11+ Roblox Bloxburg House Ideas & Best Design 2023

11+ Roblox Bloxburg House Ideas Design: If you are stuck with boring Bloxburg house ideas, we have some amazing designs that will make the game more interesting.

Roblox Bloxburg is a very similar simulation game to The Sims 4, revolving around daily activities of a virtual household.

Players have to build a complete house, right from the walls, roofs, floors, basement to pools, mailboxes, trash, etc.

They can decorate the house with furniture, counters, beds, kitchen appliances, and home decor items.

Best Bloxburg House Ideas 2023

1. Cheap Modern House Bloxburg

This is a single-storey house with a modern touch that you can create within a budget of 10k.

You get a kitchen, a living room with big windows, stylish bathrooms, bedrooms and a pool.

If your friends want to come home, there is a pleasant area to chill and watch TV. This trendy house can be built without any Game Pass.

It is so easy most people are able to build it within a week.

2. Blush Modern Mansion

Anyone who likes pink aesthetic will fall in love with this Bloxburg house layout. This design is one of the cute bloxburg houses.

The best part is you can build this mansion with a budget of 30k.

The creator of this house in Bloxburg, french rxses, has given a rich classic touch to this mansion which looks like a dream house.

It’s a two-storey building with huge glass windows that give a view of the house from outside. It comprises bedrooms, living room, kitchen, study table, living room, etc.

Even the decor and furniture in the house are pink and white in colour.

3. Hillside Mansion

If you want to go rogue with your Bloxburg house ideas, Hillside Mansion is a high-budget design you can try out.

This super luxurious Bloxburg house layout is created by YouTuber Cylito. This house is built in a massive open area surrounded by nature.

You get a fireplace, a massive pond, a personal waterfall and a lot more in this two-storey building.

But remember that luxury has its price, and in this case, the price is 188k.

4. Colonial House Bloxburg

This is one of the most recreated Bloxburg Mansion ideas because you don’t need any game pass for building this house.

With white and grey exteriors, this is a house that will stand out in your colony.

It is posh and elegant, with a garden area, pool and a small fountain.

YouTuber Anix has coloured the interiors in beige and light purple.

If you are looking for Bloxburg living room ideas, you need to check out this Colonial Mansion with a huge living room, 4 bedrooms and a kids’ room.

It is a single-storey house built in a huge area with a lot of rooms and even a garage.

5. Mini Mansion

Youtuber Anix has also come up with a budget-friendly style. Every house Bloxburg has is unique in its way.

The layout is compact and elegant. The living room is small as compared to others and so is the kitchen and bathroom.

The ground floor has a separate laundry room. The first floor has two bedrooms and a bathroom.

There is a separate garage and a personal yard. This house gives a cozy vibe and you will get Bloxburg living room ideas from this house.

The interior, as well as the exterior, has brick wall designs. The whole project can be completed for under 30k without using any game pass.

6. Modern Elegance Family House Bloxburg

This is one of the most elegant Bloxburg house ideas. There are very few houses in Bloxburg which are as luxurious as this one.

It looks nothing less than a dream house in the game. The house is huge and every area is sectioned for a specific purpose.

This multi-storeyed house has enough space for a giant hot tub and an indoor gym.

It feels like a spa where you go for relaxing. The structure is very modern.

7. Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion

The previous model was only one-third as luxurious as this mansion. The Bloxburg mansion ideas have no comparison to this castle.

We call it Castle because it is huge and has the most deluxe decors. Lakeside Cherry Blossom is one of the few houses in Bloxburg that reflects richness and beauty.

The mansion comprises everything you can ask for and more. You have a gazebo to lounge around and get a wide view of your surroundings.

The house is so huge that reaching the rooms will require you to walk for a bit.

The 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms have a royal feel to them. The aesthetic of this house is pink, as the name “Cherry” goes.

There is also a huge waterfall adding to the aesthetic, and a pond-like structure surrounded by flowers on all sides.

There is always a scope to add something new to these Bloxburg house ideas.

8. Lapik Lakehouse

We all desire to have our own Lakehouse away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Luckily, Bloxburg housing ideas let us live this dream too.

The house is on top of a beautiful lake and the pathway passes through the lake.

This house is super easy to build and that is why this Bloxburg house layout is one of the most used Bloxburg mansion ideas.

The Lapik Lakehouse falls under the category of cute Bloxburg houses.

The theme of this house is Southern royalty and that is why you will see aesthetics of white and big windows to have a pleasant view of the world passing by.

The Bloxburg living room ideas of these houses are perfect to sit back and relax.

9. Aesthetics Loft

This house has the perfect combination of futuristic gadgets and traditional looks.

The interiors are painted in black and white. When you climb up the stairs, they take you to a different dimension.

10. Simple Townhouse

Anyone looking for a simple Bloxburg house layout will find this design within budget.

It is a humble but spacious house for a family to live in.

The building has two floors with enough rooms, so that every member can have their own privacy.

The cost of building this house is only 29k and you can get as creative as you want.

By looking at it, you will get a feeling of suburbia where things go at a certain pace regularly.

The surrounding is perfect for families with children. Also, the compact houses are the easiest to build.

Final Word

These Bloxburg house ideas are trending in 2023. We know this because the tutorials on YouTube of these houses have the most number of views and these are the frequently recreated houses on Bloxburg.

Go ahead and invest your money wisely in such Bloxburg living room ideas.

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