7+ Wings Terraria Secret Tips 2022 | How to get wings in Terraria

Wings terraria: Terraria is a game filled with opportunity and choices for everyone who likes games surrounding building worlds and bases.

This game specifically includes lots of weapons, around 500 magical weapons to choose from along with various sorts of armors and use them in fights and showdowns against a load of enemies. 

Wings in Terraria are accessories for hardmode that helps players to temporarily fly and achieve some sort of immunity against fall damage.

The wings Terraria has comes is different varieties as well as origins giving the player a couple ways to earn or, in some cases, craft them.

There are around 47 unique types of Terraria wings available.

The best wings in Terraria are the ones that are crafted by the players and usually that is the way to obtain the wings Terraria has in store for players. 

Through this article, we will put together some of the useful tips to obtain Terraria wings.

The Terraria best wings are to be used to enhance the game and help against damages. 

Items required to create Terraria Wings

Almost all wings Terraria has that can be crafted need Souls of Flight to create them along with other ingredients for craft the wings Terraria grants the players.

Souls of Flight are achieved after defeating the wyverns.

The wings Terraria has are one of the best accessories present in the game and given that fact it is obvious that the players are bound to face a little difficulty at gathering all the ingredients for particular Terraria wings. 

The most basic thing required after obtaining Souls of Flight are the ores for which you need to upgrade your anvil.

Some ores could be found before others that need to used later in the recipe for crafting the wings Terraria drops.

But they are amazing after you end up crafting the Terraria wings. 

Some of the things required for certain wings are:

~ Angel wings Terraria provides exceptional flight timing and requires around Ten Feathers, 25 Souls of Light and 20 Souls Flight               

~ Demon Terraria wings need 20 Soul of Flight, ten feather and 25 Soul of Night to be crafted

~ Bee wings require 20 Soul of Flight, one Tattered and a single Bee Wing   

~ Butterfly wings need 20 Soul of Flight, one and Butterfly Dust    to be prepared for usage. 

~ Fairy Terraria wings need 20 Soul of Flight and100 Pixie Dust to be crafted. A little daunting task some may think but it is one of the best wings in Terraria along with the angel wings Terraria has.

~ Harpy wings in Terraria require 20 Soul of Flight and one Giant Harpy Feather    to be crafted by the player. This is also one of the best wings in Terraria. 

~ Frozen wings in Terraria need 20 Soul of Flight and one Ice Feather. This Terraria wings has a good flight duration with relatively less amount of ingredients. 

~ Leaf wings needs to be bought from Witch Doctor in The Jungle for one Platinum. The ore is a little tricky to achieve but could be obtained after leveling up in the hardmode through some missions and loots. 

~ Tattered Fairy wings are one the best wings in Terraria. With a good 3 seconds of flight duration and being a variation of Fairy Wings, this wings Terraria has requires 20 Souls of Flight and Black Fairy Dust which might be a little difficult to obtain at times but this Terraria wings does provide terrific leverage and flight power so try working on this one, players. 

These were some of the specific wings that players should be in a lookout for to boost their flight power.

The ores might be a little difficult to obtain at given points but it’s just because of the fact that they are usually given not in the order one expects.

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Treasure Bag Terraria Wings

Some wings Terraria drops are to be found and obtained by defeating the bosses and other powerful villains of bases that comes in expert and master mode.

These are some of the best wings in Terraria with a sweet flight duration of 2.5 second and are of cyan rarity, so make sure that you put in that little extra effort in defeating the bosses to obtain these wings when and where they are dropped on your base.

Some of the Terraria wings are listed below to make you acquainted with the names you should be on a lookout for. 

~ Arkhalis’ Lightwings

~ Cenx’s Wings

~ Crowno’s Wings

~ D-Town’s Wings

~ FoodBarbarian’s Tattered Dragon Wings

~ Ghostar’s Infinity Eight

~ Grox The Great’s Wings

~ Jim’s Wings

~ Lazure’s Barrier Platform

~ Leinfors’ Prehensile Cloak

~ Loki’s Wings

~ Red’s Wings

~ Safeman’s Blanket Cape

~ Skiphs’ Paws

~ Will’s Wings

~ Yoraiz0r’s Spell

These wings Terraria drops are to be looted or won through adventures and to be earned by rummaging the treasure bags.

The players can also win this after defeating the bosses. 

There are different ways wings can be obtained like some are rewarded to the players like wings that are mentioned below. 

~ Betsy’s Wings 

~ Celestial Starboard

~ Empress Wings 

~ Festive Wings 

~ Mothron Wings 

~ Fledgling Wings 

~ Fin Wings 

~ Fishron Wings 

These wings are dropped at various different locations and different sort of loots so better keep an eye out for these because all of them have terrific flight duration. 

Some wings are in-game merchant purchases and are quite easy to acquire amongst others. 

~ Jetpack 

~ Leaf Wings

~ Steampunk Wings 

These are the wings that are easiest to acquire and need you to just give up some gold coins or simple tasks as well. 

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How to use Terraria Wings

Now that it’s been explained how to obtain the wings and also how to craft the ones that needs to be crafted through special ingredients, let us now discuss how to use the wings you’ve acquired after finishing so many tasks required for those.

Read the following tips to know how to use your acquired Terraria wings and navigate through using them.

~ After acquiring the specific wings, the players can use them by pressing down and holding the JUMP key.

This is almost the only step required to kickstart the wings Terraria dropped on you. 

~ Some wings also allow you to hover in the air whilst using them by pressing on the DOWN key when you are mid flight.

This helps you to stay away from the ground and help escape the damage control. 

~ Some other wings Terraria has and which you’ve acquired lets you speed up your flight power and ascent by pressing down on the UP key.

With speed and agility, a lot of missions can be finished with ease and help you gain a lot of other accessories while you are at it. 

~ As you finish or run out of your flight time duration for a specific pair of unique Terraria wings, you still can glide using those wings of yours by holding the JUMP key.

Wings give you that power even after the flight duration ends. 

Take note of the fact that the flight duration time resets itself after you drop down on solid ground and set on foot or use any of the climbing accessories or items. 

These wings Terraria has also provides the players immunity against fall damage which should quite a big incentive to go and get one’s self a pair of those wings to secure themselves against these nasty damages. 

Hope these tips and the list of the various wings, their ingredients for crafting them, how to obtain the ones that cannot be crafted and how to use and enhance them might have helped you to increase your chances to boost your gaming tactics. 

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