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Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Alucard in the game.

MLBB Alucard Laning & Rotation and finally give you some Tips and Tricks, How to Play With Mobile Legends Alucard Effectively. So are you Ready to know about Revamped “Alucard”?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offers a diverse range of heroes, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

Among them, Alucard, a formidable fighter, stands out for his exceptional damage output and sustainability.

This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into mastering Alucard, ensuring you dominate the battlefield.

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Alucard’s Role and Abilities

Mobile Legends Alucard Pro guide

Role in the Game

Alucard, often played as a jungler or offlaner, excels in close-quarters combat, leveraging his high burst damage and lifesteal capabilities.

Abilities Overview

  • Passive – Pursuit: Enhances his next basic attack after using a skill.
  • First Skill – Groundsplitter: Leaps to an area, dealing damage.
  • Second Skill – Whirling Smash: Deals AoE damage around him.
  • Ultimate – Fission Wave: Increases his lifesteal and unleashes a powerful blow.

Optimal Builds for Alucard

Core Items

  • Blade of Despair: Increases damage significantly.
  • Endless Battle: Provides lifesteal and true damage.
  • Queen’s Wings: Reduces incoming damage when health is low.
  • Blade of the Heptaseas: Boosts health and physical penetration.

Situational Items

  • Warrior Boots: For added defense and mobility.
  • Immortality: For survivability in late-game scenarios.

Emblem Setup and Battle Spells

Emblem Configuration

  • Assassin Emblem: With talents like Rupture and Killing Spree.

Battle Spells

  • Retribution: Essential for jungling efficiency.
  • Execute: An alternative for offlane Alucard.

Skill Maximization and Combo Techniques

Skill Priority

  • Whirling Smash: Maximize first for lower cooldowns and consistent damage.

Basic Combo

  1. Groundsplitter (1st Skill)
  2. Basic Attack
  3. Whirling Smash (2nd Skill)
  4. Basic Attack
  5. Fission Wave (Ultimate)

Advanced Combos

  • Adapt combos based on the situation, mixing skills and basic attacks for maximum efficiency.

Early Game Strategy

  • Focus on farming and securing objectives like Turtle.
  • Assist in lanes for early ganks and pressure.

Mid-Game Playstyle and Objectives

  • Shift focus to tower objectives post-ganking.
  • Maintain jungle control and extend gold lead.

Late Game Team Fights and Positioning

  • Target enemy core and mage heroes in team fights.
  • Position strategically to maximize damage output and survivability.

Synergies and Counterplay

Effective Synergies

  • Heroes that can initiate and create openings, like Yu Zhong.

Counter Strategies

  • Focus on early-game pressure against heroes like Esmeralda.

Advanced Gameplay Tips

  • Adjust item builds based on the game’s flow.
  • Utilize bushes for ambushes and surprise attacks.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overextending without team support.
  • Neglecting objectives for kills.


Mastering Alucard requires understanding his abilities, optimal builds, and effective gameplay strategies. With practice and adaptation, Alucard can be a formidable force in any Mobile Legends match.


How to Play Alucard Better?

To play Alucard more effectively, focus on mastering his skill combos and timing. Prioritize farming in the early game and aim for quick assassinations in team fights. Positioning and map awareness are also crucial for maximizing Alucard’s potential.

Is Alucard Good in Mobile Legends?

Yes, Alucard is a strong choice in Mobile Legends. His high damage output and lifesteal capabilities make him effective in both solo encounters and team fights. However, his performance greatly depends on the player’s skill and understanding of the game mechanics.

What is the Best Build for Alucard in Mobile Legends?

The best build for Alucard typically includes items like Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, and Queen’s Wings. This combination enhances his damage and survivability. Adjustments may be necessary based on the enemy lineup and the game’s progression.

Is Alucard Hard to Play?

Alucard has a moderate difficulty level. While his basic mechanics are straightforward, mastering his skill combos and understanding when to engage or retreat in battles requires practice and good game sense. He’s accessible for beginners but offers depth for experienced players.

How to use Alucard Skills?

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp New Ultimate- Fission Wave

The Old Fission Wave/Ultimate of Alucard is almost identical to the new one. The Old one is activated whenever he presses it and there is a target nearby.

The target should be a jungle creep(expect Lord) or an enemy hero, the selected hero/creep will be marked with an indicator and Alucard’s damage to that enemy will be higher.

Furthermore his lifesteal will be enhanced significantly and when he press the ultimate button again he’ll fire an energy wave.

Revamped Alucard New Ultimate Skill

The New Fission Wave’s difference to the Old one is that it doesn’t require a target to activate, once pressed it will generate a field, if there’s an enemy inside the field his passive will be activated by the marked enemies for a short while.

He also gains an additional lifesteal and can fire an energy wave like the Old One.

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Passive

PursuitAn additional 50% more damage will be inflicted if Alucard’s skill only hits one enemy.

Revamped Alucard Passive

Whenever Alucard uses a skill his next basic attack will receive 20% more damage, this enhanced basic attack also chases the locked-on enemy.

50% of Alucard’s current Physical Lifesteal(Basic Attack Lifesteal) will be shared with his Spell Vamp, meaning that aside from his current Physical Lifesteal.

He’ll also receive a bonus 50% Spell Vamp depending on the amount of Physical Lifesteal he currently have.

Tips: Unlike his previous version Alucard’s 1v1 ability is significantly enhanced so to activate the full damage output make sure to use his skill only on one enemy for an additional 50% more damage and don’t forget to basic attack for every skill used.

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Skill 1

Ground Splitter: This skill is a combination of a Blink and Area of Effect Skill.

Alucard jumps to a location chosen by the player, upon landing he’ll slash an enemy inside the area and deal Physical Attack Damage.

Revamped Alucard Skill 1

TipsWhen using this skill it is best to maximize the range since the animation of the skill is faster if used farther.

There will be a slight delay if you activate the skill right where you are standing. It is also recommended to use this skill on one enemy only to activate the bonus 50% more damage.

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Skill 2

Whirling Smash: This skill is also an Area of Effect Skill. Alucard swings his sword in a circular area around him, enemies inside the area will be inflicted with a Physical Damage.

Revamped Alucard Skill 2

Tips: In order to fully maximize the damage of this skill make sure to hit only one enemy to activate the additional 50% more damage.

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Ultimate Skill

Fission WaveThis skill is a combination of a Buff and Burst Skill for Alucard. When activated without a creep or hero inside the generated field.

He will still increase his lifesteal for a short time and can fire an energy wave forward that deals Physical Damage.

Revamped Alucard Ultimate Skill

If used with enemies inside the generated field, enemies will be marked and slowed for 40% in 4 seconds furthermore.

Alucard will be able to trigger his passive’s damage as long as he damage the marked enemies, the mark lasts 8 seconds.

Like the activation without a target this method of activation still gives Alucard an additional Physical Lifesteal and can still emit the mentioned energy wave.

Tips: Since Alucard will gain an additional Physical Lifesteal his skills will inherit 50% of that as their Spell Vamp which means that every damage Alucard do will regenerate a portion of his HP.

So, it is best to spam both his basic attack and skills to maximize both sustainability and damage.

Mobile Legends Alucard Best Builds

Ever since the new update Alucard’s flexibility have increased, he can occupy the job of a laner or a jungler therefore it is wise to have multiple builds ready for multiple situations.

Use this High Sustain Build for Alucard only when you are an offlaner that are usually stationed at the EXP Lane.

This build contains Physical Lifesteal Items and Defense Items along with some items that can provide damage, this alucard build is suitable if the enemy lineups are full of CC and Magic Damage dealers alucard lifesteal build.

Alucard Best Build Lifesteal and Damage

  1. Haas’s Claws- 1810
  2. Warrior Boots- 720
  3. Endless Battle- 2470
  4. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  5. Brute Force breastplate- 1870
  6. Blade of Despair- 3010
Revamped Alucard High Sustain Build

This is the Burst Damage Build for Alucard, a build capable of delivering high damage that can one shot squishy heroes in an instant.

It is recommended to use this best alucard build if the enemies don’t have that much Crowd Control. If you are situated in the Gold Lane you can easily acquire this best build alucard.

This build should be rarely used since it contains expensive items that will leave you behind the team especially when your team’s economy is bad.

Boots aren’t included since you can use Tough boots or Wizard Boots depending on the enemy composition.

Best Build for Alucard

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Endless Battle- 2470
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Berserker’s Fury– 2350
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Malefic Roar– 2060
Revamped Alucard Burst Damage Build

The Jungler Build for Alucard is the mobile legends alucard build for a jungler Alucard, it doesn’t contain as much Lifesteal as the High Sustain Build.

Since you don’t need to stay in a lane for too long and jungle creeps provides HP when slained allowing you to continuously gank lanes without recalling to base.

This alucard item build 2024 can only be possible if you are equipped with the battle spell Retribution as per the new update on the new Jungle and Laning Mechanics of Project Next.

Best Alucard Build

  1. Raptor Machete- 1485
  2. Warrior Boots- 720
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Endless Battle- 2470
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Malefic Roar– 2060
Revamped Alucard Jungler Build

Mobile Legends Alucard Battle Spells

  • Mobile Legends Alucard Flicker SpellMost heroes now are equipped with a blink skill or immunity skill this makes it hard for Alucard to land all his skills to the enemy especially the Energy Wave from the 2nd Phase of his Ultimate, Flicker can quickly cover the gap between Alucard’s and the enemy’s distance.

This spell is also helpful in escaping tight situations like when you are suddenly ganked by the enemy jungler and your skills are currently under cooldown.

  • Mobile Legends Alucard Purify Spell: While it’s true that Alucard’s sustainability is good he needs to deal damage in order to regenerate his lost HP but heavy Crowd Control Skills easily stops him on his track and the fact that he is squishy is why he gets killed easily.

This spell will easily negate all the Crowd Control effects and allows Alucard to deal damage while restoring his HP due to his built in Physical Lifesteal and Spell Vamp.

  • Mobile Legends Alucard Retribution Spell: This battle spell is suitable for a Jungler Alucard since the only way for you to be able to buy jungle items is with the battle spell Retribution.
  • This spell helps in clearing jungle creeps faster and to also helps in slaying enemies when ganking lanes.

Mobile Legends Alucard Best Emblem set

Best Emblem for Alucard

  • Mobile Legends Alucard Fighter EmblemThis emblem contains a balance between defense and damage that Alucard needs in order to last longer in teamfights, laning and ganking.
  • It contains the perfect harmony needed to deal damage as well as receiving damage.
  • For the first row allocate 1 point for Firmness and 2 points for Shield. For the second row allocate 1 point to Invasion and 2 points for Persistence.
  • The talent Festival of Blood will be able to maximize Alucard’s Spell Vamp even more making him a monster in a battle alucard emblem.
Revamped Alucard Fighter Emblem

Alucard Emblem set

  • Mobile Legends Alucard Assassin Emblem: This emblem is more focused on giving Alucard more damage in terms of Physical Attack that Alucard relies on.
  • A critical chance is also given in this emblem something an assassin should have in order to deal huge amount of damage.
  • For the first row allocate all 3 points for Bravery. For the 2nd row put all 3 points on Invasion.
  • For the talent choose Killing Spree due to the bonus 20% Movement Speed and 15%HP Restore will be helpful when you have slain an enemy and their backups suddenly appeared.
Revamped Alucard Assassin Emblem

Mobile Legends Alucard Jungle Emblem: If you prefer playing Alucard as a Jungler this Emblem is the most efficient since it allows Alucard to easily clear the jungle creeps with the bonus damage and damage reduction from jungle monsters.

For the first row allocate all 3 points to Brutal. For the Second row allocate all 3 points for Swift. Choose the talent Veteran Hunter in order to gain extra gold in slaying jungle creeps.

Revamped Alucard Jungle Emblem

Mobile Legends Alucard Revamp Best Laning and Rotation(Off laning)

Ever since the new Laning and Jungling Update brought by the Project Next heroes like Alucard will have their time to shine even though they are just laning since the funnel strategy that includes an offlaner getting ganged up is now completely gone.

Revamped Alucard Offlaner Role

There are 2 types of lanes available for this new update, first is the GOLD lane and secondly we have the EXP lane.

The Gold lane is usually given to the Marksman who will be accompanied by the Tank. Fighters or Offlaners like Alucard are more suitable for the EXP lane.

The EXP lane will allow Alucard to level up easily compared to the Mid and Gold Lane this gives him the edge to open up his Ultimate earlier than everyone furthermore.

The Lifesteal and Spell Vamp boost given to him by his ult will give Alucard less reasons to recall and leave his lane.

Once the 3:40 mark is done where all the bonus minions are gone is the recommended time for Alucard to help in team fights and ambush enemies from other lanes.

Mobile Legends Alucard How to Gank? (Jungler)

Ganking early in the game is a job suitable only for a Jungler therefore if you want to gank lanes as Alucard then you should play Alucard as a Jungler.

Because if you try to gank as a laner then you will lose all the bonus benefits given by the siege minions under 4:00 minutes of the game.

Revamped Alucard Jungler Role

It is recommended that you equip the Jungler Emblem too in order to clear jungle creeps faster and gank faster too.

As a Jungler you should be aware on how the enemy Jungler works too it’s best to do that so you can avoid your allies’ lanes to be ganked and destroyed easily.

Map Awareness is something a Jungler should have don’t just gank aimlessly check the map on which lane needs ganking, usually it is the Gold Lane that is experiencing pressure all the time but it may vary from match to match.

Make sure to signal your ally that you are going to help them in their lane because if you don’t there will be a miscommunication that will lead to defeat like when your ally have recalled after you charge in to help them.

Mobile Legends Alucard Guide

  • The main highlight of Revamped Alucard is his new Ultimate since it no longer needs a target when activation but that doesn’t mean you will use it like that.
  • There are a lot of benefits on using it when there is an enemy nearby.
  • Alucard’s Ultimate will mark enemies that are under his generated energy field, marked enemies will receive more damage from Alucard and since they are receiving more damage from him, Alucard will restore more HP.
Revamped Alucard Passive Hero Lock Tip

  • One of the ability of Pursuit, Alucard’s Passive is that it’s enhanced basic attack will follow an enemy but sometimes this causes problems as it follows the wrong enemy, to prevent this it is recommended to turn on the Hero Lock Mode option on the Settings.

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