Mobile Legends Karrie Guide 2022 | Karrie Best Build 2022

Mobile Legends Karrie: Want to know about the Mobile Legend game and its hero character Karrie? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on Best Build of Karrie.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the gameplay of Karrie and its skills.

I am a Blogger and a gamer, I have been playing the game Mobile Legends since its release.

Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the skill set and gameplay of the heroic character Karrie.

Karrie Skills & How to Use?

Karrie has a passive skill as well as three active skills and you should use the combination of these skills during the battlefield to win over your enemy.

Light Wheel Mark

This is the simplest and most devastating skill of Karrie. By using this skill Karrie can cause one mark which can go up to 5 marks and after adding 5 marks she can cause heavy damage which can even penetrate enemy’s shield and armors.

The damage cause is 7% to 13% of the maximum HP of the target. If it is the creeps, it can cause 300 damage.

Spinning Light Wheel

By this skill, Karrie can throw a flywheel which can travel all the way but however if it fly all the way, the effect of the damage is less.

Therefore you should use the skill only if the opponent is nearby so as to inflict heavy damage on the opponent. 

This attack will also slow the enemy for a time period of seconds. This is the one and only AoE attack that Karrie can use to cause continuous damage and also at the same time slow down the opponent.

Therefore this skill can be used to clear the minion waves or to defeat the creeps.

Phantom Step

By using this skill, Karrie will dash in to a particular direction by releasing a light orb towards the direction and if hit on the enemy will cause significant damage to the enemy.

With the help of the light orb, Karrie can hit the enemy if it tries to run.

But you need to be careful at using the skill as if it is not given proper direction, you may fall in to the enemy’s trap.

Dual Light Wheel

This skill of Karrie helps to increase her speed and at the same time reduces her attack speed.

Her basic attack will be divided into two by using this skill and therefor she can fire two light wheels at the same and cause more damage to the enemy and at the same time reposition at an increased speed.

MLBB Karrie Best Lane

There are three lanes on the map: Top Lane, Middle Lane (or Mid Lane) and Bottom Lane (or Bot Lane). You can go to Gold Lane for MM.

All three lanes are set up with three turrets each and your goal is to get through waves of minions and destroy all the turrets.

Once you’ve passed the turrets you need to destroy enemy base building to win the game.

ML Karrie Skill Combo 2022

The best combo for Karrie during the Farming is by using the First Skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack.

During poking, you can use the following combination which can cause heavy damage to the enemies: Second +Basic Attack.

During the Team fights, the best combination of skill is using the following combination: Ultimate + First + Second + Basic Attack + Repeat Skills if not in CD.

Mobile legends Karrie Best Battle Spell

There are two type of best battle spells of the famous heroic character Karrie:

  • Retribution: You can use the spell when Karrie is the main damage dealer in your squad so as to help to farm faster and cause damage to the enemy.
  • Flicker: You can use the spell when Karrie is the Gold laner. This is very useful for easily catch your enemies and also fly from dangerous situations. Therefore if you want mobility, you can use this skill.

ML Karrie Best Emblem Set 2022

Miya Assassin Emblem

The best emblem set that you can use for Karrie is the Assasin Emblem of you have the tan support or is playing the late game.

This can cause more damage as well as acquire gold bonus on killing the opponents in the early to mid-game stage.

You can also use the Marksman Build if you want to have more movement speed and attack speed during the early game.

Therefore you can use the emblem while playing as gold laner.

Mobile Legends Karrie Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Karrie are the following:

Karrie is one of the great Tank killer.Karrie is slow during attacks
Karrie also does good Jungles without Jungle item.Karrie is very difficult to play
Karrie has high True Damage.Karrie is very Squishy
Karrie is dependable as a solo fighter.Karrie’s Mana is reliant
Karrie is also superb during the team fights. 

Mobile Legend Karrie Guide 2022 & Gameplay Tips

As per the gameplay of the Mobile Legends Karrie, it can be divided into three phases- Early, Mid and Late game.

We will guide you so to have perfect game plan in all the three phases.

Early Game: You may move up to level 4 in 4 minutes if you are having the retribution and combine Karrie and a tank in the mid lane which will help you to clear the minion wave and therefore you can go for the blue buff and finally for the red buff with the camps.

You may try to hide from the attention of the offlaner which will help to farm faster and also allow to push the turrets.  

Mid Game: You should try to poke your enemies by using the first and the second skill and at the same time stack out your enemies.

But if you want to go on an ambush, you may avoid taking any risk from the early to mid-game as it will give you the gold boost and CD reduction so that you can destroy the enemies during the late game stage. 

Late game: You should place Karrie behind the Tank or fighter so that they can protect Karrie from the assassin when she can cause damage continuously.

But you should not attack alone as assassin can take on the Karrie in one versus one attack.

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Mobile Legends Karrie Best Build 2022

As you know, Mobile Legends Karrie is a unique hero and therefore you can try many builds on Karrie and therefore you should at first know your enemy and then pick your role in the battlefield.

However we in this article will be guiding you the following things to try out with Karrie while in the battlefield. 

Best Build Karrie 2022

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Endless Battle
  3. Demon Hunter Sword
  4. Golden Staff
  5. Thunder Belt
  6. Immortality

Karrie Best Build 2022

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Rose Gold Meteor
  3. Queen’s Wings
  4. Endless Battle
  5. Thunder Belt
  6. Corrosion Scythe

Best Build for Karrie 2022

  1. Swift Boots
  2. Golden Staff
  3. Endless Battle
  4. Rose Gold Meteor
  5. Thunder Belt
  6. Blade of Despair

Final Words

In this article we have given the detailed description on the Mobile Legends Karrie and the method that can used to enhance its skills.

Therefore you can easily follow the steps mentioned above and defeat your enemies.

For getting more information on the other characters of Mobile Legend game, you can also bookmark our article.

If you have any queries regarding the Mobile Legends Karrie, you may ask us by writing in the comment section of the article.


How to Download the Mobile Legends Game?

The game can be downloaded from the official website of the developers or if you have an android smart phone, you can directly download the game from the Play Store. You can also download the game on you iPhone through the Apple Store.

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