Mobile Legends Ruby Guide 2023 | Ruby Best Build 2023

Mobile Legends Ruby is a young girl who fights the wolves to take revenge for her village.

Ruby is one of the fighters from the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. She is very tanky and also deals with an insane amount of damage.

This makes her one of the Perfect Offlaners. She can harass her enemy like a toy in her hand. Also, the insane amount of Lifesteal of Ruby makes her very durable throughout the game.

Topics Covered –

  • Best Builds For Ruby
  • Best Emblem Configuration
  • Suitable Battle Spells
  • Skills & Passive Explanation
  • Effective Skill Combos
  • Gameplay – Tips & Tricks
  • Pros & Cons

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For now, let’s focus on MLBB Ruby Guide.

Mobile Legends Ruby Best Lane

If MLBB Ruby is played as Tank, then she is very effective in 122 formations.

If you play her as Solo Laner, then she is very effective in 133 formations.

How to use Ruby Skills?

Passive Let’s Dance!

MLBB Ruby has Two Passive.

1st Passive: She does not gain any Lifesteal from her Basic Attacks, instead she gains Spell Vamp from her Skills.

She has her own 10% Lifesteal and gains 115% Physical Lifesteal from her Items.

Mobile Legends Ruby

2nd Passive: Whenever Ruby uses her Skill, she can jump in any direction you will point to with your Left Analog.

Doing these jumps gives her extra Defence on both Physical Defence and Magical Defence.

Skill 1 Be Good!

Ruby swings her huge Scythe which deals 80 (+65% Physical Attack) damage. Her Scythe releases a shockwave which travels in a straight line.

Mobile Legends Ruby

This shockwave slows down the enemy by 40% for 3 seconds and also deals 80 (+65% Physical Attack) damage.

Skill 2 Don’t Run, Wolf King!

Ruby holds her scythe out and spins twice. Each spin deals 60 (+55% Total Physical Attack) damage and also stuns them for 0.5 seconds.

Mobile Legends Ruby

It also pulls enemies closer to you. (Similar to Silvanna Skill 2).

Ultimate Skill I’m Offended!

Ruby uses her long Scythe to pull the enemies towards her. It can pull all 5 enemies at the same time.

Mobile Legends Ruby

She deals 200 (+200% Total Physical Attack) damage to enemies. Each enemy is also stunned for 0.5 seconds.

ML Ruby Best Skill Combo Guide

Ruby Combo without Ultimate: – 

You can easily harass with just Skill 1 and Skill 2 till their death. Ruby has to build CD Reduction to spam her skills faster.

This will make your skills available all time which can help you to be durable by providing lifesteal.

Just stay close to the enemy and spam skill 1 and skill 2. Make sure to use Basic Attack in between to deal extra damage.

Mobile Legends Ruby

Ruby Combo with Ultimate: –

The best time for her Ultimate is when many enemies are crowded together or when the Hyper Carry is out of position.

Her Ultimate works well with Battle Spell Flicker which is similar to Franco Flicker Hook Combo.

This way she can pull even more towards the fight. Use Skill 1 first to slow down all enemies in front, then use Ultimate to pull every enemy towards you.

Later you should use Skill 2 to keep the enemies stunned before using any skills.

Mobile Legends Ruby Skill Level Up Order

Skill 11357911
Skill 22610131415

Mobile Legends Ruby Guide 2023 & Game-play Tips

  • When you are playing in 122 formations, Ruby should be with Marksman as Support rather than using her as Main Tank.
  • When you are playing her in 131 formations, then make her play Solo in any of the side lanes. She can easily harass her enemy in the lane.
  • She has an insane amount of Lifesteal, use it for your advantage.
  • Always use Skill 1 in such a way that it hits the maximum amount of the Enemies which will restore her Health drastically.
  • After using Ultimate always use Skill 2. Skill 2 has a stunning effect that makes your enemies powerless against Ruby and her allies.
  • Always Jump after casting her skills. This makes her even more durable in the game.

Mobile Legends Ruby Best Emblem Set 2023

Fighter emblem is the only emblem that works the best in her favor.

This Emblem set gives a balanced amount of damage and durability that will increase Ruby’s power in the lane.

With this Emblem Set, she can inflict a good amount of damage to the enemy and absorb damage with the durability it gives.

Fighter emblem
Ruby Best Emblem
  • Bravery – This talent will increase Ruby’s damage and power in the lane.
  • Invasion – It will provide Physical PEN which can deal great damage.
  • Festival of Blood – It will provide extra Spell Vamp whenever you kill an Enemy.

Mobile Legends Ruby Best Spells

Flicker – This Ruby to focus on the Backline and also pull out the Squishy Enemies in the front line.


Vengeance – This makes Ruby very durable and with her insane Lifesteal she becomes unkillable.


Mobile Legends Ruby Pros and Cons


  • She is very tanky.
  • She can harass enemy easily.
  • She can easily push any lane especially Side Lanes.
  • She can attack the Back-line and also pull Main Damage Dealer towards her Allies


  • She cannot sustain much of the Crowd Control effects.
  • She has hard time closing the gap which makes Marksmen powerful against Ruby

Mobile Legends Ruby Strong and Weak Against

Ruby Strong Against 

Fanny, Odette, Karina, Argus & Pharsa

Ruby Weak Against

Lancelot, Roger, Hayabusa, Diggie, Angela, Lesley & Helcurt

Ruby Best Teammates

Clint, Freya, Johnson, Odette, Franco & Diggie

Mobile Legends Ruby Best Build 2023

Ruby has just ONE UNIQUE BUILD which always works in any kind of situation you are in.

Ruby Build for Core Items

Ruby has 4 Items which are her Main Core Items, they are

  1. Magic Shoes – It reduces Cooldown by 10%.
  2. Haas’s Claw – It greatly increases her Lifesteal which makes her durable right from the Early Game.
  3. Endless Battle – It provides lower Lifesteal but the True Damage and Mana Regen makes it one of the Core Items which is important for Ruby.
  4. Queen’s Wing – It provides High Defence, Extra Lifesteal, and more Damage.
Mobile Legends Ruby

Ruby Best Build 2023

  1. Magic Shoes – It reduces Cooldown by 10%.
  2. Haas’s Claw – It greatly increases her Lifesteal which makes her durable right from the Early Game.
  3. Endless Battle – It provides lower Lifesteal but the True Damage and Mana Regen makes it one of the Core Items which is important for Ruby.
  4. Oracle – It provides Magic Defence and also increases her Lifesteal Effect.
  5. Queen’s Wing – It provides High Defence, Extra Lifesteal, and more Damage.
  6. Rose Gold Meteor – It provides Shield and Magic Defence to Ruby. It also increases her Lifesteal.
Mobile Legends Ruby
Ruby Best Build 2023

Best Build for Ruby 2023

  1. Twilight Armor
  2. Endless Battle
  3. Blade of Despair
  4. Haas’s Claws
  5. Queen’s Wings
  6. Brute Force Breastplate

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