Hyperspace Dogfights Guide & Tips 2022

Hyperspace Dogfights is a very interesting video game that is available on steam and you can get our hands on them really quick by not even paying that much price.

The proper introduction to this game would be that it is a very enjoyable as well as a competitive one as soon as you get used to the gameplay and the amazing graphics that it has to offer along with the gameplay.

This arcade game can be played by people of any age and still would seem interesting to them.

The main reason behind this is the randomness and the skill-testing ability of the game.

Not all stages are easy and they get difficult as you keep progressing in the game.

Unlike many other games that are RPG and third person shooter, this game actually tests your aerial combat skills and is one of the best in doing so.

The developers of the game really thought things out and made something that is appealing to people of all age groups around the world.

A lot of information about Item Synergies in the game and gameplay tips are given in the article below in a very detailed manner. 

Gameplay tips for advanced players who would like to unlock things in the game that casual gamers wouldn’t want to unlock is provided in the article below.

These gameplay tips are strictly for all the advanced players and some of them may even be tricky which is why awareness shouldn’t be lost.

Hyperspace Dogfights is not an expensive game either. The price compared to the thrill of this gameplay is too good.

All you have to do in this game is fly your jet and soar through while destroying a lot of jets that are inferior to you.

Since there are a lot of jets that come each level, destroying these planes aren’t too difficult, however, you would have to destroy each one of them that comes your way.

As you do so, you also get the opportunity to gather items which is a great thing because these items are the things that really evolve your jet into something inevitable at one point of time during this gameplay.

The game description that is on Steam claims that there is 300+ items in the game which can allow you to grow stronger and defeat stages that are more difficult as you go on with the game, following the levels.

Reviews on steam are mostly very positive which just goes to show that so many people around the world are actually enjoying the game very much.

Enemies will keep appearing as you should either dodge them or attack them, using the gravity to your advantage.

This provides a very interesting simulation which is very nuanced, at the same time.

There are passive items and there are active items that can be collected for upgrading purposes of the jet.

Modified weapons can also be used against your opponent which cause a lot of damage generally.

The opposition that comes your way is going to become more and more difficult as you progress in the game really nicely.

One can go to the zones that has enemies and take them on because one of the most important tasks in the game is to be the best jet and to upgrade it as the enemies become more and more difficult and tactile to break a group of.

If you are genuinely struggling with completing any of the stages that you need to, make sure you have your jet all upgraded because otherwise, you would not be able to defeat certain kinds of bosses.

The base game is all you have to master in order for you to really progress in the game and take on the 12 different challenge modes that are playable in Hyperspace Dogfights.

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Hyperspace Dogfights Tips & Hyperspace Dogfights Secrets

The particular 2D environment that is used in Hyperspace Dogfights is definitely one of the finest and improving your skills according to this environment is also not a big deal.

It is simple, yet very interesting at the same time.

The boss encounters for which you may need boss tips and those are also mentioned in the article below.

Beginning with the boss tips, first of all you’d need to know how you encounter the bosses, in the first place.

Gamers get the Hyperspace Dogfights bosses after going through zones where they will meet a lot of aerial enemies.

After soaring through them is when you will get the boss.

To defeat the bosses, you need to know boss tips before the encounter happens.

You can try it out without having an idea of any Hyperspace Dogfights Tips, but having an idea is definitely a good choice.

One of the most important boss tips is to attack constantly and with a lot of intention to destroy that comes with upgrading your jet before facing the bosses.

Sometimes, you may be wondering why a lot of your attack is not really working but the fact is when an enemy has used a little of their flares, you would be a stunned for a noticeable amount of time after which you can go back to the attack.

The bosses use flares very often than not.

A lot of people get confused about what happens when the jet is stunned and the real solution to that is to wait until the jet is not stunned anymore before attacking again.

The best Hyperspace Dogfights Tips is to throw flares at enemies too, because the same action happens and the enemies are in the receiving end which gives you a lot of boosts. 

While defeating the nuke boss however, you will find an initial difficulty at stopping it from launching and threatening it at that point of time is obviously not the right option because then the chances of them launching faster increases which is not the ideal situation if winning is in your head.

The best and the most proper way to do it is to destroy the sentry guns and the launchpad before destroying the shield.

This is the way you can get plenty of time before the rocket gets a chance to launch.

The final boss that you would encounter is generally the most difficult but by the time you reach to that stage, the jet that you have will also be upgraded which must be good enough to beat any boss that comes your way.

One of the most important Hyperspace Dogfights Secrets is that not all unlocked items will be visible when you go to the loot pool.

There may be a lot of times when you will actually be guaranteed but similarly, a lot of items, a run does not give you anything that beneficial.

Here are more Hyperspace Dogfights Secrets that you should know if you are an advanced gamer and want to unlock all the things that are necessarily available in the game.

Firstly, reach 80% completion in the data cloud which will allow you to access the nose fighter.

You should be aware of this since you would want to complete the 80% and get your hands on the nose fighter in Hyperspace Dogfights.

There are more of these Hyperspace Dogfights Secrets like how to unlock control phage.

To do that, you would have to go through a series of things you need to do inside the game.

Firstly, make sure you have defeated 3x active Phages before you proceed. After which you got to complete the boss rush (regicide) and then the hardgrade (UE).

It’s still not done as you also have to defeat the iron dog in the hard level before the mechanisms of the game knows that you are capable of fighting in the control phage.

This is a very interesting stage and even though, reaching to it is kind of clumsy and hectic, you would love the stage and enjoy the gameplay which serves as a cherry on the cake. 

All Details About Item Synergies

The data cloud in Hyperspace Dogfights gives a lot of idea through descriptions on how to carry out these item synergies.

Mentioned here, are the item synergies that are not difficult at all but you should have an idea about to make the most of your game. 

  • Shadow Warrior: In order to synergize things into a shadow warrior, you should add emission mask, stealth frame and a hyperspace heatsink.
  • Shoot Forever: This is an interesting one since the shoot forever item would give you a lot of inevitability factor in the game and can be achieved by amalgamating rocket pod, the gladiator turbine or war fetish, war intel and the exposure which is pretty important. 
  • Out of the Park: Adding up aerial pugilism, shot displacer and C.A.T Bat gives you the opportunity to upgrade your jet even further for taking up battles even harder. 

All these Hyperspace Dogfights item synergies work and a lot of other ones are also available.

According to your needs and preferences, you can choose the abilities to have by using the amazing process of item synergies.

This is a very beautiful way to go through the game and without this, a lot of things in the game is left with the unfinished feeling.

That basically means if you get to play this game, definitely check out the procedure of amalgamating items and gaining abilities in the jet that you’re supposed to control (Player1 jet), in order to play this game in the maximum potential of enjoyment.


Honestly, if you are just beginning with the game ‘Hyperspace Dogfights’, you may face a few problems initially.

This is because the idea about item synergies or even collecting the items before you can amalgamate them takes a little time.

Until then, winning the stages in Hyperspace Dogfights is moderately difficult but once you get used to it, the initial stages are nothing.

Since it is a new kind of control and gameplay with a lot of incredible branches in the whole tree of whatever’s programmed in it, getting bored of the game initially is not probable.

You’d enjoy this gameplay for a long time as the reviews on popular sites like Steam suggests.

It is with honour and privilege that this article got to share with you mostly all the things you need to know as a gamer who’s wanting to go advanced with the gameplay of Hyperspace Dogfights.

Overall, it is a great game. Enjoy!

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