Do you want to know Who Is Nezha Li Ling Dislyte? 

Who Is Nezha Li Ling Dislyte: Do you wish to know Who Is Nezha Li Ling Dislyte? What are his abilities, skills, and other features?

Well, if yes, make sure to read this post till the end and all your questions will be answered! Dislyte is a newly launched title in the gaming industry.

It has been developed by Lilith Games and was globally released on 10th May, 2022. Millions of users are already enjoying and loving this extraordinary game. 

It would be fair to say that Dislyte is an extremely stylish role-playing game that features some unique elements.

Nonetheless, one of the most exciting parts of the game is the wide range of heroes it offers.

All the characters in Dislyte are infused with special powers of mythological and divine creatures. 

One such distinct character is Li Ling. Li Ling in Dislyte possesses the special abilities of Nezha who is his celestial donor.

The two names sound extremely interesting but now you may wonder, Who Is Nezha Li Ling exactly? 

Nezha is a popular name in Chinese mythology and as mentioned earlier, the celestial patron of Li Ling in Dislyte.

Nezha is a divine figure as well as a recognised saint of the youth. However, in Dislyte, you will see Nezha as a powerful DPS character who is excellent at dealing damage. 

To help you know everything and more about Li Ling Nezha, I have prepared this extensive guide that consists of all the information you need. 

Apart from being a content writer, I have also been a professional gamer for a long time now and I love trying out new games.

After months of understanding this new title and all its characters, here I am, with a special Li Ling Nezha guide. 

So let’s not make you wait any longer and dive right in. 

Who Is Nezha Li Ling Dislyte?

For everyone curious to know Who Is Nezha Li Ling Dislyte, he is a fierce esper in the game who is provided with the power of Nezha.

Through this power, Li Ling has floating stellar arms. He makes great use of these while he’s combating his opponents and causing multi-pronged episodes.

The special power of Nezha shapes Li Ling into a powerful force that unleashes and conquers the battlefield. 

Who Li Ling Nezha Is: Key Characteristics

To start with, the following are some key features of Li Ling Nezha in Dislyte- 

  • Element: Inferno
  • Speciality: DPS
  • Rarity: Legendary

Personal Information 

Li Ling Nezha is a 21-year-old Esper who is about 6 inches long. He is recognized as an Ops Chief and is associated with the in-game Esper Union.

Li Ling Nezha is a 5-star rarity hero in the game who loves to eat spicy food and especially, the delicious hot pot.

Raven is Li Ling’s instructor in the game whereas Lewis is his sparring companion. 

Mythology Facts

As per Chinese mythological facts, Li Ling Nezha was born to a military chief in the era of the Shang.

He also gained a notable victory against the infamous dragon prince. A range of fictional movies and TV shows often refer to him for their character inspiration and Dislyte is one such game as well. 

Li Ling Nezha Abilities


La Ling is great at dealing 110% ATK of damage to the opponent. Apart from that, he also soaks up the AP of the opponent by 15%. 

  • First Level: Attacks a single opponent. Deals ATK of 110%. Absorbs AP of 15%.
  • Second Level: Damage rose to 115%.
  • Third Level: Damage rose to 120%.
  • Fourth Level: Damage rose to 125%
  • Fifth Level: Damage rose to 130%.

Tai Chi

Li Ling Nezha performs five attacks on his opponents and each attack results in ATK damage of 30%. Apart from this, 50% of the damage that he deals with is transformed into healing.

Moreover, every strike of his results in True Damage that equals 6% of the maximum HP of the target as well as 80% of ATK damage of Nezha. 

  • First Level: Attacks an opponent five times. Every blow deals ATK damage along with True Damage. Revives 50% of the damage for healing. Cooldown takes place in 4 turns.
  • Second Level: Damage rose to 32%
  • Third Level: Damage rose to 34%
  • Fourth Level: Damage rose to 36%
  • Fifth Level: Cooldown lessened by one turn


Li Ling Nezha attacks all the opponents thrice wherein every whack deals damage and results in an ATK of 30%.

There’s also True Damage that equals 6% of the maximum HP of the target along with 80% of ATK damage of Nezha. The final blow soaks up 10% AP of the opponent.

It is also worth mentioning that the cooldown takes place in four turns. 

  • First Level: Attacks all the opponents thrice. Every blow results in ATK damage as well as True Damage.
  • Cooldown takes place in four turns. After the third Ascension, the final strike soaks up 10% AP of the opponent.
  • Second Level: Damage rose to 32%
  • Third Level: Damage rose to 34%
  • Fourth Level: Damage rose to 36%
  • Fifth Level: Damage rose to 38%


Just like all other Espers in the game, Li Ling Nezha can also be ascended right from the first level if you wish to enhance his skills and stats.

The ascension is only available for up to six levels starting from 10-50. DPS is core to the essence of Li Ling Nezha. This is facilitated by the Captain skill of the character.

Nonetheless, his unique skills help him in healing himself and absorbing the AP of his enemies as well. 

His abilities are special yet simple. It’s not a tough job for him to deal substantial amounts of damage to his opponents.

Moreover, he’s strong enough to do that. The good part is that you can acquire this one quite early in the game.

All of these factors make him a practically fit Esper in Dislyte. 

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Is Li Ling worth Choosing in Dislyte?

To be fair, you will certainly find a few better heroes in the game as compared to Li Ling Nezha.

You may not be able to acquire them as soon as you start the game but as you proceed further, you will come across many. 

However, that doesn’t change the fact that Li Ling Nezha is an incredibly strong, powerful, and fierce combatant in Dislyte with extreme potential.

If utilized effectively, the player can count on him for a lot of victories. Moreover, the good part is that you will be able to get your hands on Li Ling Nezha in the early stages of your game itself.

This makes him your best and OG choice for the majority of your journey in Dislyte. As you move forward in the game, you will certainly encounter a range of stronger espers with DPS abilities.

But Li Ling Nezha is a favourable as well as beneficial choice for all those players who have just started their journey in the game.

This is primarily because he’s a pretty easy esper to start with and doesn’t require a lot of effort on your end. 

In simpler words, Li Ling Nezha won’t require a lot of buffing for unlocking its true potential. He offers some very direct and effective skills that are easy to grasp. 


Dislyte provides its players with a fantastic array of characters. One of these is Li Ling Nezha who boasts some truly incredible stats and skills.

He boasts an Infernal element in the game and is associated with the Dislyte Esper Union.

Li Ling Nezha is an incredibly powerful fighter hero that you can certainly count on at all times. 

With the right skill and experience, you will be able to make the best use of this character.

He has great potential so make sure you soak it all up and use it effectively. And with that, we wrap our Li Ling Nezha guide up.

We hope that this article enlightened you on everything you needed to know about who Li Ling Nezha is.

While you’re at it, make sure to check out more guides on our website related to Dislyte as well as various other interesting games

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the voice behind the Li Ling esper in Dislyte? 

The voice actor for Nezha Li Ling is Eddy Yeung. 

Who are the developers of Dislyte? 

Dislyte has been developed by the Chinese company Lilith Games. However, recently, the game took down all their Chinese registration sites as well as cleared their social media accounts. Note that the news is only limited to the Chinese region. 

How can I check out all the available heroes in Dislyte? 

You can check out all the heroes in the Dislyte game through the in-game Esper Gallery. From your home screen, scroll toward the left and tap on the option of Atlas. There, select the Esper Gallery tab. Here you will be able to view all the characters ranging from 3 to 5-star rarities. You can also tap on any of these characters to know more about them. This will give you a sneak peek of their skills, stats, etc. 

How to get more heroes in Dislyte? 

To obtain more characters in the game, you simply have to proceed with the story and keep unlocking more characters as they come. Apart from that, club shop, esper fusion, events, and gacha summon are some other ways to acquire more characters in Dislyte. 

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