Roblox Ro Ghoul Codes Updated 2023| Ro-Ghoul Codes 2023

Roblox Ro Ghoul Codes Updated 2023: Ro ghoul codes are free codes that are provided by the developers of the game.

However, the developers haven’t provided a definite release schedule of all ro ghoul codes.

You just get to access them whenever you reach a milestone in the game or for holidays. The release time may keep fluctuating. There’s no fixed release pattern or proper definition of a milestone.

These codes can be used by the users to redeem some interesting one-time rewards. It is advised to use ro ghoul codes wisely as they are not created very often.

There is also no definite expiration date of these codes, hence, you must use them as early as possible.

How to use codes in Ro Ghoul?

You will usually find Ro ghoul codes at the official Discord server of Ro ghoul. These are solely released by the game developers. You can use these codes to get some free Yen as well as RC Cells.

However, some exclusive Ro ghoul codes provide award masks and many different exclusive rewards.

Active Ro Ghoul Codes 2023

Now, it’s time we look at active codes for Ro ghoul. Please keep in mind to redeem these codes as early as possible because they may expire in the blink of an eye.

Don’t worry about the credibility of the codes as they have been properly verified.

Here Are The Latest Ro Ghoul Codes Working 2023

Code & CommandsRewards
!Code 500MV500,000 RC & 500,000 Yen
!TrafMaskTraf Mask
!Code HNY2020500,000 RC & 500,000 Yen
!Code Sub2КоПанда50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Axiore50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2EDITTY50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2GoldenOwl50,000 Yen
!Code Sub22KMz50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2ibemaine50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Praveen50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Roball50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Sagee450,000 Yen
!Code Sub2Sky1Ms50,000 Yen
!Code Sub2xAomSakarin50,000 Yen
!RozikuGreen hair
!Code ANNIVERSARY-22,020,000 RC & 2,020,000 Yen
!Code 1M FAVS1,00,000 RC and 1,00,000 Yen
Active Ro Ghoul Codes 2023

How to enter codes in Ro Ghoul?

It is a little different to redeem Ro ghoul codes as compared to your usual process of code redemption.

To know how to enter and redeem codes for ro ghoul, follow all the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Once you’re there, search for the chat window in the game.
  3. Either click on the space where it is written “click to chat” or you can simply hit the “/“ key on the keyboard.
  4. Once you can type in the chatbox, copy any of the desired codes from our list mentioned below and paste it here. Hit enter.
  5. Keep in mind that you also get the “!Code” part of the code too as it is mandatory.
  6. If you did all the things right, you will see a “success” chat bubble above your head notifying you about what you earned! 
How-to Redeem Codes in Ro-Ghoul

So that was an easy process to redeem all ro ghoul codes. Now, look at some active codes for ro ghoul in 2023.

Ro-Ghoul Best Controls Shortcut

  • 1-9 = Activate/Deactivate your weapon.
  • X = Toggle sprint.
  • Q = Punch/Kick, gives a single experience point.
  • T = Block, duration increases based on Durability.
  • M = Equip/Unequip Mask
  • Click = Attack
  • E = Special 1
  • R = Special 2
  • F = Special 3
  • C = Bonus Special
  • 0 = Arata (CCG Team)
  • G = Kakuhou Special/Quinx
  • Double tap (W/A/S/D) to evade.

What is the strongest quinque in Ro Ghoul?

As per what we researched, it turns out that SSS Owl is currently the most powerful quinque of Kishou Arima.

Apart from it, in the manga, it is also the top best-rated quinque.

Owl is the costliest (tie with Narukami) as well as the highest-rated quinque in Ro-Ghoul.

SSS Owl is one of those quinque’s that can be used in all the ranges. However, it is preferable to keep it for close or medium ranges only.

How do you get RC in Ro Ghoul?

Red Child Cells, also known as RC Cells are the cells appearing in both ghouls as well as humans.

The term originated from the image of these specific cells as they appear to be a curled-up fetus.

RC cells get accumulated by eating up humans and are then stocked in the kakuhou. The kagune gets formulated when these cells get released out of the kakuhou.

You can obtain RC cells from other players or bodies of NPC’s. Another way to collect these cells is by using limited-time Ro-ghoul codes.

Although they are primarily used by ghouls, the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) may use them on a few quinques for stages.

Unless these are purchased with ROBUX, the user’s RC count will reset to 800 if they buy any other quinque or kagune along with Yen.

They will not be consumed if you will be activating any stage for a quinque and kagune that needs RC cells.

What is the best starter Kagune in Ro Ghoul?

Say you are a newbie to the game and own 500,000 Yen. You may be wondering where to start with.

Well, this is easy. You head over to Kakuhou Shop which is a location in the game to purchase kagunes.

There, you will find three different kagunes with a price of 500,000 yen, namely, Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishma, and Nishiki Nishio.

The best pick out of these three and overall the best starter kagune in the game is Ken Kaneki.

It offers great things in the game. You must not go with Touka in any case. After Ken Kaneki, Nishiko Nishio works fine too.


That wraps up our list of active Roblox Ro Ghoul codes 2023. They are a great way to gain some easy cash and items in the game.

Just make sure to use Roblox Ro Ghoul codes wisely and as soon as possible. Have fun playing!


1. Ro Ghoul how to use codes

Ans – You will usually find Ro-ghoul codes at the official Discord server of Ro ghoul.
You can use these codes to get some free Yen as well as RC Cells.

Some exclusive Ro-ghoul codes also provide award masks and many different exclusive rewards.

To use these codes, simply copy the preferred code from above and paste it in the chat window in the game.

When you hit the confirm button, you will be provided with your reward.

2. How to get Ro Ghoul codes?

Ans – Ro-Ghoul codes are usually released on the official Discord server of Ro-Ghoul.

The “Sub2[USERNAME]” codes are for the Ro-Ghoul Community influencers or content creators and are typically found on their relevant media.

For instance, for a YouTuber, it may be their description area or intro/outro.

These users aren’t often revealed, so you can keep an eye on their channel to see what they’re up to.

Note: The Wiki’s Discord is not the official Discord for Ro-Ghoul; the official Ro-Ghoul Discord can be found on the game page of ROBLOX.

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