Mobile Legends Claude Guide | Claude Best Build 2022

Welcome to MLBB Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Claude in Mobile Legends 2022.

I will share 9 Best Tips about Claude and explain Claude Passive & Skills, You will know Mobile Legends claude best build and emblem 2022, Claude ML Best Spell.

MLBB Claude Strength & Weakness and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Claude 2022 Effectively.

So are you Ready to know about Feature the thief “Claude”?

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We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Mobile Legends, heroes like Leomord, Harith, Wanwan, Carmilla, AtlasLuo Yi, Chou, Kimmy. So make sure to check these hero guides as well.

For now, let’s focus on Claude ML.

How to use Claude Skills?

Claude Passive – Battle Side-by-Side

When Claude basic attacks a target, Dexter also deals damage to the same target the damage Dexter deals are equal to 30% of Claude’s damage.


Dexter Basic attacks can also trigger item passive and critical strike.

Skill 1 – Art of Thievery

His skill 1 steals 20% movement speed and 10% attack Speed (scales with level) from enemies. The speed bonus lasts for 6 seconds and it also deals physical damage to enemies.

This skill can be used on minions and monsters. The bonus speed is doubled when he steals from multiple heroes with his skill 1.


The Passive icon shows the duration of the bonus effect and the number of enemies affected by his skill 1.

Skill 2 – Battle Mirror Image

He places Dexter’s mirror image in a location and it deals 100% of Dexter’s damage. This mirror image lasts for 5.5 seconds.

Using this skill again will teleport Claude to mirror image location (similar to Harley’s skill 2. He can teleport once every 2 seconds as long as the skill is active.


Placing this skill in the bush will reveal the enemies inside.

Skill 3 – Blazing Duet

His ultimate deals physical damage to all the enemies within the range for 3 seconds. Using this skill also generates a shield based on physical damage.

The damage is considered as basic attacks. So critical strike, item passives can be triggered. Increasing the attack speed will increase the hit rate re put of his ultimate.


It deals 400% damage on enemy minions. That’s all for his passive and skills.

Mobile Legends Claude Battle Spells 2022

I recommend you to use RETRIBUTION, like other MM’s Claude is also weak in farming early game. Retribution helps him to farm faster.


Inspire is also a good option for him. INSPIRE + ULTIMATE will greatly increase the hit rate of his ultimate.


If you are learning this skill 2 mechanics then go for “FLICKER“. Even if you mess up with your SKILL 2, you still have a chance to escape.


Best Perfect Mid Lane Hero In MLBB 2022

Mobile Legends Claude Best Emblem Set 2022

Best Emblem for Claude 2022

Use Marksman emblem for Claude, if you haven’t unlocked it, then go for “Physical emblem“.

Use this configuration for “Marksman emblem“. Use “Weakness finder” talent. It’s best for all Marksman. If you haven’t unlocked it, then use “Weapon master” emblem claude.

MLBB Claude Best Emblem

For Physical emblem use this configuration. Use “Open fire” talent. It increases physical attack by 5% after using a skill claude emblem 2022.

MLBB Claude Best Emblem 1

Mobile Legends Claude Best Build 2022

This is my recommended Mobile Legends Claude Build 2022.

First item gets Hunter’s Knife as first item, after that buy 2 Mana necklace. Then upgrade Hunter’s knife to “NIMBLE BLADE claude item build 2022.

Best Build for Claude 2022

  1. Demon Hunter Sword- 2180
  2. Demon Shoes- 720
  3. Berserker’s Fury- 2350
  4. Wind of Nature- 1910
  5. Scarlet Phantom- 2020
  6. Rose Gold Meteor- 2120
MLBB Claude Best Build
Best Build for Claude 2022

Claude Best Build 2022

  1. Demon Shoes
  2. Demon Hunter Sword
  3. Golden Staff
  4. Queen’s Wings
  5. Corrosion Scythe
  6. Malefic Roar

GOLDEN STAFF this is CRITICAL build claude if you want GOLDEN STAFF BUILD just swap these two items. Both builds works well for claude ml build.

Best Claude Build 2022

  1. Demon Hunter Sword- 2180
  2. Demon Shoes- 720
  3. Golden Staff- 2100
  4. Wind of Nature- 1910
  5. Windtalker– 1870
  6. Rose Gold Meteor- 2120
MLBB Claude Best Build Golden


If enemies, then too tanky then buy “MALEFIC ROAR“.

If enemy team has life stealer like RUBY, ALICE etc. Then buy “DEADLY BLADE“.

If enemy assassin is killing you easily, then buy “IMMORTALITY“.

If you want some defense in your build get Queen’s Wings or Brute Force Breastplate one of these items always build according to enemy line-up and experiment items on your own.

Mobile Legends Claude Skill Combos


His skill is what makes him really tricky to play. Once you have mastered it you can create combos on your own according to the situation.

Mobile Legends Claude - Skill Combos

You can use this Basic Combo also.

Mobile Legends Claude - Skill Basic Combos
mobile legends clude basic combo

You can use this Team fight Combo in the game.

Use Skill 1 + Skill 2 to chase down an enemy. Also, use the same combo to run away.

Mobile Legends Claude - Skill team fight Combos
mobile legends claude combo

Mobile Legends Claude Guide 2022 & Gameplay Tips

  1. At level 1, first clear the minion wave doesn’t take the buff if you don’t have a partner in level 1. After reaching level 2 take buff, use both skill 1 and skill 2 to farm faster.
  2. You should focus farming till you get your Demon Hunter Sword. But, after reaching level 4 if your jungle is empty gank other lanes.
  3. His ultimate deal good amount of damage in early game which will be useful in ganks.
  4. Use his ultimate to clear minions faster, try to clear the wave between the turrets, So that you can gank other lanes, while enemies are busy clearing the wave.
  5. Use skill 2 to poke enemies while laning. Always have good map awareness, since you are an MM enemy will always try to gank you.
  6. If the enemy tries to tower dive you, use your ultimate it will generate a shield for you. Place your skill 2 in the bush, to act as a ward for 5.5 seconds.
  7. While using skill 1 tries to cover as many enemies as possible to get the most out of that skill.
  8. Don’t use your ultimate when the enemy has CC skill, it will cancel your ultimate. Always engage with your skill 2 so you have a chance to escape if the enemy is targeting.
  9. You play safe in early game and be aggressive in late game.

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That’s all for this How to Play Claude in Mobile Legends guide, tutorial, hope you guys learn it and love it. Please comment if you want more tutorial like this.

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