Secret trick How to find MLBB Best Marksman in the game 2022

MLBB Best Marksman: Want to know how to find MLBB best marksman 2022? If yes, then this article will provide all the information on how to find MLBB best marksman in 2022.

Mobile Legends is a hugely popular mobile title that has been around five years.

But everyone will be confused with what are the best characters to use in the game.

We are providing you everything you need to know about the tier list for mobile legends in 2002 including the best in clan for tank, fighter and move.

Marksman heroes are usually very soft, so if you make a wrong move or if you lose your focus in the game, you will become prey for the enemies.

Now we can look into some of the powerful marksman heroes in Mobile Legends that are suitable for the present scenario.

You will be thinking why we are recommending this; It’s the common reason that the more experienced and reasonable men will lead you to victory.

Today I am sharing a secret trick on how to find the MLBB best marksman and other details about the MLBB.

I am a gamer and a blogger so as a person who knows about the games especially MLBB.

I am hereby giving you all the details about the MLBB that will help you to find the MLBB Best Marksman.

MLBB Top 5 Best Marksman 2022

  1. Yi sun shin
  2. Claude
  3.  Wan wan
  4. Bruno
  5. Brody

Yi sun shin

Yi sun shin, he is a very flexible and powerful marksman in MLBB. I like another marksman.

He has a unique set of skills and his weapons are different.

Telling about the first skill of Yi sun shin It allows him to dash and slash through, using a glaive,while also being immune to crowd control.

What sets  Yi sun shin Apart from the other marksmen heroes in Mobile Legends is that he can switch between make and ranged attacks, depending on how close he is to his target.

Along with doing tremendous damage, his ultimate has the ability to reveal invisible units and slow them down.

As Yi sun shin is a real life hero, He can be a glass canon, now you will be thinking he will be dying first before you can kill him.

His second specialisation is a charge technique that has a very great range and an enormous amount of damage-distribution power.


Claude is a heroic figure who faces great risk but also great gain of the most well-liked marksman heroes in MLBB.

The skill allows him to gain an attack when it hits an enemy.

He may stack mobility and attack speed up to ten times for each layer.

 Wan wan

 Very high mobility and attack speed is the specialty of tiger wanwan.

She is sufficient for solo fights and gold lanes but also contributes to team fights.

Players who like to move around a lot should use this hero.

Wanwan has so much mobility compared to other marksman heroes as he can leap from a short distance for every skill or basic attack she makes.

As wanwan is equipped with the kit every sniper needs she can be called as the oriental fighter.

Her ultimate power is burst skill triggered only through hitting all enemies rapidly without you getting damaged.

If you want a hard wrecking fast attacking deadeye, abilities surely suit your likings.

Wanwan hit,s ability:

  1.  Very high mobility
  2.  High attack speed
  3.  Immune to CC effects
  4.  High damage
  5.  A damage skill that immune you to damage


If you are a newbie, you can trustfully go for Bruno. He is quite powerful.

One of the simplest marksman heroes in MLBB is Bruno.

Looking at Bruno’s pros, he can deal high critical damage because of his meta legs.

Unlike other marksmen, we can have 2cc skills.

He can reduce enemy physical DEF from his wave of the world animation.

Always pick up the powerball of his first skill to reduce the cooldown of flying tackle.

His ultimate can reduce the armour of enemies hit, which will be beneficial to your team.

If your play style revolves around keeping your distance and playing safe, you can go for Bruno.


One of the powerful marksmen but he requires hours of practice.

Downsides of Brody are slow basic attacks like another player Granger, Brody’s role is primarily to reap enemy damage dealers easily which provides a sizable disadvantage to enemy team.

His abilities are also high bust long-range, which allows him to attack enemies in every game condition.

Brody’s ability:

  1.  High damage output
  2.  Good peeking abilities
  3.  High mobility
  4.  Effective jungler

Mobile legends Top 5 Best Marksman 2022

  1. Granger
  2. Brody
  3. Wanwan
  4. Bruno
  5. Hanabi

Granger, Brody, Wanwan, Bruno, and Hanabi are among mobile legends for beginners’ best shooters in 2022.

Marksman plays a significant role in the game by defeating enemies from a distance


Granger can have an element of surprise to his enemies.

For the effective team game, granger is a top pick.

But if you are going to pick him you must be ultimately carefully aimed, especially the third shot.


Brody is the superior one on one situation.

Brody is the one who is easy to be mastered by ordinary people at once.

It can attack while walking, therefore the movement is incredibly agile.

But his drawback is very dependent on slack and weak when late game.


High mobility player. He’s a nightmare for close combat heroes.

He is hard to master because of passive skills.


Unlike other marksmen, he has 2cc skills. He can reduce enemy physical DEF from his wave of world animation.

But Bruno is a soft player with a short blink skill.


Hanabi is a player with highest durability. His main advantage is immunity of control skill.

But his main drawback is lack of escape skill.

MLBB Best Marksman 2022

We are providing the current tier list for mobile legends according to the available data.

The tier lists are sorted in alphabetically.

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Final words

Mobile legends bang bang is a popular game which is totally accepted by all.

So here in this article we have provided you with the best information you can reach.

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In which platform mobile legends bang bang is available?

It is available at play store and appstore.

Whether MLBB collects personal information?

The game collects your data only through cookies.

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