UFC Mobile 2 Best Guide 2022 | How To Maximizing Your Fighters To Win Through Fight Cards

Looking for some UFC Mobile 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to unlock the true potential of your fighters? Can’t figure out How To Maximizing Your Fighters To Win Through Fight Cards?

If yes, you are just at the right place! UFC Mobile 2 by EA Sports is a true sensation in the MMA gaming world.

Even if you are just getting started with the game, you must be well aware of its exciting gameplay that revolves around kicking, punching, defending, and evading!

However, if you thought that was all, you might have been wrong. UFC Mobile 2 is a feature-rich game that has a range of aspects waiting to be unlocked.

Especially when it comes to the optimization of your squad, this becomes important. 

There is no doubt that the performance of your fighter during combat is the explicative aspect that determines your success in the game.

However, the majority of your skill and power are derived from the way you prepared and trained. 

In simple words, it is important to focus on what goes on inside of the octagon; however, the outside must not be neglected in any way. 

To help you through it all, we have compiled our special and 100% effective EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 Guide.

We have mentioned below 13 different UFC Mobile 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategies that will help you emerge as the top fighter in no time! 

So if you wish to learn How To Maximizing Your Fighters To Win Through Fight Cards, this guide is all you need. 

Now let’s not make you wait any longer and begin with our exclusive EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 Guide. 

EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 Guide 

Dive into the world of MMA where YOU are in charge of all your fighters. UFC Mobile 2 was created and launched by EA Sports, just like its predecessor. 

It is crucial to make the most of each of your fighters because there’s no other option but to win! And every victory in the game is only going to enhance your fight camp. 

As you could expect, UFC Mobile 2 is a much better as well as refined edition of its previously launched predecessor.

It features much better gameplay, cosmetics, and a range of new routes.  

Just like all other EA Sports games, this new version also showcases a pretty clean design, direct UI buttons, as well as well-organised aesthetics.

If you have been yearning for the perfect fighting game all this while, UFC Mobile 2 is promised to satisfy your hunger. 

Let’s now get started on our UFC Mobile 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategies that will help you take your fighting journey to another level! 

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UFC Mobile 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategies | How To Maximizing Your Fighters To Win Through Fight Cards

Defense Mode Out; Attack Mode In 

The majority of the players in UFC Mobile 2 give priority to defence and not attacking.

This is specifically true for all the new players who are just getting started with the game and figuring it all out.  

This is why we don’t want you to make the same mistake and get it all right from the beginning itself.

While the defence is a great strategy on its own, it may not be beneficial for all situations.A large number of players go awry when they wait for their enemy to make the first attack.

We must break it to you that it is never a good idea to stand idle during combat and you should never expect to win through this strategy.

Leave your defence mode and get into the attack mode because your primary objective is decreasing the health level of the enemy! 

Hence, we strongly recommend that you start and keep on attacking the opponent whenever possible and don’t give him a single chance to retaliate.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that you always have to execute heavy attacks. There is no doubt that heavy attacks inflict a greater degree of damage, however, such attacks are likely to make your movement a bit slow.

As a result, your enemy will grab the opportunity and hit you in the blink of an eye. So try to stick with small attacks, keeping in mind a little defence at all times. 

Stay Vigilant At All Times

During the fight, there is a range of Parameters that players must keep in mind at all times. You should carefully study and learn them before you step into the octagon.

They can have a significant impact on your post-fight scores as well! 

The following are a few such aspects that you must be thoroughly cognizant of: 

Energy Spend

It will cost you some energy to take a fight in UFC Mobile 2. This amount of ‘Energy Spend’ will however vary across different modes. 

For instance, you will need to spend 10 energy for each fight when it comes to seasonal events like Halloween, New Year, leading UFC card and the title combat, and so on.

However, for some other modes like styles training, Campaign, and Training Gym, the cost will increase to 15 Energy Spend. 

Time Limit

Every bout will also have a specific time limit which is the same across all the UFC Mobile 2 modes. 

For those unversed, the time limit is one and a half minute or 90 seconds.

Hence, you should always try to finish your enemy in this restricted period as you would suffer a loss otherwise. 

Matchup Preview

It is a distinct interface through which players will be able to pick up a fighter from their squad. 

Prioritise Training Of Your Fighter

If there’s one significant way to unveil the true potential of a fighter in UFC Mobile 2, it is through training.

Through proper training, your character will be able to maximize their power to a great extent and as a result, your victory is assured! 

So players must always prioritise training their fighters by allocating them the appropriate set of abilities.

It should work like a continual procedure and you will need to train your fighters now and then. In the game, there will be two different ways through which you can enrich your fighters.

You can level the fighter up or simply increase their rank. 

The first option is pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is earn training items through daily rewards and challenges.

Then, use these items to provide your fighters with XP. XP in UFC Mobile 2 increases the level of the characters and supposedly, it will also perpetually boost their character stats. 

The level and rank of the character are however interdependent. So let’s get to the next option: 

The rank of your fighter is ostensibly more crucial as compared to their level. You will require certain items if you wish to boost the rank of your character.

However, you can only receive these special items through Training Events. 

Don’t Neglect Defense At All 

While in the first point, we mentioned how you should always focus on attacking and not on defence.

However, this doesn’t mean that you neglect defence completely! 

A player may be exceptional at attacking their opponents, however, playing brutal in all situations doesn’t always help as well.

Once you have mastered your attacks, you must also give considerable focus to defence and have a proper strategy. 

In UFC Mobile 2, there are essentially two different techniques when it comes to defense.

You can either block your enemy or simply dodge them in a different direction.

Nonetheless, the defence strategy and style are quite subjective depending on how a player plays.

But in our opinion, for all the players with a fast reflex, the latter is the best option (dodging the enemy).

On the other hand, players with sluggish response timing should be good with the former one (blocking the opponent). 

Understand The Fighting Style Of Your Enemy 

The majority of players in UFC Mobile 2 will make use of some key moves during combat.

These may usually include Thai clinch, Superman bunch, flying knees, among others. As a result, it can be rewarding if you swiftly grasp the fighting pattern of your opponent. 

For instance, if your enemy keeps pushing forward along with a dull head kick, you can consider stepping beside and taking advantage of the blunder when they use a similar move again. 

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Be Careful With Moves

It is important to be very careful when it comes to moves. Make sure to contemplate if you are truly going to utilise all the moves that have been expanded to the fighter. 

Before the new move is applied, you will be able to view what exactly it is going to replace if you do apply it.

If you don’t feel satisfied, you always have the option to say no. 

Fighter Synergies 

Apart from the movesets, the synergies of the characters also play a crucial role when it comes to organising teams. 

The synergies of a character in UFC Mobile 2 are a relatively simple and direct element as compared to others.

This is primarily because players will be able to understand their impact just by looking at them.

It is worth mentioning that synergies in the game comprise some passive bonuses.

These will be triggered once the character is put in the same squad with other fighters.

Players must keep in mind that these bonuses carry pretty decent significance in the game.

They can boost some specific stats of the character considerably!

Alternatively, they may also improve some elements of their fighting pattern to a great extent. 

Although not all fighters will possess synergies, you can simply check the status in the details tab.

Simply tap on the “i” icon located near “Synergy”. 

Try For Longer Fights

Although you would always want your fights to end as soon as possible, the fact is that you will earn a much better cluster of coins every time you sustain till the final round and then win the match.

So try to stick till the decision and keep up with your game till the end. 

Defending Thai Clinch

A lot of online matches end with the Thai Clinch move.

This is because most players can’t figure out how to obstruct the blitz of knees.

While the attacks of the opponent are heading to your head, you should make use of the lower space to halt them.

This is because your body will be a bit lower in this specific position. 

Quests & Missions

Quests are a considerable aspect of UFC Mobile 2. Lucky for you, the game provides you with a range of exciting quests as well as missions.

And your goal should always be to complete them as early as possible. Quests are crucial simply because of the generous amount of rewards that they offer.

These rewards can help you in upgrading your fighter easily and quickly.

Apart from these, you will also earn some significant XP through these which can be a great aid in the game. 

It is worth mentioning that the game also provides you with some free stuff simply for signing into UFC Mobile 2 every day.

Although these daily login rewards are pretty trivial, who wants to miss out on the free stuff? 

Active Participation In Live Events

Players will be able to earn some additional rewards if they correctly predict the champion of a fight.

Along with this, you will also need to guess the method as well as the victory round.

For every criterion that you get right, you will earn some points and your total points earned will help you earn some valuable rewards! 

Be Prepared To Lose

If you have had any experience with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), you would know that it is a pretty unpredictable sport and it is hard to anticipate who is going to win.

In this game, remarkable comebacks, as well as hefty slayings, are a regular thing.

You will certainly be losing a lot of fights. However, this shouldn’t break your spirit and you must always try to contemplate the match.

See what went wrong in the previous match and decide how you can correct it for the next one.

Simply realising and examining your faults can make a considerable difference for a player and improve their gameplay to a great extent.

Finish Off The Fight Cards 

Although this is a pretty self-explanatory aspect of the game that you will realise on your own, we must still remind you of it.

The number of fights that you finish off in the game will impact the number of rewards that you earn.

Hence, completing all these fights should always be on your priority list.

It may take a little while for you to complete these, however, the rewards are certainly worth it! 


So that was all about our EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 Guide.

If you are just getting started with the game, or even if not, these UFC Mobile 2 Tips, Tricks & Strategies will get you covered.

By executing these, you will be able to make the most of your favourite fighters and optimize your squad to a great extent!  

We hope we answered your question about “How To Maximizing Your Fighters To Win Through Fight Cards”.

Download this terrific game right now; your fighters await you! 

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