cooldown Reduction Build this build is recommended when enemies are usually together and if they pack a lot of Crowd Control heroes best saber build.

This can disrupt their skill cast more allowing you to secure a successful ganking rather than just dying with your allied laner best build for saber mobile legends.

Best Saber Build 2024

  1. Raptor Machete- 1650
  2. Magic Shoes- 710
  3. Bloodlust Axe– 1970
  4. Blade of the Heptaseas- 1950
  5. Hunter Strike- 2010
  6. Rose Gold Meteor- 2120
Revamped Saber Cooldown Build

The Offlaner Build, this build should be rarely used unless you are forced to be an offlaner because your team has two assassins or heroes who are limited to jungler role saber best item build.

Demon Shoes is included to replenish consumed mana as Saber uses a lot of mana for his skills. This also deals almost the same damage output as the two builds above in late game saber item build.

Best Build for Saber 2024

  1. Demon Shoes- 720
  2. Bloodlust Axe– 1970
  3. Blade of the Heptaseas- 1950
  4. Hunter Strike- 2010
  5. Malefic Roar- 2060
  6. Blade of Despair– 3010
Revamped Saber Offlaner Build

Mobile Legends Revamped Saber Battle Spells

Mobile Legends Saber Execute Spell

  • This is the recommended spell if Saber isn’t played as a jungler in the game. This can cover up Saber’s lesser damage due to lack of the Jungling Item.
  • Saber’s damage in early game is not as high this causes a lot of situation where he can’t win a head-on fight or where his target will escape when low in HP. Execute can change that easily.

Mobile Legends Saber Retribution Spell

  • Saber is best played as a Jungler therefore he needs the spell that allows him to buy jungle items and clear jungle creeps easily.
  • Aside from the bonus damage to jungle monsters this spell can also be upgraded by buying jungle items that allows you to slow and damage enemies giving you more edge in duels.

Mobile Legends Saber Emblem Set

Mobile Legends Saber Jungle Emblem

  • Since Saber suits the Jungler Role more he needs the Jungle Emblem to fully maximize his Jungling potential.
  • For the first row allocate all 3 points to Brutal. For the Second row allocate all 3 points for Swift. Choose the talent Veteran Hunter in order to gain extra gold in slaying jungle creeps.
Revamped Saber Jungle Emblem

Mobile Legends Saber Assassin Emblem

  • This is the secondary option emblem for Saber which is best used only when he is played as an offlaner. This can help Saber dominate the enemy laner.
  • For the first row allocate all 3 points for Bravery. For the 2nd row put all 3 points on Invasion. Choose the talent High and Dry so that you can easily destroy enemies who are alone in their lane.
Revamped Saber Assassin Emblem

Mobile Legends Saber Best Laning and Rotation(Offlaning)

As stated above Saber’s potential as an Offlaner is actually low but with proper utilization of his skills you can dominate your enemy laner and gain Gold and Exp for your teammates.

Revamped Saber Lane Role

The last update gave a more proper distinction between lanes. There is the EXP lane that provides additional EXP and the Gold lane that gives additional gold.

Saber is most suitable to go to the EXP lane as he is more reliant in his skills, this can easily help him reach level 4 and unlock his Ultimate which will mean instant death to his enemy laner.

Constantly using your 1st skill while laning will annoy the enemy as they try to avoid getting damage by your blades this will allow you to easily gain the extra Gold from the Turret Shields.

It’s best to use the Execute Spell and use it when you have your Ultimate Skill available, this will allow you to finish off your enemy laner swift and precise.

After 3:40 mark on the game time is when you should go and join team fights so that you will not miss all the bonus EXP that can be gained from your lane.

Mobile Legends Saber Gamplay – How to Gank?(Jungler)

If you want to Gank early in the game while using Saber then I suggest you use him as Jungler since only Jungler are suitable to roam early in the game to assist allies push turrets and remove the pressure they are experiencing.

Revamped Saber Jungle Role

First of all don’t charge in already if you don’t have your Ultimate unlocked so it’s best to jungle both the Red and Blue Buff first in that way not only will you have more damage but you’ll also have your Ult that can knock up enemies.

Map Awareness is something you should have, don’t gank lanes that don’t need ganking, constantly observe what is happening on the map, go to the lane where enemies are ganging up or lanes that is pressured by their enemy laner.

Mobile Legends Saber Guide 2024

  • Keep in mind that despite the fact that Saber can deliver high burst damage he isn’t good at receiving heavy blows as he is an Assassin, a type of hero who has high damage but very low defense in both Physical and Magical.
  • Properly utilize Saber’s passive that will reduce the enemy’s Physical Defense by always activating Flying Swords (1st Skill) whenever you are planning to charge in to gank or to ambush enemies.
  • Unlocking your 1st skill first is highly recommended especially when you are jungling, this is because you can max the Physical Defense reduction of the target with the 5 blades that will recall for every hit giving you less time to clear jungle creeps.

Revamped Saber Jungle Tip

Mobile Legends Saber Strong Against Heroes

Heroes like Pharsa, Odette and Layla are squishy heroes that doesn’t have a built in immunity and sudden blink schools that makes them an easy prey for Saber’s Ultimate and Burst Damage.

Revamped Saber Strong Against

Mobile Legends Saber Weak Against Heroes:

Heroes like Diggie and Wanwan renders Saber useless because of their immunity to Crowd Controls that renders his Ultimate useless, the core of all his skills.

Revamped Saber Weak Against

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