Top 3 Best GFX Tools for BGMI and PUBG 2022

If you have played PUBG, then you know why you need the best GFX tools. Among online games, PUBG mobile has always ruled the market.

But, did you know that the game was initially developed for high-end devices?

It was then eventually made available for entry-level gadgets.

The game might still lag in showing HD visuals if someone is not playing on a high-quality device.

As a solution to this, PUBG GFX tool is used. 

After the unfortunate ban of PUBG in India, another game that rose to fame is BGMI (Battleground Mobile India).

If you play this game and have been facing lagging while playing on 90 FPS, then we have the best BGMI GFX tool for you too. 

What is GFX tool?

Best GFX tools are third-party applications designed to improve the performance of games like PUBG and BGMI.

People always get confused about what is GFX tool.

Well, the main function of it is to help gamers experience higher resolution and HDR gaming.

You can enjoy a 60fps gaming experience which makes the actions very smooth and real. 

With the best GFX tools, you can enable whichever FPS level you want.

The GFX tool is basically an app that edits the obb files and texture files so that the graphics settings are modified and you get a smooth play.

Now you must have understood what is GFX tool.

You will instantly notice a change as the default playable resolution will be increased, and even in some devices the tools enable HDR.

There are other settings that are adjusted so that the overall gaming experience can be improved.

The best BGMI GFX tool and PUBG GFX tool are mostly the same.

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Best GFX Tools for BGMI & PUBG

No matter whether you are looking for the best GFX tools for PUBG or BGMI, we have a list of tools that are universal and can help you fix the issue.

1. PGT+ Pro GFX & Optimizer (with advance setting)

PGT is the most used BGMI GFX tool and PUBG GFX tool.

This instantly fixes the lagging with advanced settings that you cannot find in other best GFX tools.

Developed by Trilokia Inc., this tool supports Zero Lag Mode, Potato Graphics, HDR Enhancement, GPU Optimisation, etc. that makes the gameplay buttery smooth.

The PGT+ GFX tool is great because it works automatically to configure the settings according to the device you are using.

You have to go to the Search option and enter your device model.

After you get it, click on the ‘Import button.’

Your settings will get optimised in the best-possible way according to the device and you will have a new configuration that supports the game to perform smoothly. 

The only disadvantage of this tool is that it comes in a paid version.

In order to download it from Play Store, you will have to pay a price of Rs. 41.

There are of course, free mod apk available in the market but they come with risk.

The app also provides an official Free version but there are only fewer features compared to the Pro version. 

2. GFX Tool for BGMI & PUBG – No Ban & No Lag

This is one of the best GFX tools for PUBG.

It is widely favoured by players as the app is completely free to use.

This tool configures your setting in a way that there are no lags, you can play in 90 FPS + ultra HD and Android v11 support. 

There are already millions of downloads of this app and no one has reported the issue of ban for using it. 

3. GFX Tool Pro for PU Battlegrounds – 60FPS

Another one of the best GFX tools for PUBG is created by Oxygen Labs, Inc. who is already famous for the extraordinary applications it has built in the past.

The GFX Tool Pro improves the graphics to a very high level by mitigating the shortcomings of mid-range smartphones.

It comes with every necessary feature to help you play PUBG in high quality. 

However, the interface is not very user-friendly but there is no fear of getting banned.

Just choose the game graphics settings you want and apply before starting to play.

Also, make sure to allow the permission to the application and you are good to go. 

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How to use the BGMI GFX tool? 

As the options are too many, it might seem a little overwhelming to use this app.

But we are here to explain “How to use the BGMI GFX tool?” in the simplest way.

  • Game Version: You have to choose the right game version. The latest version is 1.7. 
  • Resolution: The resolution will directly impact the FPS of the game. But mind it, you cannot set it very low because then everything will look blurry. A resolution of 1280X720 allows you to enjoy the best performance with good graphics. 
  • Graphics: Set the graphics to “Smooth” so that the in-game lag can be reduced. 
  • FPS: You will be able to unlock the maximum FPS. For this game it is up to 120 FPS. This option is only important if you are using a very high-end device. 
  • Anti-Aliasing: This is a feature that smoothens the lines and curves in the game so that you can detect enemies easily even from far away. Disabling this option can save a lot of FPS. 
  • Rendering Quality: It should always be set to ‘low.’
  • Texture Quality: If you care more about smooth gameplay than the look of the game, then disable this option.
  • Light Effect: You should disable the light effect in order to reduce lagging. 

Hopefully this makes the answer to “How to use the BGMI GFX tool?” clear. 

Is it Safe to use GFX Tool for BGMI & PUBG?

Many people often ask, “Is it Safe to use GFX Tool for BGMI & PUBG?

The answer to this is no. It is illegal and not advisable to use third-party applications for modifying the settings of PUBG & BGMI.

They have even mentioned that if anyone is caught using GFX tools, they will be banned from the game permanently for violating terms and conditions. 

But surprisingly there are more than 10 million downloads of the best GFX tools and not many have complained about getting banned from the game.

So, the choice completely depends on the users and we don’t encourage downloading such tools. 

Final Words

The best GFX tools are compatible with many games other than PUBG and BGMI, like Call of Duty, Fortnight, etc.

They are great to improve the FPS so that you experience a smooth gameplay.

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