Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide | Gatotkaca Best Build 2024

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, mastering a hero means understanding their role in the fabric of the game, their strengths, weaknesses, and the optimal strategies to leverage their abilities.

Among the pantheon of heroes, Mobile Legends Gatotkaca stands out as a formidable Tank/Fighter, known for his exceptional crowd control abilities and resilience.

This guide is designed to provide an in-depth look at Gatotkaca, offering players insights into maximizing his potential on the battlefield.

Whether you’re looking to climb the ranked ladder or just improve your gameplay, mastering Gatotkaca can make you a valuable asset to any team.

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Who is Gatotkaca?

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Pro Guide & Build

Gatotkaca, the “Might of the Heavens,” is a hero inspired by the legendary character from Javanese folklore, renowned for his supernatural powers and invincible armor.

In Mobile Legends, he brings these mythic traits to life, serving as a bridge between the roles of Tank and Fighter.

His unique blend of durability and offensive capabilities allows him to adapt to various game phases, making him a versatile and potent force on any team.

Strengths and Role

Gatotkaca’s kit is designed around durability, crowd control, and mobility. His ability to initiate, sustain in prolonged fights, and disrupt enemy formations makes him an invaluable team member. Here’s why Gatotkaca is a hero worth mastering:

  • Durability: Gatotkaca’s high defense stats and passive ability allow him to absorb significant amounts of damage, enabling him to lead charges and protect his teammates.
  • Crowd Control: With multiple abilities designed to disrupt and control enemy movements, he can turn the tide of team fights and secure key objectives.
  • Versatility: Gatotkaca’s skill set allows him to perform well in various roles, adapting his playstyle to the needs of his team and the challenges posed by the enemy.

Gatotkaca’s Abilities Explained

A deep understanding of Gatotkaca’s abilities is crucial for anyone looking to master this hero. Each ability offers unique advantages and strategic options:

Passive: Steel Bones

Gatotkaca’s passive, Steel Bones, converts a portion of lost HP into physical defense, enhancing his survivability in battle. This ability allows him to become more resilient as his health decreases, making him a formidable opponent in prolonged engagements.

Skill 1: Blast Iron Fist

Blast Iron Fist is Gatotkaca’s primary damage-dealing ability, unleashing a powerful punch that damages and slows enemies. It’s an excellent tool for clearing minion waves and applying pressure in lane engagements.

Skill 2: Unbreakable

Unbreakable allows Gatotkaca to charge in a direction, taunting enemies to attack him and reducing incoming damage. This skill is key for initiating fights, disrupting enemy attacks, and protecting vulnerable teammates.

Skill 3: Avatar of Guardian

Avatar of Guardian, Gatotkaca’s ultimate ability, enables him to leap to a target area, dealing massive damage and knocking up enemies upon landing. It’s a game-changing skill that can initiate team fights, secure kills, and escape dangerous situations.

Maximizing Abilities:

  • Blast Iron Fist can be used to initiate or chase down enemies, combining it with Unbreakable to ensure targets remain within reach.
  • Unbreakable is best used to draw enemy fire in team fights, protecting damage dealers and disrupting enemy formations.
  • Use Avatar of Guardian to jump into the fray, targeting clusters of enemies to maximize its crowd control impact. It’s also an effective escape mechanism in dire situations.

Gatotkaca Best Build 2024

Gatotkaca’s item build should reflect his dual role as a Tank and Fighter, balancing between durability and damage output. Here are two builds tailored to different playstyles:

Tank Gatotkaca Build

This build focuses on maximizing Gatotkaca’s survivability and crowd control capabilities, making him a relentless force that can withstand the brunt of enemy attacks while protecting his teammates.

Cursed HelmetIncreases magic resistance and deals passive damage to nearby enemies, enhancing Gatotkaca’s lane presence.
Tough BootsReduces crowd control effects and increases magic resistance, essential for engaging in team fights.
OracleBoosts HP regeneration and shield absorption, synergizing with Gatotkaca’s passive for increased durability.
Dominance IceLowers enemy attack speed and critical strike rate, diminishing the offensive capabilities of enemy marksmen and fighters.
Guardian HelmetEnhances HP regeneration out of combat, allowing Gatotkaca to sustain himself between engagements.
ImmortalityProvides a second chance in battle with its resurrection effect, crucial for late-game team fights.

Fighter Build

For players looking to capitalize on Gatotkaca’s damage potential, this build emphasizes items that boost his offensive capabilities without sacrificing too much durability.

Bloodlust AxeProvides spell vamp, crucial for sustaining in fights by converting a portion of damage dealt into health.
Warrior BootsIncreases physical defense, offering protection against enemy physical attackers.
Blade of DespairSignificantly boosts physical attack, enhancing Gatotkaca’s damage output in skirmishes and team fights.
Endless BattleOffers a mix of stats and true damage on basic attacks after using a skill, perfect for Gatotkaca’s combo-oriented playstyle.
Queen’s WingsReduces damage taken and increases spell vamp when HP is low, allowing Gatotkaca to thrive in prolonged engagements.
ImmortalityGrants a second life, ensuring Gatotkaca remains a threat even after being taken down, making it a staple for late-game survival.

Early Game Focus: Concentrate on building items that enhance Gatotkaca’s durability and mana regeneration to maintain lane presence and engage in early skirmishes.

Mid to Late Game: Transition into items that bolster his damage output or further enhance his tankiness, depending on the team’s needs and the enemy composition.

Best Emblems and Spells


Choosing the right emblem set is crucial for optimizing Gatotkaca’s performance:

  • Tank Emblem Set: Focuses on increasing Gatotkaca’s survivability and crowd control capabilities, with talents that enhance his defensive stats or provide utility in team fights.
  • Fighter Emblem Set: Enhances his damage output and durability, making him a more formidable fighter. Talents that increase physical attack, armor penetration, or provide cooldown reduction are particularly effective.


The choice of spell can significantly impact Gatotkaca’s effectiveness in various game scenarios:

  • Execute: Increases his kill potential, especially against low-HP targets, complementing his role as a finisher in fights.
  • Flicker: Offers mobility, either to initiate or escape from battles. It can be used in conjunction with his ultimate for surprise attacks or to disengage from unfavorable encounters.

Gatotkaca’s Combos and Playstyle

Mastering Gatotkaca’s combos can significantly improve your gameplay, allowing you to execute his abilities in quick succession for maximum impact.

Basic Combo: Skill 2 (Unbreakable) ➜ Skill 1 (Blast Iron Fist) ➜ Basic Attack

  • This combo is ideal for engaging an enemy, slowing them down, and dealing sustained damage.

Advanced Combo: Skill 3 (Avatar of Guardian) ➜ Skill 2 (Unbreakable) ➜ Skill 1 (Blast Iron Fist) ➜ Basic Attack

  • Use this combo to initiate team fights, disrupt enemy formations, and maximize Gatotkaca’s crowd control and damage potential.

Playstyle Tips

  • Early Game: Focus on farming and avoid unnecessary skirmishes until Gatotkaca has his core items. Use your abilities to clear minion waves quickly and assist in securing objectives.
  • Mid Game: Start initiating team fights using his crowd control abilities. Look for opportunities to gank enemy lanes and apply pressure on the map.
  • Late Game: Protect your team’s damage dealers and disrupt the enemy backline. Gatotkaca’s durability and crowd control abilities make him a key player in securing late-game objectives and team fights.

Pros and Cons of Gatotkaca

Understanding Gatotkaca’s strengths and weaknesses is essential for maximizing his impact in games.


  • Excellent Initiator: Gatotkaca’s ability to engage and disrupt enemy formations makes him an ideal initiator in team fights.
  • High Durability: His high defense stats and passive ability allow him to absorb significant amounts of damage, enabling him to protect his teammates effectively.
  • Versatile: Gatotkaca’s skill set allows him to perform well in various roles, adapting his playstyle to the needs of his team and the challenges posed by the enemy.


  • Lower Damage Output: Compared to pure fighters, Gatotkaca’s damage output is lower, making it crucial to rely on teammates for finishing off enemies.
  • Relies on Precise Skill Execution: Mastering Gatotkaca’s skill combo is essential for maximizing his effectiveness, requiring practice and timing.
  • Vulnerable to Heavy Crowd Control: Despite his durability, Gatotkaca can be overwhelmed by teams with multiple crowd control abilities, necessitating careful positioning and engagement timing.

Gatotkaca’s Role in a Team

Gatotkaca shines as a team’s vanguard, capable of leading charges and protecting allies.

His ability to disrupt enemy formations and soak up damage is unparalleled, making him a key player in securing objectives and winning team fights.

Whether serving as the primary initiator or a secondary support tank, Gatotkaca’s presence on the battlefield can not be underestimated.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Map Awareness: Always be aware of enemy movements and opportunities to gank or counter-gank. Gatotkaca’s mobility allows him to quickly respond to threats or secure advantages across the map.
  • Skill Precision: Practice landing Gatotkaca’s ultimate in key enemy clusters for maximum impact. Timing and positioning are crucial for leveraging his crowd control abilities effectively.
  • Adaptability: Adjust your build and playstyle based on the enemy composition and the flow of the game. Gatotkaca’s versatility allows him to be effective in various situations, but optimizing his build and tactics is key to success.

Gatotkaca’s Skins and Aesthetics

Gatotkaca boasts a variety of skins that players can collect, each adding a unique visual flair to this heroic figure.

While skins don’t impact gameplay directly, they can certainly bring a fresh look to your battles and reflect your personal style.

From the futuristic “Sentinel” skin to the mythic “Arhat King,” Gatotkaca’s skins offer something for everyone.


Gatotkaca is a dynamic hero capable of turning the tide of battle with his robust skill set. By mastering his abilities, understanding optimal builds, and adopting a strategic playstyle, you can dominate the battlefield and lead your team to victory in Mobile Legends.

Embrace the might of Gatotkaca and become an indomitable force in the Land of Dawn.

Below Guide as per Old Patch Note

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca is very versatile Hero which is hard to kill even if his HP is at as low as 100 points.

Gatotkaca is known for his extreme durability which tricks your enemy in chasing you. Ultimately giving them their doomsday to them.

So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide.

Which is the Best Lane for Mobile Legends Gatotkaca?

Gatotkaca can either play as Offlaner or Tank.

Gatotkaca should tank when it is 122 formation for your team.

Gatotkaca should Offlane when you have 131 formation.

How to use Gatotkaca Skills?

Passive Steel Bones

Gatotkaca will gain Physical Defence every time he loses his HP. Lower the HP, Higher will be the Physical Defence.

Every 2 % of his Lost HP is converted into Physical Defence.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca will gain 5 Rage points every time he receives Damage. Consuming Rage will restore some of his HP. Healing depends on the Rage that is accumulated.

Every 25 points of Rage will be consumed for every Basic Attack you do.

Skill 1 Blast Iron Fist

Gatotkaca punches on Ground which deals continuous Magic Damage to all the enemies standing on it. It deals 7 continuous damage.

Enemies are slowed down by 40 % every time they receive damage.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca

Skill 2 Unbreakable

Gatotkaca dashes in a desired direction and Taunts his all enemies towards him. Taunt will be applied 1.5 seconds.

Dash distance increases with the amount of time you have held the Skill button.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca

Ultimate Skill Avatar of Guardian

Gatotkaca jumps in the air for 1 – 2 seconds and then smashes on the ground.

Enemies in the center of the smash will be knocked up for longer duration.

Enemies at the periphery will be pulled in the center.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Combo

Gatotkaca Skill 2 needs you to hit enemy to apply Taunt effect to your enemy.

Using Skill 2 right after Ultimate is recommended. In this way, you are capable of stunning all enemy and also Taunt successfully your enemy.

Use Skill 1 after taunting which give its maximum damage to your enemies.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca

How to Level Up Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Skills?

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Skill 22610131415

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Guide & Gameplay Tips

  • Always level up Skill 1 first. This helps in fast clearing of minion waves.
  • Never help your carry in clearing Minions. Instead hide in bush and provide vision to your carry. Always hide in those bushes where enemies have easier time to initiate a gank.
  • Use Skill 2 to initiate a fight if you are initiating a fight. Or else use Ultimate when there is already a fight going on.
  • Use Ultimate on carry, this will prevent them from damaging your allies.
  • Gatotkaca needs Hide and Seek playing style which is similar to many other Heroes like Hilda, Hayabusa, Helcurt, Jawhead.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Best Emblem Set

Custom Tank Emblem

  • If you want to be a powerful tank and increase your survivability, Custom Tank Emblem is what you need.
  • This Emblem Set gives a good amount of durability that will increase your survivability especially in the early phase of the game.
  • Vitality – Adding points on this talent will increase HP that will be effective in increasing your capabilities in absorbing damage for the team.Fortress – It will increase your durability against physical damage dealers.Brave Smite – This will increase Gatotkaca HP every time you CC your enemy.
Mobile Legends Emblem
Custom Tank Emblem gatotkaca

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Best Battle Spell


Vengeance works really well with Gatotkaca as he is always in centre of a fight.


Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Strong and Weak Against

Gatotkaca Strong Against

  • Squishy immobile mages and marksmen
  • Assassins who need to get up close
  • Weak laners who are squishy, since you can play hyper-aggressive and snowball into a mid-game monster

For example, Lancelot, Zilong, Helcurt, Esmeralda.

Gatokaca Weak Against

CC type Heroes such as Valir, Vale, Vexana who can easily immobilize his.

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Best Build

Core Items Gatotkaca Tank Role

  1. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots – Use any one of these Boots to gain some Defense; Type of defense will depend on the Enemy Line-up.
  2. Dominance Ice – It decreases enemy Movement Speed and Attack Speed which is essential for your Team.
  3. Antique Cuirass – It reduces enemy Defence Stats which helps your Team to slay their enemies more Easily.
Mobile Legends Jawhead build

Best Build for Gatotkaca – Tank Build 

  1. Warrior Boots/Tough Boots
  2. Dominance Ice
  3. Antique Cuirass
  4. Immortality – It will revive you if die in a fight.
  5. Brute Force Breastplate – This item provides extra defense stats and mobility which helps in Fights.
  6. Oracle – It increases the HP Regen effect and also Shields Absorption by 30%.
Mobile Legends Gatotkaca
Best Build for Gatotkaca – Tank Build 

Gatotkaca Best build – Offlaner Build

  1. Arcane Boots – It provides Magic Penetration, which allows you to dominate the early game.
  2. Clock of Destiny – It is very important as it increases HP and Magic Attack every 30 seconds, up to 10 times. When 10 times HP and Magic Attack is increased, it will give additional Mana and extra 5% Magic Attack.
  3. Lightning Truncheon – It is the main source of Damage. It will deal Burst type of Damage and deal additional damage based on your Mana. It also deals extra damage by spreading the Magic Damage to enemies as Lightning.
  4. Concentrated Energy – It provides Magic Lifesteal.
  5. Holy Crystal – It will drastically increase Magic Attack which works well with the combination of Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon.
  6. Divine Glaive – It gives huge Magic Penetration.
Mobile Legends Gatotkaca
Gatotkaca Best build – Offlaner Build

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