Secret guide How to Play Super Auto Pets 2022? Tips and strategies

Want to know how to play the game Super Auto Pets and its secret tips and strategies? If you want to know, this article will give you all the information on how to play Super Auto Pets 2022 and also provide the information about its secret tips and strategies.

Today I am sharing secret tips on how to play Super Auto Pets game 2022 and other required details related to the game so you won’t have any difficulty while playing the game.                                      

I am a blogger and a gamer. Guys, as a gamer, who knows about the game Super Auto Pets 2022, I am here by giving you the tips and strategies that will help you in completing the challenges of the game.

Super Auto Pets Guide 2022

This article is meant for both people who are brand new to the game and also people who have put a couple of hours in the Super Auto Pets game.

Games are always relaxing and refreshing activity for all of us.

It will help us to forget about stressful things and lead to generate our happy hormones.

Thus variety of games are invented for the game lovers for enforcement purpose as well as time consuming.

Super Auto Pets is also an adorable auto battle game which help player to improvised air imaginative and innovative skills.

The game mainly focus on the buying and evolution of various pets in order to win 10 matches before you lost 10 lives.

 There are 2 priorities in the Game:-

  •  Never give up
  •  Configure your tier 2 purchases

All of the tier 1 animals are more suited to one over the other.

Choose the one that prevents you from losing, if you have to choose between the two.

Since tier1 creatures are few in number, It is worthwhile to discuss each one separately.

Ant: One of the most powerful Don’t lose choices because it practically offers 4/2 in stats. Buying it is typically a very safe decision.

Beaver: This item falls between in the middle of the two priority because it has mediocre 2/2 stats and a delayed health boost when sold.

Cricket: Try combining it with Horse (for instance, “Horse – Horse – Cricket – Cricket – Cricket is great”). On its alone, it’s ok.

Duck – Extremely hazardous due to being a setup for Tier 2. Except for Horse, almost all Tier 1 animals can defeat them (which you will rarely see without Cricket friends).

Horse: A terrible purchase unless combined with crickets. Buy a Horse only after you’ve had a few crickets.

Mosquito – Not one of my preferred options. The 1 damage to a random adversary, although having effectively 3/2 stats, frequently fails and becomes essentially useless after Turn 3.

Otter: Otter can be surprisingly good. Combine your Otters instead of selling them too soon. Combine immediately from the shop to receive the +2/+2 benefit if your Otter will level up or has already done so. Once they reach level 3, the only issue is that you cannot combine them.

Pig: In between the two top priorities. Normally a good investment.

There is no ideal method to play the first few turns, but you should attempt to either go all-out Horse/Cricket or else get potent creatures like Ant and Fish for pure stats.

If you don’t have a choice, the other options are acceptable.

Limit the number of times you reroll the shop on Turns 1 and 2. Each turn, you must purchase three animals.

Put honey on a Cricket if you’re putting together a Horse/Cricket team.

Super Auto Pets cheats 2022

The strategy game Super Auto Pets by Team Wood Games was just made available on Android & IOS mobile devices.

The game can already be downloaded from Google Play and is entirely free.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the game and provide you the Super Auto Pets hack, which will give you a lot of in-game resources as well as new opportunities and fix the game’s primary flaws.

You can see for yourself that Team Wood Games is skilled at creating games.

Not everyone can download a modified copy of the game and install the Super Auto Pets mod on their device because Team Wood Games built a well-protected game.

Yet using the mod is not required.Super Auto Pets is one of the best examples of the popular game genre of strategy.

Good graphics, outstanding handling, and most importantly, engaging gameplay, are all strengths of the game.

Why? Because actual pros are employed by Team Wood Games.

However, this did not stop the development of secret codes.

Some of the cheat codes are:-

Super Auto Pets Codes 2022

  • CWbtsv6pnka
  • Ks7fmVD0rrg
  • eUP2zEABXDs
  • FFPZo41TxjC
  • HfymoBQ4hIv
  • O8mN2mKxENe
  • 5I1k6GJFWTL
  • Q93DN2727Ev
  • ceLVkoznwXQ
  • Z2dTH8NLFh7
  • RHNuAagEBqK
  • Ccv8AcipcBq
  • NW8M8SJvjYO
  • uUtbjzX9km9

Super Auto Pets tips and strategies 2022

There are fewer than 200 animals available, and 29 of them are from the regular pack.

22 are additionally available specifically from Expansion Pack #1.

The remaining 57 distinct animals come from Expansion Pack #2, while the other ones are from the Weekly Pack.

Let’s plan how to improve your virtual pet’s games using the variety of animals you can utilise.

  • To become familiar with how to mix various animals with each distinct ability, strength, health, and special qualities, start with basic pack animals.
  • Play the game slowly and thoroughly. There is no time limit for creating the ideal combination of pets.
  • During the combat, test the combo pets. In order to raise your pet’s stats and your chances of winning every knockout, combine its abilities.
  • Sell your unwanted creatures to rapidly upgrade your collection. To get your team ready for the next higher tier, level up your combo pets.
  • Check out online discussion boards and advice for more tactics to use in your upcoming game.

Super Auto Pets knock out

Your pets compete against the pets of the other side in the knockout phase.

Up until one team is left standing, two teams hit each other.

Gain prizes and a special pet for free when your team defeats an opponent. To earn points, amass ten trophies.

Super Auto Pets sloth

Sloth is extremely uncommon in the game. It has no abilities and a stat of 1/1.

Sloth special abilities

One of the unusual animals included in Standard Pack is the sloth. Unlike other animals in this tier, it lacks any unique skills.

Super Auto Pets skunk

Skunks demonstrate their skill when they lower the health of a member of the oppositional side.

When you have multiple skunks in the game, it works.

Super Auto pet Rhino

The enemy line takes a lot of damage from this pet. When Rhino knocks out a foe, it injures the subsequent foe before attacking.

Super Auto crocodile

At the outset of the combat, the crocodile generates more attack points behind the opposing team with 8/16/24 damages.

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Super Auto Pets road map

A game road map is necessary to advance your strategies, whether you’re a casual or serious gamer.

Depending on how much time and money you spend playing Super Auto Pets.

We received free virtual pets as part of a Standard Pack.

Expansion Pack #1 and #2 expand your possibilities for higher-level animals as we move forward. Weekly Pack is another option you have.

You need both in-game and out-of-game components if you want to enjoy combat.

These include food, tokens, caps, pet effects, and battle backgrounds.

Effect: A permanent or transient addition to an animal’s mechanics. An image of such effect has been personified by an animal. It originates from store-bought food or is innate when triggers occur.

Food. Items that you can purchase as your tier rises, depending on each pack. As of the most recent edition, there are almost 20 foods available.

Tokens. Can be used under specific circumstances if the pet vomits after eating.

Hats. These fashionable things are available for purchase with accrued points. When equipped for your pet, additional skills can be employed.

Backgrounds. It has a battlefield aesthetic and may be purchased with either real money or points.

On the Customize button, you may see bot headgear and backgrounds.

Super Auto Pets Hack 2022

Super Auto Pets APK MOD (UNLOCK/Unlimited Money) Download In this free-to-play relaxed auto battler, you can battle other players at your own speed.

In Super Auto Pets the gamer should make an informed decision regarding who will join your team because they each have special skills!

Includes two modes

– Arena mode with asynchronous matches and no turn timer! Can you achieve 10 victories?

– In the versus mode, compete against X other players

How to Install APK after Downloading Super Auto Pets MOD APK?

 Super Auto Pets MOD APK is Simple to Download:

Step1:- Search on google and click on website’s download button 

Step2:-The file will automatically download in step two. (Depending on the size or speed of the programme)

Step 3: When the download is finished, it instantly shows up in the Downloads folder.

Step 4: Open the download folder and install the file in order to use it.

Final Words

As you know this article suggest various tips and strategies for this Super Auto Pets game.

Each games has its ups and down, but you can never loose your individual goals.

Hope you all understood and play well. Kindly mention your feedbacks in our comment section.


Is It Super Auto Pets Free To Play?

Yes. Super Auto Pets is free to play

Can we use cheat codes on Super Auto Pets?

Yes. You can use cheat codes to play easy.

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