Try to Fly Cheats | How to get unlimited money in Try to Fly? 

A pretty simple game for the android and iOS people both, Try to Fly is exactly what it says on the tin, a game about trying to make your character fly as far and as long as possible.

Nothing too difficult if you are adept in more trickier adventure games and have played them in abundance, then this game, Try to Fly, will be the one right at your fingertips where you just have to make sure that your character keeps on flying as far as possible in the levels. 

The newest game developed by BoomBit, Try to Fly is a predominantly iOS and android mobile game with a pretty neat and simple interface to work along and only have to make your character cross levels by flying far and as long as possible.

You are supposed to reach your appointed goal to pass on to the next level in Try to Fly.

There are a lot of characters to choose from and getting Try to Fly all characters unlocked is a feat in itself, it is quite recommended if you manage to do it somehow and for that we will help you get through the famed Try to Fly Cheats to make your gaming journey easier in this game. 

The following is a short but comprehensive guide for all sort of Try to Fly Cheats

Crossing the levels as swiftly as possible. That is one of the first things you should keep in mind while playing this game.

The main aim is to not fly as far as possible all the time but to reach a checkered goal post, reaching which you will be finishing that level and achieving the rewards as well.

It will also open up new levels for you and certain locked features as well. 

Upgrade as many features as possible to heighten the game playing experience in Try to Fly.

Keep your characters as frequently upgraded as possible to help them in flying longer distances and help them boost their speed as well to keep up with the increasing levels of the game.

You can do these two things by upgrading your Try to Fly character’s powers and distance.

These two attributes getting upgraded helps them to fly further and faster which in turn helps them to cross the levels faster. 

Unlock as many characters and skins as possible. While it is definitely difficult to get Try to Fly All characters unlocked, what with it causing heaps of game money and also being time limited in the unlocking process, try to get them under your pockets as soon as possible to help you get a variety of characters and skins to enhance your gaming strategy and quality.

These characters can be unlocked by either watching videos or buying them with the income you’ve stored by clearing the levels.

While the most recommended way of unlocking these characters will definitely be watching videos to unlock them given the fact that some characters might end up staying unlocked for an indefinite period of time after using up your tryout time so you might as well use them by watching a simple video without spending an ounce of your saved up precious income. 

Set the phone or any device you are playing Try to Fly from, on the airplane mode to avoid being bombarded by the ads.

This is a little not so recommended trick because while you definitely get the advantage of playing undisturbed and uninterrupted for as long as you wish, doing this will also not help you work faster through the oncoming upgrades which only come by if you have enough money saved up or watch the ads popping up, which makes watching the ads kind of a necessary evil.

So following this piece of strategy is totally up to you.

Though you can do this Try to Fly Cheats if you want to play without any interruptions and win your reward at the end of the level. 

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How to get unlimited money in Try to Fly? 

Now this part of the article might be something all of you would be totally hooked for.

The secrets and cheat codes to gain Try to Fly Unlimited Money and to your surprise, it might actually be way easier than one could imagine.

Here is what all you have to do to be infinitely rich in this game. 

Firstly to maximize and multiply your already existing income in Try to Fly, just simply upgrade the income bonus your character has.

This will boost and multiply the amount of income that you win by clearing every level and also for whatever distance you have travelled by flying in Try to Fly. 

So try and update these income bonuses to increase your income quota.

There is also a sort of glitch, though the players definitely refer to it as an advantage, that occurs while playing where the character keeps on flying for an indefinite period of time and also for as far as possible even when you are not using your fingers to navigate it any further, thus crossing the boundaries of that certain given level.

This helps you to collect an unlimited amount of cash for an indefinite period of time without so much so as even doing anything yourself.

You might want to use this glitch as properly as possible to achieve the phenomenon of Try to Fly Unlimited Money.

Also when you want to receive your earned money during this glitch, just click on the skip option and your character drops down with its money. 


Given that this game, Try to Fly, is a pretty neat and simple game with a user friendly interface to work through you would not need to know a lot of things apart from these few pointers to move ahead in your game.

Hope this was helpful for you all to understand what this incredibly catchy game is all about.

Just fly through and have a blast at knocking past those check posts to clear levels and boost up your money bags.

Have a blast playing this game now that you have all the tricks up your sleeve.

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