How to check Idea Net Balance check 2023?

When Idea and Vodafone merged, they bounced back into the market as one of the biggest telecom operators in India.

Vi” (resembling Vodafone and Idea) is the name of the merger. The new company holds more than 25% of the telecom market.

Vi is coming up with amazing offers and deals on prepaid plans and that is attracting more subscribers to the Vodafone Idea network.

However, Vi now has new plans and new USSD codes, which might be confusing for old users. So making it easy, we have brought to you the USSD codes for Idea net balance check.

How to check Idea balance 2023?

Idea Net Balance check
Idea Net Balance check

You can check Vodafone Idea balance in two ways. You can either dial the USSD code or go to Vi App to know all the details of your prepaid number.

How to check balance in Idea with USSD Code?

USSD codes are simply a bunch of numbers that start with * and end with # to check different kinds of balances. These are shortcuts, easy to remember and simple to use.

Even when your main balance or net balance is 0, you can check the balance with USSD codes.

*199*2*1#  – This is an Idea balance check number which will tell you how much your main balance is remaining. You get complete information about all the recharges you have done and their validity.

*121# – Dialling this USSD code will immediately show you your remaining main balance.

How to check Idea net balance using Vi App 2023?

To make the experience of Vodafone Idea net balance check easier and also directly recharge, Vi has introduced its own Vi app. By doing the following steps, you can check the balance easily:

  • Go to Google Play Store and type Vi App
  • Download and install it on your smartphone.
  • When you open the app, they will ask you to sign up with your existing Vodafone Idea number.
  • You will receive an OTP on this number. Enter it and you will be logged in.
  • The plan you have recharged with will be shown on the app’s homepage, along with the balance and validity.

How to check Data Balance in Idea? – Plan Validity and SMS Balance

It is very easy to get accurate information about prepaid recharge plans of Vodafone Idea (Vi) and SMS balance.

There is no USSD code to check how long your recharge plan is valid or how many SMS you have remaining.

However, to know your plan details, you just have to make a call to someone.

Once the other person receives and the call is disconnected, you will get a flash message showing the amount of talktime left and validity of the pack.

Similarly, if you want to check SMS balance, send a message to someone and you will receive a flash message showing the balance and validity.

How to check Idea Data Balance 2023?

You can check any data balance through Vi App. But using the USSD code *199*2*2# is an easier method.

If you want to know the number for 4G Vodafone Idea Net balance check, dial *199*1*3#. Otherwise, you can dial *199*1*7# latest recharge offers.

The voice call, SMS and roaming offers can be checked using *199*1*8# USSD code.

1*199*2*1#Check Main Balance
2*199*2*2#Check Internet Balance
3*199*1*3#4G/3G/2G Internet Offers
4*199*1*6#Chhota Credit
5*199*1*7#Recharge Offer
6*199*1*8#Voice, SMS, Roaming Offers
7*199*3*1#Activate Vodafone VAS Service
8*199*3*2#Deactivate Vodafone VAS Service
9*199*4#Get Vi
10*199*2*3#Last 3 Calls & SMS Details
11*199*2*4#Last 3 VAS Deduction
12*199*3*5#Emergency Talktime Credit Loan
13*199*3*3#Activate or Change Caller Tune
14*199*5*2#Unlimited Recharge Pack Offers
15*199*5*3#Combo Recharge Offers
16*199*5*4#Data Recharge Offers
17*199*5*5#International Roaming Recharge Offers
18*199*5*6#SMS Recharge Offers
How to check Idea Net Balance check

Vodafone Idea Net Balance Check & Recharge Offers 2023

The Recharge plans start as low as Rs. 19 and go all the way up to Rs. 2399.

Rs 19 Vi Recharge Plan

This is the minimum recharge you have to do on Vi which will give you 200 MB of data and unlimited voice calls for 2 days. Although there will be no SMS balance.

Rs 99 Vi Recharge Plan

It is an all-rounder plan that provides unlimited voice calling, 1GB data and 100 SMS for 18 days.

If you are wondering how to check idea internet balance, then you can easily dial *199*2*2# to see how much balance you have remaining.

Rs 109 Vi Recharge Plan

Comes with a validity of 20 days, recharging which Rs. 109 will give you limitless calling and 1GB of data every day. There will be no SMS benefit with this pack.

Rs 129 Vi Recharge Plan

You get unlimited calls, 2GB total data and 300 SMS for 24 days.

Rs 149 Vodafone Idea Recharge Plan

Anyone who is not a regular user of mobile data will find the above plans and this Rs. 149 helpful, as the data is limited. In this you get unlimited voice calls 3GB data and 300 SMS for 28 days.

Rs 199 Vodafone Idea Recharge Plan

If you are looking for something with a greater period of time, the plan of Rs. 199 is the best.

Every day net surfers will find this plan perfect as you get 1GB data per day, unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS/day for 24 days.

Rs 219 Vodafone Idea Recharge Plan

The only difference with the previous plan is that this is for 28 days. Rest of the benefits are same, 1 GB data per day, unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS/day.

Rs. 249 Vodafone Idea Recharge Plan

Along with unlimited voice calls, you will enjoy 1.5GB data/day and 100 SMS per day for 28 days. Anyone who requires more internet for daily work or streaming, this will be a budget-friendly pack.

Rs. 269 Vi Recharge Plan

This plan will provide you 4GB data, unlimited voice call and 600 SMS for 56 days. This might sound a little costly for your needs.

As to answer how to check idea internet balance, you can try out the above USSD codes.

Rs. 299 Vi Recharge Plan

If you need a lot of during the day, recharge with this plan. Rs. 299 gives you 4GB data/day, 100 SMS/day, and unlimited calls for 28 days.

Rs 2399 Vi Recharge Plan

The second most expensive plan where you get 1.5 GB data per day, 100 SMS/day and unlimited calls for 365 days.

Idea Net Balance Check Final Words

We have shared some easy check your Vodafone Idea balances and other offers. The quicker way to check your balance is by USSD codes and the easiest way is by checking the app.

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