Westland Survival Best Guide 2022 | How to Survive and Outsmart Your Enemies

Do you wish to know how to Survive and Outsmart Your Enemies in Westland Survival? Or are you just getting started with the game but can’t figure out how to?

If yes, our Westland Survival Beginner’s Guide is all that you need! Westland Survival is a newly launched game by Helio Limited.

It is a survival game, available to play on both Android as well as iOS platforms. 

In this MMORPG, you are going to be exploring a range of new locations to access different resources; stone, wood, as well as iron ore, are some.

If you have experience playing a survival game like this, you may find it a bit easy to grasp the mechanics of this game.

But even if you are a complete newbie to the game and especially the genre, there is nothing to worry about because we have got you covered! 

Our exclusive guide mentioned below comprises various Westland Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategies.

They will not only help you understand the basics of the game but will also enlighten you on how to survive and outsmart your enemies in Westland Survival. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right into our Westland Survival Beginner’s Guide. 

What is Westland Survival? 

A popular Wild West-themed survival game, Westland Survival has been a huge sensation.

Ever since its grand launch in 2018, the game has managed to establish a considerable fanbase for itself.

Additionally, it is a prominent name in the list of some truly fascinating mobile games. 

After a range of updates and modifications, Westland Survival now features one of the most powerful gameplay for the players.

The tremendous game content comprises various interesting challenges as well as special events that the players can easily conquer! 

You are going to start your journey in Westland Survival as a novice hero wandering the region of Wild West.

The region is infamous for burglars running here and there in isolated surroundings.

Your journey is going to be full of perils and fears. 

Apart from avoiding and destroying these burglars in the game, you will also need to maintain, revise, as well as protect your shelter.

One of your regular chores in the game is to hunt down animals and collect resources.

All the wild animals, burglars, and surprisingly, dark spirits in the game will try their best to snatch your well-earned resources and bounties. 

With some amazing RPG mechanics as well as base-building components that it features, Westland Survival can truly overwhelm any player.

The game itself features a tutorial for all the new players.

It will guide you on different controls of the game and what exactly are your objectives in this long journey of survival. 

Our Westland Survival Beginner’s Guide mentioned below will help you make the most of this game by investing your maximum potential into it. 

These Westland Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategies will teach you how to survive and outsmart your enemies in Westland Survival. 

Let’s have a look. 

Westland Survival Beginner’s Guide

Just like most other games, time and dedication have a great role to play in Westland Survival.

The gameplay is still welcoming and supposedly, ‘casual for all the casual players’.

But if you have greater priorities and wish to truly thrive in the game, you will need to put in a significant amount of time for it, especially during your early phases. 

If you are thinking of starting your journey in Westland Survival, or already have, this Westland Survival Beginner’s Guide is all that you need to get started. 

Westland Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategies | How to Survive and Outsmart Your Enemies in Westland Survival

The following Westland Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategies are not only for all the newbies getting started with the game, but these are also helpful for anyone who wishes to enhance their gameplay.

If you wish to know How to Survive and Outsmart Your Enemies in Westland Survival, these quick tips will get you through.

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Keep Your Shelter Tidy And Organized

There is no doubt in the fact that your initial objective in the game is to progress through the primary storyline.

However, maintaining and tidying up your camps also plays a very crucial role in the game that you just can’t miss out on.

Staying organized and cleaned should come to you as a non-stop chore! 

For starters, your initial camp in the game is going to be full of rocks, trees, plants, as well as various machinations for any upgrades.

As you would be able to see, the house badly needs a thorough fixing and a fair share of modifications. 

As you are starting your journey in Westland Survival, it would be a good idea to just analyse your camps for a while.

It is important to look at the source of these basic elements like rocks and plants.

Moreover, you must also be well acquainted with the instruments that you would require to cultivate from them. 

You can try cutting down all the plants and trees, hunting down every wild animal, breaking every stone apart, but every time you do so, they are only going to grow back or come back to you.

The main idea is that you are going to have something to deal with at all times to keep your shelter tidy and organized.  

Prioritize Story Quest Progression

The reason why we put this second on our list is that progression as your main priority is pretty self-understood.

Westland Survival is an interesting game that features both single-player as well as multiplayer modes.

Although it does feature a simple tutorial of its own, it only tells you about the basic controls and mechanics of the game.

And supposedly, there are many more things you need to understand especially if you are new to the game. 

One thing that will occur naturally to most players is to prioritize story quest progression at all times.

This is largely because other aspects of the game are more or less linked to it. 

You can truly understand all the features of the game only with the help of the first few story quests.

Hence, it becomes vital to first push it all through and only then care about anything else. 

You will be able to see an icon of a paper & exclamation mark on your left-hand side. This is where you will be able to access quests.

The primary story quests are going to have serial-wise goals.

They are generally related to conversations with the sheriff or any other non-player character (NPC).

It may also need you to run around some errands and explore different regions of the map.

To make the process a bit simpler, you can click on the option of “Track Quest” that you will find in the quest tab itself.

Through this feature, you will be able to travel to the necessary destination or reach out to the specified people with much ease.

Rewards for these are generally some basic but crucial entities, gears, as well as Experience Points (EXP), which are the most crucial of all! 

So when we say “Prioritize Story Quest Progression”, we not only mean understanding different game aspects but also unlocking new levels and acquiring EXP! 

Keep Processes Active And Plan Ahead

You must always keep processes active and plan ahead in the game.

Processes in Westland Survival take a specific amount of time to finish off.

Although you will be able to queue in numerous items at a time, some of these features only a restricted number of slots. 

It would be a good idea to queue in the maximum number of items and keep processes active at all times.

By planning out in advance, you will be able to progress much quicker in the game as you would be making the most of these processes.  

Avoid Dying At All Costs

It is worth mentioning that the Westland Survival game is not an outdated one. Here, the game doesn’t end after the downfall of your character.

Nonetheless, there are certainly going to be a fair share of drawbacks that will come up if you die.

The general indication is that a significant amount of time and resources are going to go to total waste if the character does in Westland Survival. 

It is crucial to ensure a stable supply of water and food at all times.

Apart from it, you must also keep a regular tab on your hunger, thirst, and overall health level always.

In case you run out of water or food at any point in time, your health is going to suffer significantly. 

After the extinction of your character in Westland Survival, all your weapons and other items in the game are going to be dropped.

So you must avoid dying at all costs. 

Inventory Management Is A Critical Necessity

Inventory management is a critical necessity in Westland Survival.

For those unversed, this game allows you to collect plenty of loot.

Apart from the common material sources such as rocks, plants, trees, and animals, you will also find an adequate amount of storage as well as space to search through.

Mostly, this provides you with a great opportunity to earn crafted elements, rare items, as well as brand new weapons for yourself! 

For obvious reasons, you would be tempted to collect everything you can and take it along with you.

However, the issue arises when you find out a specified limit on the inventory or the amount of stock.

In simple words, you will be able to take only a specific amount of items with you.

Moreover, the storage area in your camp is also going to be barely spacious to hold all that new stuff. 

So what becomes important here is managing and organizing your inventory as efficiently as possible.

You would want to make the most out of the given space so just like a real-time situation so organization becomes crucial. 

Don’t Miss Out On The Ad Boost Feature

While you may think that Westland Survival is a high-quality and content-heavy game and video advertisements won’t be a problem here, you will actually find video ads.

To your relief, no annoying advertisements will be playing randomly in the game.

Rather, these are added to Westland Survival as a special feature called Ad Boost.

It is free to play and certainly a significant element of the game. 

The in-game store of Westland Survival can easily be accessed from the icon of Bag & Coins.

You will find it on the lower hand side of your screen.

You will find a range of boosts and packages here which are easy to collect if you wish to spend real-world currency.

But if not, you must not be disheartened because there is something for everyone in Westland Survival! 

Engineer’s Box

You can use the Ad Boost feature in the shop to collect a free item! In the tab called Westland Delivery, you will be able to acquire the well-known Engineer’s Box.

It includes a random armour strategy or weapon that you can collect simply by playing a quick video advertisement.

You will be able to collect only a single item every week, however, a free blueprint is something you just can’t miss out on! 

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Free Energy 

To travel around in Westland Survival, you will need energy.

However, when moving from one place to another, this energy depletes very easily and quickly.

The good thing is that it recharges after a while but there may be plenty of times when you would be yearning for an adventure and you won’t have any energy left.

You could always choose to walk around but this should only be your last resort.

This is because walking takes a long amount of time and you are going to be too bored to even complete your journey.

In many cases, a destination may not be around for too long and it would be crucial for you to reach there within a specific time limit. 

So what do you do in such cases when you don’t have energy and you ‘need’ to travel to a specific destination at a specified time? 

Well, there are a couple of options available for you to gain extra energy.

The first option is to spend your silver in the game.

By spending 15 silver, you will be provided with 15 energy.

But the fact that silver itself is such a hard resource to earn in Westland Survival, you must only go with the second option.  

Lucky for you, the second option also provides you with 15 energy.

And to collect it, all you have to do is watch a quick video advertisement! Incredible, right? 

You will also find more free items in Westland Survival as you go on to progress in the game.

The main idea is that you must never miss out on them and make the most of them! 


And with that, we wrap up our Westland Survival Beginner’s Guide.

Whether it’s about expanding your chances of survival or overcoming different challenges in the game, these Westland Survival Tips, Tricks and Strategies will get you through it all!

With an extensive guide like this, using the right strategy becomes important.

And for all the players who wish to know how to survive and outsmart your enemies in Westland Survival, we hope you have now found your answer! 

If you have been playing the game for quite some time and have your share of special strategies or tricks as well, don’t forget to drop them in the comments down below! 

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