Best Guide How to turn off reels on Facebook 2022 

Turn Off Reels On Facebook: We all know that Facebook is a social media platform since a decade with over billions of users across the world.

Facebook introduced a new mode of communication system.

As we saw India Government banning tik tok, most social media sites have introduced this short video content on their platforms.

We had seen Instagram stories feature which was adopted from feature of Snapchat.

 As like this Facebook introduced this feature on their app but unfortunately everyone is not accepting this Facebook reels.

Sometimes some users get annoyed by this feature.

So Facebook itself introduced an option to turn off reels on Facebook.

The interesting thing is this is a hidden feature, and it’s not everyone’s cup of coffee.

Turn Off Reels On Facebook

Since viral video app Tik Tok got banned in our country, short videos namely reels started first in Instagram and then on Facebook.

Some people find the reels as entertaining but some might feel it annoying. 

Currently the Facebook is not offering the feature to remove or stop reels showing up on the feed.

But there are some tricky methods to disable reels on Facebook.

We all know that reel is a term that used for short videos posted on social media platform.

Now ‘meta’ on the Facebook and Instagram which provides the feature reels on these apps.

Facebook reel settings will allow you to stop seeing reels on Facebook, but there are some other methods which can also help you to turn off reels on facebook.

How to stop seeing reels on Facebook?

There are several methods that can be used to disable reels on Facebook, we will provide the needed information to turn off reels on Facebook for computer and Android phone.

Use hide option 

You might have noticed an option while scrolling the Facebook app to watch reels.

Most of you are enjoying this feature. But if you wish to disable reels option on Facebook this is an option you can consider even though it’s not a permanent option. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1.  Firstly open Facebook App in your Android phone or computer.
  2.  No scroll down until you see the reels and video section.
  3.  There you can find three horizontal dots on the right side.
  4.  Tap on 3 dot and then tap on hide.
[This is not a permanent option to turn off Facebook reels]

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 Use Facebook in browser 

Facebook is now available not only as an app but also in browser.

If you are not interested recent update of Facebook app then you can use Facebook mobile version to browse without seeing Facebook reels.


  1.  You must open any other web browser in your phone.
  2. After which type and Facebook mobile will be open.
  3.  Now you should login to facebook with your login credentials 

 By using old Facebook app 

For users who has Facebook reels there is another method to block the reels by using old version of Facebook app.

This version of facebook that is to be downloaded must be before the introduction of reels in the android app.


  1.  The first step is to open Google Play Store.
  2. Then tap on profile image to open menu tab.
  3.  Now you can see settings menu, just tap on it and then click network preferences.
  4.  Then you can see auto update apps option, tap on it and then tap on ‘don’t auto update apps’.
  5.  Through this way you can disable auto update of apps.
  6. Last step is to download old version of Facebook app and install it.

 Use third party Facebook clients 

When is 3rd party apps are available like Facebook and many of them offers better features that Facebook doesn’t provide.

This web browsers are specially developed for browsing Facebook and messenger so that they won’t have option to run reels.


  1.  Open Google Play Store.
  2.  Search Facebook app and browser apps other than the official app.
  3.  Select and install an app.

But there are some security issues regarding this third party app so official app is safer.

Turn off auto play for Facebook reels

You can turn off auto play for Facebook reels by this method.

  1.  Firstly, open your Facebook account and open the menu option that present on top corner of the screen.
  2.  Scroll downwards and tap on settings and privacy option then click on profile settings.
  3.  Then click on auto play option and then change the settings to never auto play videos.

Final words

On this article we provided a quick guide on how to turn off reels on Facebook. I am currently using browser apps to skip reels.

Hope you understood the procedure.

Please mention the better thoughts that you have in our comment section. Thank you for reading.

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