How to Get Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List 2022?

Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List: Want to know about the tier list of the Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy and its characters? If yes, then this article will provide you an overview on the entire tier list of the game and its characters.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the tier list of the Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Game so that you can know which character to take into your team so as to defeat your opponent and pass onto the next level. 

I am a gamer and a professional content writer since 2012, I have been following this game since it was released and therefore I am providing with the characters of the game as per the Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List which ascends as per their power.

Sins Seven Deadly Sins X-Tasy 

The game is an adoption of the popular anime the Seven Deadly Sins which was developed by Hobby Japan in the year 2012 and is a turn based action game.

The protagonist is a dual of Lucifer and angel Maria who goes out to destroy the Seven Mortal Sins and they have the help of several other demons and angels as prevent the gods from re-creating the world.

In this adventure game, you can create a five member team in order to destroy the evil who interrupts your journey.

Therefore your team should have strong collection of demons and angels who could synchronise with each other so as to each of them would have strong impact throughout the battle. 

The characters of the game are divided into four tiers.

Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List 2022


The characters of this tier is the most powerful of all the tiers and the angels and the demons of this tier are rare to find but if found is the most devastating characters of the game.

FluerkaDPS AssisstRed
AsmodeDPS AssisstBlue
BelfingerDPS AssisstGreen
Holy LotusDPS AssisstGreen
LuciferDPS AssisstRed
Mia SisterAssisstBlue


The performance of the characters of these tier are great and it will help your journey to acquire the S Tier list. The characters of this list are more easily acquired than that of the S Tier.

LeviathanDPS ControlBlue
NonnaDPS ControlBlue
KayDPS AssisstBlue
ShalimaAssisst ControlGreen
Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List


These are average performers but you can increase its level of performance by upgrading the skills of the characters. They can do wonders but it will be hard for you to win battles during intense combats.

ZoeDPS ControlGreen
IngriDPS AssisstBlue
ElvesDPS AssisstRed
AbellaDPS ControlRed
Jia GuilinDPS ControlGreen
LuciannaDPS ControlBlue
Kula LijieDPS ControlRed


The characters of this list are easy to acquire and can be used as supportive characters to fight your battle. However the characters of this tier lacks performance quality and choosing them will not be good idea. You may like to replace them with A tier or S tier characters.

TiaraDPS ControlRed
LufinaAssisst ControlBlue
XierweiAssisst ControlGreen
NoahDPS AssisstBlue
SviranaAssisst ControlGreen
Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List

How to Reroll in Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy?

Rerolling is the main process in the game to achieve new characters of high level so that you can gradually progress in your game.

The method is to start a new game and after which you have to progress to the point where the gamer can do their first free calling if they did not get the character they want than you should repeat the process.

The aim should be to repeat the process till you get the character that you needed or you wished to have but it can take hours, days, or even weeks to get the character that you want.

To reroll, you have to follow the following procedure:

  • At first open the Sin Seven Deadly Sins X-Tasty in your smart phone 
  • After log in the game you would have to finish the tutorial which is compulsory for every gamer.
  • After which you will get a character that would be automatically given to you by the game.
  • If you got the character that you wanted than you may go ahead.
  • And if you do not want the character than you may log out from the game and after which you will have to login the game with another email id.
  • You may repeat the method till you get the character that you wished.

Final Words

Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy is a game where you would need to have good formation with characters having good abilities and skill.

You need to select your character in such a way that it should be able to win only by its presence.

We have provided you with the entire Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy Tier List so that you can select the more powerful characters in your team and win the battle.

You can also make your own formations to make the game more interesting.

To get more update on the game, you may follow their official twitter handle.

You can bookmark our webpage to get more updates about the upcoming characters of the game as we post it in our website as and when released by the officials.


How can I reroll in the Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy?

In order to reroll in the Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy, you need start the game anew and log into the game using your email id and continue the process until you get your desired character.

How to download the Seven Mortal Sins X-Tasy?

You may download the game in your android as well as your Iphone. To download the game in your android phone, you may search the game in the Play Store. To download the game in your Iphone you may search the game in the Apple Store.

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