Tailed Demon Slayer Best Guide 2022 | How to Defeat the Undead Bosses of Bestia

Are you in search of some Tailed Demon Slayer Tips, Tricks and Strategies to get you through the game? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right article! 

The infamous Lich King is back from the dead! What does he want? The kingdom, all to himself. He comes while leading a troop of zombies and shadows.

With a large number of deaths, abandoned allies, and nasty monsters all around, it has all gotten very gloomy. 

All-in-all, the town of Bestia is going through a rough time and YOU are exactly what it needs. You, the Tailed Demon Slayer, are the town’s only hope. 

Tailed Demon Slayer is a young and anthropomorphic fox.

Under the guidance of the intelligent hamster, Tailed Demon Slayer staves off everything that may come his way. With every move, there comes a fierce battle! 

As you can see, Tailed Demon Slayer is a game like no other. It is an action role-playing game (RPG) created and launched by CookApps. 

The concept, the gameplay, the graphics- just everything about the game will simply sweep you off your feet!

Having said that, beginners often feel intimidated by this game. Especially in Action RPGs, the right strategy plays a very crucial role. 

So if you are one of the new players in the game, or even if not, our exclusive Tailed Demon Slayer Beginner’s Guide is all that you need.  

It comprises some proven and effective Tailed Demon Slayer Tips, Tricks and Strategies that will not only enlighten you on the basic mechanics of the game but also teach you how to defeat the undead bosses of Bestia. 

Can’t wait any longer? Let’s dive right in! 

Tailed Demon Slayer Beginner’s Guide

The truth is that the game itself is not that hard to understand.

However, once you start moving forward, that is when Tailed Demon Slayer starts to become a little tricky.

You are going to come across a large number of monstrous and brutal bosses, opponents that just won’t die, along with many more irksome undead combatants that will try their best to make you stop. 

If you have been playing Tailed Demon Slayer for quite a while now, we are certain that you must have felt stuck at least once in the game.

So if you are a newbie to the game or simply someone feeling stuck in a few levels, Tailed Demon Slayer Beginner’s Guide will guide you through it all.

If you wish to know how to defeat the undead bosses of Bestia, refer to the below-mentioned Tailed Demon Slayer Tips, Tricks and Strategies and you’ll be good! 

Tailed Demon Slayer Tips, Tricks and Strategies | How to Defeat the Undead Bosses of Bestia

1. Set The Game To Auto For Maximum Efficiency 

Tailed Demon Slayer is essentially an idle or passive RPG. Such games generally play themselves and require a minimal amount of effort from the player’s end.

However, this does not mean that you would just sit back and do nothing to boost your progress in the game.

Wielding some Tailed Demon Slayer Tips, Tricks and Strategies is always a good idea

Players will be given the option to either play the Tailed Demon Slayer game manually or set it to Auto Mode.

If you choose the former one, it will help you in escaping telegraphed attacks. For those unversed, telegraphed attacks hit a bit harder than the usual ones.

On the other hand, if you choose to play it on Auto, the game is going to trigger your skills much faster than you would have.

So when you analyse and think carefully about it, who would need to dodge attacks if you kill all the opponents already? 

So our first tip is to set the game to Auto for maximum efficiency.

Apart from all this, by activating the Auto Mode, you will also get the opportunity to take a look at your fox’s skills, stats, equipment, and much more.

So when you get to understand your character better, you will be able to work on it better as well. 

By setting the game to Auto, you will be able to give greater attention to building your character than the Manual mode. 

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2. Keep Your Character Stats in Check At All Times 

If you wish to make yourself stronger in the game, the best way is to simply level up, just like any other RPG.

Unlocking new levels will help you improve your stats and give you access to stronger skills. As a result, you will be able to fight even greater and more powerful opponents. 

While there’s no doubt about the importance of levelling up in such games, the true strength of your character lies in how it is built.

You won’t be able to access some areas if your character hasn’t unlocked their true potential. And specifically for Tailed Demon Slayer, all of this is true and proven. 

The good thing is that it is pretty easy to make your character stronger in Tailed Demon Slayer. 

  • Character Stats 

You will see a total of three stats provided in the game. These are as follows: 

  1. Attack – This is associated with the all-around damage that your fox has dealt with till now.
  2. Health – This specifies the prevailing health of your fox. As you would expect, a higher number implies lesser chances of your character dying outright. 
  3. Health Recovery – This specifies the pace at which your fox heals from the damage. If the fox doesn’t take any damage for a few moments, its health is going to restore steadily. 

You may be thinking how all the three stats mentioned above look so easy and direct.

However, as simple as they may seem, they carry great significance throughout the game.

We suggest that you give greater priority to Attack as killing your opponents is not only the main objective of the game but it will also make you level up faster.

After all, if all the opponents are dead, who will cause damage to your fox? If you wish to level up in these stats of Tailed Demon Slayer, you are going to need gold.

Nonetheless, some other stuff that your character uses will also provide them with great powers. 

For instance, magic relics in the game are known for the special perks they offer. Every time you level up, these are assured to improve.

Another item that makes the character stringer are tiny allies of Tailed Demon Slayer known as Fairies.

These are known for their special spells that have the power to buff your character and even harm your opponents. 

Apart from these, there are also Masteries, which we will talk about in later sections of the game. 

3. Commit To Only Two Weapons For The Campaign 

One of the most exciting elements of the game is the mix & match style of fighting.

You will be able to achieve this simply with the help of four weapons that your character wields: 

  • Greatsword
  • Bow
  • Daggers
  • Staff

The fox will be able to carry and use two weapons at once, swapping them every so often.

Just when you start your journey in Tailed Demon Slayer, you will be given the option to couple up any two of these weapons together.

While the choice will be only yours to make, we strongly recommend that you commit to only two weapons for the campaign especially when it comes to upgrading them.

If the upper limit is two, there’s no point upgrading all the weapons. Moreover, sticking to two weapons will help you in advancing much faster in the game and defeating any bosses of Bestia.

It will largely maintain your progress at a stable and steady  rate. If you still want to upgrade all of them, you can go ahead with that.

However, try to keep it as an endgame objective rather than primary. 

4. Ads Give You Power 

Truth be told, you will come across ads everywhere! Apart from television, YouTube, and websites, ads have now found a spot for themselves in video games as well!

While it may be truly annoying to view them now and then, these quick advertisements are sometimes very valuable.

They come along with special bonuses that no one would want to miss out on! 

Especially for Tailed Demon Slayer, the odds are these video advertisements will in fact provide you with power instead of impeding your progress. 

So when we say Ads give you power, know that it’s real! The least you can do to make your character more powerful is just sit back and watch a short ad for a few seconds and you’re done! 

5. Head to Dungeons For Some Loots

Loot is an apparent element of any RPG. While some players wish to collect as much as they can, some prefer to stay rational.

Whatever it may be, loot is omnipresent and you can gain access to them by defeating monsters, completing quests, and more.

Apart from these, a great place to find good loot is the dungeon. Dungeons in Tailed Demon Slayer are categorised into four different types based on what the opponents drop.

These will have fifteen distinct obstacles and the fox will need to finish a mission off to clear them. 

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Let’s now take a look at the four kinds of dungeons specified in the game: 

  1. Gemstone Dungeon

For the Gemstone Dungeon, the objective is to protect a huge piece of Gemstone in the central region of the map.

This Gemstone is unsafe from the troops of monsters who are yearning to get access to it. Once you have successfully defended it from ten waves, you will be the one to win Gemstones.

However, if the big Gemstone ends up being destroyed, you will get nothing.Moreover, you will also waste your chance of heading to the Dungeon. 

  1. Gold Dungeon

Your goal here is to destroy a cult of sloths that worship gold and brainlessly wander here and there.

While they don’t attack you, this doesn’t mean they aren’t infuriating. They will not stop until they have been fully destroyed.

As the name suggests, the Gold Dungeon will provide you with large amounts of gold. 

  1. Equipment Dungeon

Equipment Dungeon, unlike others on the list, doesn’t have any time restrictions.

The challenge is that your character has to fight against a strong monstrous boss who is storing up all the available equipment for himself.

It certainly carries great significance as you will be able to earn fresh equipment pieces here.

Moreover, you would need a considerable amount of preparation to successfully finish off this mission. 

  1. Equipment Scroll Dungeon

The last but the biggest. Equipment Scroll Dungeon requires the character to climb a mansion crowded with brutal bosses as well as their undead troops.

You will need to fill the given kill meter up in a specific amount of time. As for Equipment Dungeon, this one will also need considerable preparation.

After the completion of Equipment Scroll Dungeon, you will be provided with Equipment Scrolls that can be used for leveling up the equipment of your character. 

Once you are done spending all your attempts, you can also earn an extra attempt by watching a quick video advertisement.

After using this attempt as well, the Dungeon will be put on cooldown period. In simple words, it will be unavailable for some time. 

6. Masteries In Tailed Demon Slayer

When you open your character’s menu, you will find a button named Masteries there. Masteries in Tailed Demon Slayer are upgradeable perks that boost the fighting style of your fox significantly.

Masteries are categorized into four different types. These are as follows:  

  1. Skill

In the Skill category, you will be able to get Masteries that boost the skills of your fox and their power. 

  1. Talent

The Talent Tree is related to the all-around performance of your character. It boosts the defensive as well as offensive stats. 

  1. Assist

The Masteries in the Assist category takes into account how far your character goes after Returning or Rushing.

Supposedly, they improve it to a great extent. 

  1. Battle

Lastly, we have the Battle Tree which is more or less the same as the Talent category.

Here, the Masteries are concentrated on the survivability of your character as well as the quick devastation of the opponent. 

It is important to choose the right type of Masteries for yourself.

After thinking everything through, single the chosen one out and go on to make your character stronger! 

7. Use The Gemstones Only For Crucial Items

As mentioned above, the Gemstone Dungeon, if fulfilled successfully, leaves you with Gemstones filled in your pocket. But what shall you do with them? 

As in the majority of mobile games, the premium in-game currency plays a highly vital role as this is where the developers can earn.

Many of these can be bought by using real-world cash but a lot of games today give you the exciting opportunity to earn them through playing as well!

Tailed Demon Slayer is one such game where you can earn this premium currency, Gemstones, as a reward.

Some ways to earn these is by heading to the Gemstone Dungeon, completing daily missions, weekly tasks, and much more. 

But regardless of how you earn them, it is highly crucial to spend them wisely.

In our opinion, you can certainly use them to draw equipment or a fresh set of Fairy Cages in Tailed Demon Slayer.

However, wasting them to speed up the unlocking of Fairy Cages isn’t something we recommend.

So if you get the chance to win them free of cost, make sure you make the most of it! 


We hope that our Tailed Demon Slayer Beginner’s Guide answered your question of “How to defeat the undead bosses of Bestia Master’s?” 

All these Tailed Demon Slayer Tips, Tricks and Strategies mentioned above will not only help you get started on the game but also improve your gameplay massively.

You will be able to level up much faster and make your character as strong as ever! 

From committing to only two weapons for the campaign, setting the game to Auto, watching a few ads, to returning and rushing every so often- these tips and tricks will make any newbie an expert in no time! 

If you have any strategies, tips, or mere thoughts of your own to share, feel free to drop them in the comment section below! 

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