Best Guide for Roblox shirt template transparent 2022

Are you looking for a Roblox shirt template transparent? Roblox is one of the unique platforms which allow its users to create their own outfits and even sell them on the Roblox Avatar store so that the players can earn money.

Literally,  anyone who has an image editor and a Roblox template png can create these outfits.

But you need to also have enough Robux (Roblox’s in-game currency) to list the items on the platform. 

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily make a Roblox shirt transparent as it’s just one image.

But if you are looking to post your designs on Roblox for sale, then the clothes need to appeal to other players and you will have to get into more complex designs.

That is when Roblox shirt template transparent comes into the picture.

With this template, you can sculpt your images and design according to a 3D avatar model.

It might sound very complex right now but once you get a hang of it, Roblox shirt template transparent becomes as easy as making a 3D cube with paper and sellotape. 

Roblox Template PNG

Roblox Shirt Template PNG is of the size 585 wide and 559 tall.

These dimensions are what you will have to keep in mind while creating the image of the outfit.

But if you are using any template there is no need to worry about this. 

If you find reading the template to be confusing, then let us explain it.

The top part is called the torso and from there you will have to understand the angles that need to be covered up with clothing.

‘Up’ indicates the portion that you see below the head of the model.

R is the right side and L is the left side. ‘Down’ is the part beneath your legs.

It will become easier for you to design outfits when you think of the torso as a 3-dimensional rectangle whose sides you have to cover up.

You will see a few dotted lines, so these are the places where the body flexes and folds. 

You will find a template for the arms as well, right below the torso.

The Up means top of the arm and Down means the lower part. 

Roblox Template Transparent 

For Roblox shirt template png you have to follow a different kind of template.

Roblox template transparent is used when makers try creating a shirt that includes cutouts and will have areas that reveal the body underneath.

Anyone making clothing with holes and crop tops will find this Roblox shirt transparent template helpful. 

Whenever you are working with Roblox template transparent, it is a good idea to keep the standard Roblox template PNG underneath.

This will give you a fair concept after dotted lines and you can figure out where the outfit would fold.

Once the design is done and ready to save, make sure to hide this layer.

Also, save your work in Roblox shirt template PNG format which maintains the transparency of the design. 

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Roblox Pants Template Transparent

The transparent Roblox pants template reads just the same as Roblox shirt transparent templates.

All the markings are the same and you can create a lot of designs.

Some creators have made the most unique Roblox pants template transparent designs, which have gained immense popularity. 

The designs of these Roblox pants template transparent are so realistic they look like the ones that we wear every day.

To name a few are Emo Goth Grey Jeans Ripped, Cute Aesthetic Vintage Ripped Jeans, Levi’s Boys Ripped Grunge Skater, Ripped Fendi Jeans X Fendi, Brown Flannel Jeans Indie Thrift Vintage, Black Skirt Blood Grunge, Red Christmas Shorts, etc.

You can download the transparent Roblox pants template easily from anywhere. 

How to Upload Roblox Shirt Template Transparent?

It is very easy to upload the Roblox Shirt Template Transparent you have created. 

1. Open the Roblox app and log in with your details

2. Click on the Create option you see

3. Choose the design you have created among Shirts, Pants and T-shirts in the left column. 

4. When the new window opens, click on Choose File to select your Roblox shirt template transparent png. The image has to be exactly 585 pixels wide and 559 pixels tall. Otherwise, the upload will fail.

5. Give a creative file name and tap on the Upload button

6. Your file will be sent for approval. 

7. Once the Roblox team approves your design, you will be able to use your own custom Roblox shirt template transparent whenever you want.

You will find it in the Creations tab. Definitely, you can also offer it for sale to other players in Roblox. 

How to Create Transparent Roblox Pants Template? 

Be it Roblox shirt template transparent or pants, both are very easy to create. 

1. Just download the template from Roblox developer site. 

2. Open it in any image editor you want

3. Design the outfit by fitting images according to the exact dimensions of the template. 

4. Once you are done, upload it to the studio for approval. 

Testing Roblox Shirt Template Transparent before Uploading

Roblox Shirt Template Transparent can be tested without paying any fee.

1. In the Studio you will see a Plugins tab. On clicking that a lot of options will appear, click on ‘Build Rig.’

2. A pop-up menu will ask you to select a rig type. After that, they will present you with a ‘Dummy’ avatar in the workspace. 

3. When you go to the Explorer window, click on the ‘+‘ next to ‘Dummy‘. Now select whether you want to insert a shirt or a pant design. 

4. Now locate where you have saved the design and select New Shirt Graphic (t-shirt) or Clothing (shirt or pants) object. 

5. In the Properties window, locate the associated property. 

6. Now click inside the Properties row and choose the image you have uploaded to Roblox.

This will automatically apply the clothes to the dummy and you can check how it looks. 

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Final Words

You don’t have to learn a lot of things to create a Roblox shirt template transparent.

Just follow the rules step by step and you can come up with a popular outfit.

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