Mobile Legends Mathilda Guide | Mathilda Best Build 2024

In the dynamic world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, each hero brings a unique set of skills and strategies to the battlefield. Among these heroes, Mathilda, the Swift Plume, stands out with her exceptional versatility as a support/assassin.

This comprehensive Mobile Legends Mathilda Guide is designed to help players of all levels unlock the full potential of Mathilda, ensuring they can leverage her abilities to dominate the game.

Mathilda’s unique skill set allows her to adapt to various game situations, providing both offensive capabilities and defensive support.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the arena, understanding the intricacies of Mathilda’s gameplay is crucial for achieving victory.

This guide covers everything from her background story to effective item builds, emblem configurations, battle spells, and advanced gameplay strategies.

Mathilda’s Background and Role

Mobile Legends Mathilda Pro Guide & Build

A Glimpse into Mathilda’s Lore

Mathilda, the Swift Plume, is a revered figure in Mobile Legends lore. Her skills are deeply rooted in her tribal heritage, where the worship of the Great Eagle imbues her with mystical powers.

This connection to her ancestry is reflected in her agility and combat techniques, making her a unique character in the game.

Mathilda in the Game: A Dual Role

Mathilda’s role as a support and assassin allows her to be a versatile and dynamic force on the battlefield. Her ability to switch between dealing damage and providing support makes her a valuable asset in any team composition.

Understanding her dual role is key to mastering her gameplay and making strategic decisions during matches.

Understanding Mathilda’s Skills

A thorough understanding of Mathilda’s skills is essential for maximizing her effectiveness in the game. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Passive: Ancestral Guidance

  • Description: Mathilda gains stacks while moving, enhancing her next Basic Attack with additional Magic Damage and a speed boost.
  • Impact: This passive is crucial for mobility and initiating attacks, making Mathilda a constant threat to opponents.

Skill 1: Soul Bloom

  • Function: Mathilda channels the power of her ancestors, summoning wisps that seek and damage nearby enemies.
  • Usage Tips: Ideal for burst damage, zoning, and revealing enemy positions, especially in brush areas.

Skill 2: Guiding Wind

  • Function: Mathilda leaps, creating a field that grants shields and speed boosts to herself and allies.
  • Strategic Use: Essential for repositioning, escaping, or engaging in fights, and for protecting teammates during critical moments.

Ultimate: Circling Eagle

  • Function: Targets an enemy hero, circling them before allowing for a powerful dash attack.
  • Combat Tips: Best used for isolating key targets, initiating team fights, or escaping dangerous situations.

Best Item Builds for Mathilda 2024

The right item build can significantly enhance Mathilda’s performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide:

EarlyTough BootsReduces crowd control effects, essential for roaming.
MidEnchanted TalismanBoosts mana regeneration and cooldown reduction, key for skill spamming.
LateImmortalityProvides a second chance in late-game team fights, crucial for survival.

Alternative Items:

  • Dominance Ice: Ideal against enemies with high healing and shield abilities.
  • Athena’s Shield: Recommended when facing teams with significant magic damage output.

Optimal Emblem Configuration

The right emblem set enhances Mathilda’s strengths and compensates for her weaknesses:

Recommended Emblem: Mage

  • Agility: Increases movement speed, crucial for roaming and positioning.
  • Observation: Boosts magic penetration, amplifying her damage against tanky opponents.
  • Mystery Shop: Allows for faster item progression, giving Mathilda an early game advantage.

Alternative Setup: Support Emblem

  • Hybrid Regen: Improves her sustainability, allowing her to stay in the lane and roam longer.
  • Pull Yourself Together: Reduces respawn time and battle spell cooldowns, enhancing her utility in prolonged fights.

Battle Spells: Choosing the Right One

The choice of battle spells can greatly influence Mathilda’s playstyle and effectiveness:

Top Picks for Mathilda

  • Flicker: Provides additional mobility for engaging or escaping, complementing her agile nature.
  • Execute: Aids in securing kills, especially useful when playing aggressively and looking to finish off low-health enemies.

Situational Choices

  • Purify: Ideal against teams with heavy crowd control, ensuring Mathilda’s mobility isn’t hindered.
  • Vengeance: Increases durability in team fights, useful when facing heavy physical damage dealers.

Advanced Gameplay Tips and Strategies

To excel with Mathilda, consider these advanced gameplay strategies:

Mastering Positioning and Map Awareness

  • Roaming Efficiency: Utilize her high mobility for effective map control, ganking, and providing timely support to teammates.
  • Vision Control: Use her abilities to scout bushes, secure vision, and reveal enemy positions, crucial for preventing ambushes and securing objectives.

Skill Combos for Effective Engagement

  • Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Ultimate -> Basic Attack (with Passive).
  • Combo 2: Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Basic Attack -> Ultimate.
  • Combo 3: Ultimate -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> Basic Attack.

Team Fight Tactics

  • Initiation: Use her ultimate to isolate key targets, disrupting enemy formations.
  • Peeling: Protect your carries with Guiding Wind’s shield and repositioning abilities, crucial for turning the tide in team fights.

Countering Mathilda: For Opponents

Knowing how to counter Mathilda can be as important as playing her effectively:

Exploiting Mathilda’s Weaknesses

  • Crowd Control and Burst Damage: Mathilda is particularly vulnerable to heavy CC and burst damage, which can disrupt her mobility and assassinations.
  • Predicting Engagements: Anticipate her movements and ultimate to avoid being caught off-guard.

Effective Counter Picks

  • Heroes with Strong CC: Heroes like Chou or Ruby can disrupt her flow in battles.
  • Burst Damage Heroes: Characters such as Eudora or Aurora can quickly eliminate her, especially when she dives into fights.

Mathilda’s Role in Different Game Phases

Mathilda’s role evolves as the game progresses, requiring adaptability and strategic thinking:

Early Game

  • Focus: Harassment, lane control, and assisting in securing early kills or objectives.
  • Objective: Establish lane dominance, secure vision, and support early ganks to gain an advantage.

Mid Game

  • Role: Transition into a more aggressive playstyle, initiating team fights, and providing crucial support in skirmishes.
  • Objective: Secure objectives like turrets and the turtle, maintain map control, and assist in snowballing your team’s lead.

Late Game

  • Focus: Protect carries and initiate key fights, using her skill set to disrupt enemy formations and secure kills.
  • Objective: Ensure your team’s victory in crucial late-game team fights, focusing on Lord, inhibitors, and final pushes.

Pro Player Insights: Learning from the Best

Observing and learning from top players can provide valuable insights into mastering Mathilda:

  • Analyzing Pro Gameplay: Watch professional matches to understand advanced tactics and positioning.
  • Adapting Strategies: Incorporate techniques and strategies used by pro players into your gameplay for a competitive edge.


Mastering Mathilda in Mobile Legends requires a blend of strategic item builds, emblem configurations, and skillful gameplay.

With this guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to enhance your Mathilda gameplay and make a significant impact in your matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Mathilda effectively?

To use Mathilda effectively in Mobile Legends, focus on her mobility to roam and support teammates. Utilize her skills for initiating fights and protecting allies, balancing between her roles as an assassin and a support.

Who can defeat Mathilda?

Heroes with strong crowd control or burst damage can defeat Mathilda. Characters like Chou, Ruby, Eudora, and Aurora are effective counters, as they can disrupt her mobility and quickly reduce her health.

Is Mathilda a good hero?

Yes, Mathilda is a good hero in Mobile Legends. Her versatility as both a support and an assassin makes her valuable in various team compositions. She excels in mobility, initiation, and providing shields to allies.

Does Mathilda heal?

No, Mathilda does not have a healing ability. Her primary role revolves around mobility, shielding, and dealing damage. She provides support through shields and repositioning rather than direct healing.

Below Guide as per Old Patch Note

Hello everyone, in this article we will cover almost all the topics you need to know to play “Mobile Legends Mathilda” perfectly. How To Properly Use The New Hero Mathilda.

Mathilda can be a support or an assassin depending on your build and emblem configuration. She is incredibly agile and has team supporting skills as well as high damage in her first skill.

She is a great hero with unique skills and great potential. So make sure to check these hero guides as well.

For now, let’s focus on MLBB Mathilda Guide.

Mobile Legends Mathilda Best Build

Mathilda is very good for supporting team mates as well she can easily one shot low HP heroes with her assassin skills.

So we have two builds for Mathilda, one to play her as a support and one to play as an assassin mage.

Mathilda Support Build

  1. Courage Mask
  2. Demon Shoes
  3. Ice Queen Wand
  4. Necklace of Durance
  5. Immortality
  6. Athena’s Shield
Best Builds for Mathilda Suport build
Mathilda Support Build

Mathilda Assassin build

  1. Magic Shoes
  2. Calamity Reaper
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Glowing Wand
  5. Ice Queen Wand
  6. Immortality
Best Builds for Mathilda assasin build
Mathilda Assassin build

Mathilda Best Build

  1. Arcane Boots
  2. Glowing Wand
  3. Lightning Truncheon
  4. Calamity Reaper
  5. Holy Crystal
  6. Necklace of Durance

Mobile Legends Mathilda Best Emblem

For emblems, we will be using Support Emblem For Support Build And Custom Mage Emblem For Assassin Build.

Support Emblem for Mobile Legends Mathilda

Best Emblem Configuration for Mathilda support emblem

Custom Mage Emblem for Mobile Legends Mathilda

Best Emblem Configuration for Mathilda mage emblem

Mobile Legends Mathilda Best Spell

When we talk about which battle spell works best on her, there is no clear answer as she has shield as well as agility.

She has move speed boosts and her skills have shield, Immunity to crowd control and escape.

Mobile legends Mathilda Best Battle Spell

Flicker, Execute and Flameshot are best choices for supporting your team mates as well as dealing damage to enemies like an assassin.

I personally recommend flicker as it can be used with her 2nd skill to teleport Allies along with her.

How to use Mathilda Skills?

Passive “Ancestral Guidance”

Mathilda gains stacks of ancestral guidance when moving.

When it’s fully charged Mathilda’s next basic attack will deal extra magic damage to enemy and increases her movement speed by 60 points for 2.5 sec.

Ancestral Guidance

It takes 50 stacks of ancestral guidance to trigger basic attack with extra magic damage. Number of stacks depends upon distance covered by you so.

 More Movement Speed = More Distance = Faster Stacks

1st Skill Soul Bloom

Mathilda summons power of ancestors and surround herself with wisps for 3.5 seconds. More wisps will be added as she travels just like her passive.

The wisps are capped at 6 almost. On tapping the skill again or after 3 seconds all wisps will attack nearby enemies, dealing high magic damage but damage is reduced when hitting the same target.

In easy words the more distance you will travel when your 1st skill is active the more wisps will be added and the higher the wisps count, the higher the damage.

Soul Bloom

If you can combine passive and 1st skill then you can easily increase your wisps count with enhanced movement speed.

This skill is the main damage skill of Mathilda. Rest of her skills are just for supporting, enhancing movement speed and pushing back stunning the enemies.

2nd Skill Guiding Wind

Mathilda dashes in a specified direction and gains a shield and 25% movement speed for 4 secs she also makes a ring around herself.

All allies in the ring and who comes in contact with the ring will also receive 50% shield and will gain a new ability which will allow them to teleport to Mathilda.

Guiding Wind

You can also use flicker to teleport the whole team whenever you want to gank or if you want to retreat from a battle.

Note – Guiding Wind is a versatile skill with lots of uses, you need good synergy with the team to make full of this skill.

Ultimate Circling Eagle

Mathilda marks an enemy hero and fly around him for 2 Seconds. During this, wisps will rush down on enemies and deal magic damage to them.

Circling Eagle

After circling around the target, Mathilda lands and pushes back enemies, stunning them for 0.6 seconds and dealing magic damage to them.


  • Mathilda will only push back and stun the marked enemy and other enemies in her path.
  • If no enemies come in her path then she will just push back and stun the marked enemy so make sure to use it properly to ensure all enemies receive stun in a team fight.
  • Ally heroes can use Guiding Wind to fly around with Mathilda and if Mathilda uses flicker then allies will also teleport using Guiding Wind.

Mobile Legends Mathilda Effective Skill Combos

Mathilda Combo

Simplest and deadliest Combo for Mobile Legends mathilda

1st Skill + Ultimate

The main damage of Mathilda is in her 1st skill only, rest are just to help her cover more distance and increase the counts of wisps.

Use your ultimate to increase stacks of your 1st skill to deal maximum damage as well as push back enemies.

Her ultimate doesn’t have much damage on its own. You must combine her first skill to deal some serious damage.

By using this combo you can easily gain maximum stacks (capped at 6).

This combo can be used to assassinate enemies and this combo is the main reason why she is also classified as an assassin hero.

You can also add enhanced basic attacks in the combo for some extra damage.

2nd Skill Combo

1st Skill + 2nd Skill + Basic Attack

If you don’t have your ultimate or if you want to save it for later you can use this combo to gain up to 4 stacks of 1st skill.

After activating your first skill try to move as much as possible to gain stacks.

With movement speed boost of enhanced basic attack and 2nd skill you can easily cover great distance and gain 4 stacks easily.

Mobile Legends Mathilda Guide & Gameplay Tips

  • Never use your ultimate to mark low health enemies in a team fight because if you mark a low health hero and if someone else kills him then your ultimate will be wasted.
  • Your ultimate will stop and you will be left with a cool down.
  • Your Allies can use Guiding Wind to teleport and fly with you when you are using your ultimate skill.
  • So when you want to gank an enemy hero use 2nd skill to give Guiding Wind to allies and then use Ultimate to teleport all of them to the target hero.
  • Mathilda is not a solo laner or a solo assassin so try to stick with damage dealer and gank lanes.

That’s all for Mobile Legends Mathilda Guide, hope you learn something.

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