Mobile legends Joy Best Build & Guide

In this article we have described about Mobile legends Joy and her Basic Attribute, skill explanation, battle spells, emblem set, item build, skill combo and tips & tricks.

By this you can fight with Joy and defeat your enemies in the Mobile Legend game.

Recently Joy is gaining popularity among the gamers, we therefore decided to give a full guide on the hero character Mobile Legend Joy.

Mobile Legends Joy Basic Attribute

HP Regen7.8
Physical ATK119
Physical Defence20
Attack Speed1.12
Attack Speed100%
Mana Regen0
Magic Power0
Magic Defence15
Movement SPD260

Mobile Legends Joy Skills 2023

Skill 1: Look, Leonin Crystal

By this attack, Joy summons a Leonin Crystal at the target location which causes 200 Magic Damage to nearby enemies and slowing them by 30% for a time period of 1 seconds.

Mobile legends Joy Best skill 1

This impact last for 2 seconds. This skill also reveals the enemies hiding in the bush.

Skill 2: Meow, Rhythm of Joy

Joy dashes in to the target location by using this attack and causes 120 Magic Damage to the enemies in her path.

If Joy hit an enemy, it will enter a beat time for 1 seconds and during this time Joy is immune to control effects and can cast this skill again. This can be repeated for 5 times.

Mobile legends Joy Best skill 2 combo

By casting this skill on the fourth beat increases the skill damage by 100%. This reset effect can be triggered on Jungle Monsters and minions also.

During this dash, Joy is immune to CC effects. This skill also has a Rhythm bar. Therefore if you use this skill when the bar reaches the last beat, it would increase the damage by 100%.

If you time your skill properly at the last beat, the indicator will show a lightning icon.

Skill 3: Ha, Electrifying Beats!

Using this skill Joy removes all the debuffs on her and therefore gains extra movement speed by 30% and slow immunity.

Mobile legends Joy Best skill 3

This causes 180 Magic Damage and eight times more to nearby enemies for a duration of 4 seconds. If the enemy is hit by this skill multiple times, then the damage is reduced by 20% each time.

The skill damage is increased by 30% each time when the Meow, Rhythm of Joy is cast on the beat.

If you achieve perfect rhythm on every Meow, Rhythm of Joy cast then it increases Joy’s Magic Life steal by 40% while this skill is active.

You can unlock the ultimate after using skill 2 successfully for 5 times. However, you cannot use the basic attacks while the Ultimate is active.

Passive Skill: Humph, Joy’s Angry

Joy becomes angry each time when his skill hits a non-minion enemy of the Leonin Crystal and thus gains a 300 shield and 100% extra movement speed and some shield for a time period of 4 seconds (decays over 4 seconds).

This effect can only be triggered once every 4 seconds on the same enemy. This attack causes 65 Magic Damage. This effect can be max stacked up to 5 times.

This attack cannot be used against minions but is very effective against Jungle Monsters.

Mobile Legends Joy Battle Spell 2023

We recommend you to use Execute spell on Joy and alternatively, you can use Vengeance also.


Mobile Legends Joy Emblem Set 2023

We recommend you use the Mage Emblem on Joy as it works very well and uses the talent points on movement speed and penetration.

You should use Magic Worship talent which will help to cause more damage and Joy can trigger it pretty easily.

Mobile legends Joy Emblem

Mobile Legends Joy Item Build 2023

Item Build for Mobile Legend Joy are the following:

  1. Warrior Boots
  2. Glowing Wand
  3. Immortality
  4. Oracle
  5. Concentrated
  6. Genius Wand
Mobile legends Joy Best build
Mobile legends Joy Best build

Mobile Legends Joy Skill Combo 2023

You should use the skill 1 whenever available to reposition and then simultaneously use skill 2 and skill so as to weaken the enemy.

Mobile legends Joy Best skill combo

You should add basic attack to each cast in between and this will also help you to time the beat.

Mobile Legends Joy Skill Upgrade Order

  • Skill 1 – You may upgrade this skill at the last.
  • Skill 2 – Upgrade first as this is the most powerful skill and you upgrade the skill to its max.
  • Skill 3 – Upgrade this skill whenever it is possible for you to upgrade.

Mobile Legends Joy Tips & Tricks

At level 1, you should unlock skill 2 and go to the experience lane. You should try to be aggressive while laning even if you are in danger as you can easily dash out of it.

Always try to time your skill 2 on last beat for maximum damage and after a while it will become a muscle memory. Similar to Chou’s immunity, Joy can also immune enemy CC skills.

If you time it properly, it’s easy to outplay. Joy immune and mobility makes it easier for to tower dive enemies.

If you miss your skill 2, try to retreat and re-engage once your skill 2 is ready. It is hard to win without skill 2 of Joy.

If there are no targets nearby use your skill 1 so as to double dash. In team fights try to land your skills on every target possible for more shield or survivability.

Final Words

Hope you have learned the tips and tricks to use Joy and defeat your enemies. However you should look for your opponent’s cards before disclosing yours.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding this you can leave it in our comment box and we assure you to clear the doubts.

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