Project Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet How To Cure Nauseous 2022?

If you are looking to find an easy cure for Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet, we are going to guide you through every step.

Project Zomboid is set in a post-apocalyptic world where your mission will be to survive through the world infested with zombies.

It is a survival game but with a twist. Zombies are not the only things that can kill you in the game.

There are other troubles for players as well to make the game complicated.

You can die because of starvation, hunger, exhaustion injury, sickness, etc.

Actually, there are 19 different kinds of major moodlets in the game that helps in identifying the players in-game condition.

These major moodlets also have sub-moodlets which are indicators for warning you the severeness of a moodlet.

If you reach the later stages of any sub-moodlets, then it is bad news for your character.

Nauseous is one of the sub-moodlets that comes under Sick moodlet and you need to save your character as soon as possible. 

What is Project Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet?

The Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet is the 2nd stage or second sub-moodlet of the Sick moodlet.

Being nauseous indicates you that the character’s illness is becoming worse.

It comes right after Queasy which is the first  sub-moodlet and it tells you that the character needs rest.

When you ignore that and move to the Nauseous moodlet, the character will start losing strength. As a result of which, he will not be able to heal quickly.

If goes unattended, this sub-moodlet will progress into Sick.

At the stage of Sick, you will see a severe reduction in strength and healing capability.

It is very difficult to come back from Sick and Fever sub-moodlet, so make sure to treat your character when it is in Nauseous state.

If your character moves into the Fever state, it is very likely that he will die soon in the game. 

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How Character Get Nauseous In Project Zomboid? 

The game is complicated and there are a lot of reasons that can make a character get nauseous in Project Zomboid.

Let us make you acquainted with the worst one and then we will work our way down. 

The worst that can happen to make a character feel nauseous in the game is zombie infection.

It is very common that during a fight with the zombies, a character might get injured and the infection starts spreading from the wound.

This is the most horrifying condition and nothing much can be done in this stage.

The character is bound to turn into a zombie slowly, you will lose the game and have to start over. 

The other causes for Zomboid Nauseous moodlet are not as dramatic as the last one.

It is possible that a character has eaten something he was not supposed to and felt nauseous.

Eating rotten and raw foods can put the characters in the Queasy or Nauseous sub-moodlets.

Another thing that makes characters nauseous is an infected injury.

Keep a check on the list of injuries to track whether any injuries are infected.

If that happens, treat them immediately. Infected injuries can be very dangerous because they not only give way to Nauseous sub- moodlets, but also can cause the character to die if left unattended.

In the list they register only the normal injury infections and not zombie infected injuries.

Healing deep wound is a whole new level of trick in the game. 

Additional reasons why character get Nauseous in Project Zomboid are if the character faces extreme pain or stays exposed to heat for a long time. 

How to Cure Project Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet? 

The cure depends on the cause for Nauseous Moodlet.

As we have already discussed, there is no way to save a character infected by zombie wound.

But for the other reasons, there are a few cures to get back in the game. 

Sick – As the game is inspired by real life experiences, whenever a character falls sick the best way to heal is by allowing him to take rest.

He should get enough sleep and food to get out from the Nauseous sub-moodlet.

This will be a great healing technique. In addition to that, you can improve cooking skills so that the character gets a better quality meals and heal up quickly.

The quality of the furniture also makes a difference. Higher quality furnitures like beds help him get better sleep. 

Heat Exposure – Sometimes when the character has been fighting outside for a long time in hot weather, he can get into Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet.

Make sure that you are choosing weather-appropriate clothes for your character.

Choosing a sweater from the store in scorching summer just because it looks cool can make anyone feel nauseous and your character goes through similar difficulties. 

To save him from heat exposure take him inside a room for a while, make him wear lighter clothes and give him fluids.

This will eventually heal project Zomboid Nauseous moodlet

Injury or Pain – Any kind of infected injury can lead your character reach Zomboid Nauseous moodlet.

Heal the wound as you would do normally in real life by cleaning and bandaging it regularly.

In case of a deep wound, you will have to give more attention than regular wounds.

If you still find your character in a lot of pain, give him medicines to deal with it better and heal quickly. 

Food – Any kind of rotten or raw food consumed mistakenly can cause the character reach Zomboid Nauseous moodlet.

Now, in this case there is no specific way to cure the problem, you will just have to let it run its course.

What you can do is make sure that the character is having healthy food and getting time to rest.

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Final Words 

We have only covered Zomboid Nauseous moodlet but remember there are 19 major moodlets that can worsen the condition of your character.

Stay connected with us to know how to cure the other problems.

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