Mobile Legends Hilda Guide | Hilda Best Build 2024

Mobile Legends Hilda is a Fighter/Tank who has an insane amount of HP Regeneration right from the start of the game.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for mastering Hilda, the fierce fighter/tank of Mobile Legends. Known for her robust tanking abilities and surprising damage output, Hilda is a formidable presence in any match.

This guide aims to provide you with in-depth knowledge and strategies to excel with Hilda in the current meta.

Who is Hilda?

Mobile Legends Hilda Pro Guide & Build

Background and Design

Hilda, with her warrior-like appearance and battle-ready demeanor, is a character that thrives in the thick of battle. Her design reflects her role as a resilient fighter capable of both dealing and absorbing significant damage.

Role in the Game

As a Fighter/Tank, Hilda excels in frontline engagements, offering both offensive and defensive capabilities. She can initiate fights, absorb damage, and chase down fleeing enemies.

Hilda’s Abilities and Skills

Hilda’s skill set is what makes her a versatile and formidable hero in Mobile Legends. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Passive – Blessing of Wilderness: Enhances regeneration capabilities when in bushes and increases physical and magical defense.
  • Skill 1 – Combat Ritual: A charge attack that deals physical damage to enemies in a straight line.
  • Skill 2 – Art of Hunting: Enhances her next basic attack and provides a temporary shield.
  • Ultimate – Power of Wildness: Increases her physical damage after each kill or assist, stacking up to 10 times.

Skill Leveling Priority

  1. Power of Wildness (Ultimate)
  2. Combat Ritual (Skill 1)
  3. Art of Hunting (Skill 2)

Playing Hilda: Gameplay Strategies

Early Game

  • Lane Management: Focus on controlling your lane, utilizing bushes for regeneration.
  • Farming: Secure last hits on minions to build your items quickly.

Mid to Late Game

  • Team Fights: Initiate battles and target key enemy heroes.
  • Objective Control: Use your durability to secure objectives like Turtle and Lord.

Advanced Tactics

  • Ganking: Utilize bushes for surprise attacks.
  • Escaping: Leverage your passive for quick regeneration and escape.

Best build for Hilda 2024

Hilda’s items should enhance her tankiness and damage output. Here’s a recommended build:

  1. Warrior Boots: For added defense and movement speed.
  2. Bloodlust Axe: Provides spell vamp and attack power.
  3. Oracle: Increases shield absorption and HP regeneration.
  4. Immortality: Offers a second chance in battles.
  5. Blade of Despair: Increases physical attack significantly.
  6. Athena’s Shield: For magic resistance and added HP.

Situational Items

  • Brute Force Breastplate: Against physical damage-heavy teams.
  • Cursed Helmet: For additional magic resistance and passive damage.

Emblems and Battle Spells

Best Emblem Set

  • Custom Tank Emblem: With points in defense and cooldown reduction.
  • Custom Fighter Emblem: For increased physical attack and penetration.

Recommended Battle Spells

  • Flicker: For mobility and escaping tight situations.
  • Execute: To finish off low-health enemies.

Countering Common Opponents

  • Against Burst Damage Heroes: Use your shield and regenerative abilities to outlast their damage.
  • Against Control Heroes: Maintain distance and engage with your team.

Team Synergy and Role

Hilda is best paired with heroes that can capitalize on her initiation and tanking abilities. She should be at the forefront, leading charges and protecting her teammates.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Bush Play: Use bushes strategically for ambushes and regeneration.
  • Stacking Ultimate: Focus on getting assists or kills to maximize your ultimate’s effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hilda a Good Hero?

Absolutely! Hilda is a robust and versatile hero in Mobile Legends, known for her excellent tanking abilities and surprising damage output. She’s a great choice for players who enjoy a balance of offense and defense.

Who Can Counter Hilda?

Heroes with strong crowd control abilities or high burst damage can effectively counter Hilda. Examples include Eudora, Aurora, and Kaja. These heroes can disrupt Hilda’s playstyle and mitigate her impact in team fights.

How Do You Use Hilda Combo?

To effectively use Hilda’s combo, start with her Skill 1 to engage, followed by her Skill 2 for enhanced basic attacks. Finally, use her Ultimate when in the midst of enemies to maximize damage and disruption. This combo maximizes her potential in skirmishes and team fights.


Hilda is a versatile and robust hero in Mobile Legends. By mastering her skills, understanding her role, and utilizing the right strategies, you can dominate the battlefield. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take this guide and apply it in your games!

Below Guide as per Old Patch Note

Hilda is picked for the early game aggression and push, and to Instantly One-shot the Squishy Enemy Heroes.

For now, let’s focus on Hilda ML.

Mobile Legends Hilda Lane

Hilda is usually played in the most common 131 formation with a Pure Tank and a Deadly Mage.

She can also solo in any of the side lane.

How to use Hilda Skills?


Whenever Hilda goes inside the bush, she gains HP if she lost any due to this Skill. She also gains Shield for 5 seconds which increases according to her MAX HP. Shield absorbing damage value is equal to 10% of her MAX HP.

Cooldown for her passive is 10 seconds.

If her health drops to 30% HP, then she gets enhanced HP regeneration effect.

Mobile Legends Hilda

This Skill makes Hilda very Tanky and help her allies in most of the teamfights

Most of the time, she doesn’t even must return to the Base for her HP. Just hide in the bush and then you will gradually recover HP.

For Hilda it is highly recommended to buy HP boosting Items.

More MAX HP = More Shield!

Hilda Skill 1 – COMBAT RITUAL

Hilda charges her Great Sword with her runic power which increases her Movement Speed by 60% for 3 seconds.

It also enhances her next basic attack.

Attacking an enemy will slow them by 70%, and deal 200 (+100% Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage.

If an enemy is behind your target, then they will also receive 120 (+60% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage.

Mobile Legends Hilda

Combat Ritual is a very handy mobility skill.

It boost Hilda’s movement speed and also deals damage to an enemy.

You can use this skill to chase and kill squishy heroes like Mage, Support or Marksman.

You can also escape from the enemy ganks thanks to this skill.

Just make sure to run within the bushes so that you can activate your Passive Shield and escape even more safely.

Hilda Skill 2 – ART OF HUNTING

Hilda locks on a single target and can attacks by swinging her sword and deals 120 (+100 % Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage.

This skill can be used 3 times in a row and you can also cast basic attacks in between.

The 2nd attack deals damage to target’s nearby enemies.

The 3rd attack will knock back the target and the surrounding enemies.

Mobile Legends Hilda

Art of Hunting is Hilda’s main damaging skill. It locks on to a target and deals damage. This skill also closes the distance between you and your target.

It can be used Three times to deal damage to your target.

Don’t forget to use basic attacks in between. This way you can deal more damage and use this skill more effectively.

Hilda Ultimate Skill – POWER OF WILDERNESS

Hilda jumps and deals 700 (+200 % Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage.

She will also stun her target.

If any enemy is near your target then they will take also take 60% of the total damage.

Mobile Legends Hilda

This skill gets enhanced after every kill or assist. Each enhance gets stacked up to 10 times and increases 40 Physical Attack every time.

When this Stack gets full, then it will ignore 60% of enemy Physical Defense and deal additional 80 Physical Attack.

Mobile Legends Hilda Skill Combo

Hilda should play aggressively by charging and closing the gap with her Skill 2 first. Make sure to use Basic attacks in between while using Skill 2.

This will decrease enemy HP by a lot. If enemy has any mobility skill, then let them use it. After the enemy using his/her mobility skill, chase the enemy with Skill 1 and close the gap.

Usually by this much damage, enemy HP will be critically low and you can 1 shot enemy by your Ultimate.

Mobile Legends Hilda

Remember to not to charge with Skill 1, or else you may miss the chance to kill your Enemy. It is always better to run towards enemy and use Skill 2 to close the gap.

Mobile Legends Hilda Skill Level Up Order

Skill 113791114
Skill 2256101315

Mobile Legends Hilda Guide

  • Try fighting the maximum amount as possible to fight in Jungle area, in order that you’ll spam her Passive.
  • Don’t hesitate to use Skill 1 any time. you’re a tank. You can roam around in the map. If you’ve got some allies for supporting you, then initiate a fight.
  • She can sustain well in fights and also deal insane damage to her target.
  • Skill 2 is a decent skill to utilize whenever you wish to get close to an enemy.
  • Make sure to level up Skill 2 first because it not only gives more damage but also more cooldown reduction.
  • Note that, at full power, this is often one among the foremost damaging physical skills within the game!

Mobile Legends Hilda Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  • Bush is your friend.
  • Ultimate will stun only her target, but surrounding enemies will receive the 60% of the total damage.
  • Use Hero lock mode to aim correctly.

Mobile Legends Hilda Best Emblem Set

Hilda Emblem – Custom Tank Emblem

  • If you want to be a powerful tank and increase your survivability, Custom Tank Emblem is what you need.
  • This Emblem Set gives a good amount of durability that will increase your survivability especially in the early phase of the game.
  • Vitality – It increases your HP which makes you more sustainable in a fight.
  • Fortress – It increases your durability.
  • Brave Smite – This will increase Hilda HP every time you CC your enemy.
Mobile Legends Hilda

Hilda Emblem set – Custom Fighter Emblem

  • With this Emblem Set, she deals good amount of damage to the enemy and also absorb damage best emblem for hilda.
  • Bravery – This talent will increase Hilda’s damage.
  • Invasion – It will provide Physical PEN which can deal great damage.
  • Festival of Blood – It will provide extra Spell Vamp whenever you kill an Enemy.
Mobile Legends Hilda
Mobile legends Hilda Emblem set – Custom Fighter Emblem

Mobile Legends Hilda Battle Spell


  • It is the only Spell which helps Hilda in dominating as both Tank and Fighter.

Mobile Legends Hilda Strong and Weak Against

Hilda Strong Against

  • Squishy immobile mages and marksmen (Karrie, Kagura, Harley)
  • Assassins who need to get up close (Lancelot, Helcurt)
  • Weak laners who are squishy, since you can play hyper-aggressive you can kill them in one combo.

Hilda Weak Against

  • CC type Heroes such as Valir, Vale, Vexana who can easily immobilize her.

Mobile Legends Hilda Best Build

Core Items for hilda build

  1. Bloodlust AxeThis provides Hilda with Spell Vamp which will make her very Durable right from the Early Game.
  2. Warrior Boots/Tough BootsUse any one of these Boots to gain some Defense; Type of defense will depend on the Enemy Line-up.
  3. Brute Force Breastplate This item provides extra defense stats and mobility which helps in Fights hilda item build.
Mobile Legends Hilda
Core Items for hilda build – mobile legends hilda

Hilda Best Build

  1. Bloodlust Axe
  2. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots
  3. Brute Force Breastplate
  4. Oracle It increases HP Regen effect and also Shield Absorption by 30%.
  5. Athena’s ShieldIt provides extra Shield which works well with her Passive.
  6. ImmortalityIt will revive you if die in a fight best build for hilda ml.
Mobile Legends Hilda
Hilda Best Build Mobile Legends Hilda

Hilda Fighter Build

  1. Bloodlust Axe
  2. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots
  3. Brute Force Breastplate
  4. Oracle
  5. Blade of Heptaseas – It will provide extra Physical Damage as you always give a surprise attack to your enemy.
  6. Blade of Despair – It will drastically increase your Physical Attack best build hilda.
Mobile Legends Hilda
Hilda Fighter Build – Mobile Legends Hilda

Hilda Build One Hit

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Blade of the Heptaseas- 1950
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Melefic Roar- 2060
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Rose Gold Meteor- 2120

This is hilda damage build , you can easy take any mage or MM hero with this hilda 1 hit build.

Hilda Tank Build

  1. Courage Mask- 1600
  2. Tough Boots- 700
  3. Athena’s Shield- 2150
  4. Antique Cuirass- 2170
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Immortality- 2120

This is best hilda build in this Meta Season. You can use this hilda ml build as a tank support in teamfight.

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