How to Play Puzzle Quest 3 Best Guide 2022 

Puzzle Quest 3: Are match-three mobile puzzle games your type? If yes, some of your favorites must include Match 3D, Candy Crush, among others.

Well now, you must get ready to add one more name to the list because Puzzle Quest 3 has been released! 

The most exciting thing about this new game is that it features something very unique from all the above-mentioned names.

Puzzle Quest 3 is not only a match-three game but also an RPG! Yes, you heard that right.

This fresh addition to the matching game industry has certainly been a sensation ever since its release. 

In the true sense, although Puzzle Quest 3 seeks to reach seasoned players, casual players would also be able to enjoy the game just as much.

Similar to its predecessors, the game certainly succeeds in a range of aspects.

Apart from a terrific Puzzle Quest 3 Gameplay, there is just so much to this game that will completely astound you. 

While the majority of elements are pretty simple and direct in Puzzle Quest 3, players tend to get baffled at a few stages.

Most players struggle with having an appropriate technique that shall help them make the most of this new game. 

If you are also looking for some easy and effective tips and tricks, you are just at the right place!

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on a range of Strategies to Conquer Your Enemies in Puzzle Quest 3 with great ease! 

So without any further ado, let’s take a look. 

About Puzzle Quest 3 

Puzzle Quest 3 was recently launched on 28th February 2022 by 505 Games.

While it is essentially a matching mobile game, players will also find a unique aspect of battle in Puzzle Quest 3 which is more or less the highlight of the game.

This is one notable element that truly makes this game stand out from the rest of its competitors. 

Puzzle Quest 3 is a complete adventure of its own that features some of the most stunning animations, several chapters, a powerful storyline, role-playing gameplay, interesting loots, rewards, as well as PvP action!

There is also so much more to the game which you will find out as you keep passing through the levels. 

It challenges both old as well as new players. If you thought it was just a regular puzzler game, you might be wrong.

Players will borough into wildlife where they fight against their brutal opponents.

Following that, you will need to rescue a lady who supposedly plays a crucial role in all your adventures in the game.

If you would look closely, this woman is also illustrated on the cover art of the game. 

A combination of puzzle, storytelling, and combat- all in one! What else do you even need? 

Having said that, there will be a lot of things that you will thoroughly need to keep in mind when playing this feature-rich game.

Some tips and tricks in such cases can work wonders! 

Firstly, let’s take a look at a quick gameplay guide for Puzzle Quest 3 to help you study your enemies.

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Puzzle Quest 3 Gameplay 


As mentioned earlier, Puzzle Quest 3 is also a role-playing game so heroes are certainly going to play a crucial role in the game. 

In this one, five distinct classes form the association of heroes.

These include the Necromancer, Paladin, Shaman, Assassin, as well as Berserker. 

It is hard to tell which is the Puzzle Quest 3 Best Class.

This is because each of these classifications features a special ability as well as style, unique to them.

This is going to immensely help you when you fight against your enemies.

You will be able to give rise to a distinct character and switch classes as per your wish. 

So there’s no such thing as Puzzle Quest 3 Best Class.

It would be a great idea if you just experiment a bit and check out the different styles of classes.

This will help you find the one that suits you the best. 

How Many Gems In Puzzle Quest 3

You will find a total of six gems on your game board. These are as follows: 

  • Blue Gem: For Ice Damage
  • Red Gem: For Fire Damage
  • Darkness Gem: For Darkness Damage
  • Light Gem: For Light Damage
  • Poison Gem: For Poison Damage
  • Skull Gem: For Physical Damage

Players will need to match three or more gems to be able to trigger the timer.

Remember that this timer lasts for three seconds only and once the time is up, you know your turn ends.

Every Victorious round will allow the timer to boost up a bit and will stop automatically in case you lose. 

What match you execute on your board has a great role to play.

It can be incredibly valuable for not just you but also your opponent or even both sides.

Each gen that you match is going to power a skill up of the defined color. 

Different Bars

Both you, as well as your opponent, will have 3 bars each.

You will be able to find this in the cotton section of your screen.

For you, it’s located on the left and for your enemy, it’s on their right. 

These three bars are as follows: 

  • Blue Bar: Indicates Armor. This one defends the fighter from any physical attack.
  • Red Bar: Indicates Health. In case this bar reaches zero, it means that the player has lost the round.
  • Yellow Bar: Indicates Resistance. The Yellow bar helps in defending the fighter from any elemental attack.

During the battle, in case you match anything and don’t take Skull Gems into account, it will end up with your character dealing elemental damage. 

As mentioned above, it will lower the Resistance ability of your opponent.

Skull Gems can help you damage the Armor of your opponent on its own.

If you can prepare a good blend of both, you can not only rule Resistance but also Armor of your Opponent. 

Remember that your player has all these bars too so he will be equally efficient to cause the same kinds of harm to you as well. 

Now that you have been well-acquainted with the gameplay of Puzzle Quest 3, it’s time to look at some quick tips and tricks as well as strategies to conquer your enemies in the game

Let’s have a look at our Puzzle Quest 3 Guide. 

Puzzle Quest 3 Guide | Tips and Tricks

Always Plan First

Strategizing can help you in conquering the game with great ease. You can take some time out to practice and strategies your moves first.

The timer in the game only starts when you make a match so if you don’t execute that, you can simply take a while to just observe the given puzzle and plan your moves. 

The idea here is to act cleverly and not foolishly. Check out the puzzle thoroughly and locate three matches at least.

As soon as you perform the first one, waste no time and quickly perform the second and third one as well. 

Make The Most Of Supers

Puzzle Quest 3 also provides you with some super abilities that you can use when fighting against your opponents.

All you need to do is match combinations and just string them all together.

The more one executes that, the quicker they will build their super up. 

Supers are one of the most powerful elements of the game and help you in dealing with a terrific level of damage.

You should never hesitate in using them during your fights especially when there are gigantic bosses.

Supers in Puzzle Quest 3 will take a bit of a while for building up, however, the outcome is certainly worth the time. 

Don’t Neglect The Skulls

If you have watched the tutorial of Puzzle Quest 3 carefully, you would know how important skulls are.

Connecting these three elements can play a great role in ensuring your success in the game.

It is more or less a mental trick that you must keep in mind always.

Remember to never miss out on skulls as blending some of these is one of the most crucial aspects of dealing damage. 

The good part is that skulls in the game are pretty simple to identify as well as stick out.

You will need to start by connecting other blocks for connecting these skulls.

Moreover, when you connect blocks, it will also provide you with a great advantage.

It will help in protecting you from different sorts of attack. 

Mix The Spells Up

Spells in Puzzle Quest 3 provide you with a great variety, especially during the fight.

In the beginning, you will have a couple of spells to use in the game. 

The spells that you start with are dependent on the specific class that you choose.

For instance, if you pick the Shaman Class, it will provide you with poison-related magic.

On the other hand, choosing Necromancer will provide you with frost-based spells. 

By blending the given blocks, you will be able to use these spells in the game.

The good part is that you will find a couple more slots that players can easily unlock.

Once these slots become available to you, you will have a total of four spells that you can use for fighting against your opponents. 

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Pick Your Character Wisely 

Among the different elements of the game, heroes have a crucial role to play in Puzzle Quest 3.

They not only make the game more attractive but also far more interesting to play.

As mentioned earlier, each hero in the game features unique powers and abilities, efficiencies, etc.

Hence, you must always choose the best hero that there is. Always keep in mind to check out the stats as well.

You can also look at the stats of your enemy’s character on the upper left-hand side of your screen.

This will help you in planning your moves later in the game. 

Wear Matching Equipment

If you have played role-playing games before, you would know the importance of equipment in these games.

They help the player in surviving a lot of battles and good equipment will certainly help you attain greater heights in the game.  

In Puzzle Quest 3, equipment doesn’t only impact the resilience of abilities of your character but also reflects their overall condition as well as performance.

The aggregate of the total condition of the gear rating can be found in a single digit.

This is known as the Gear Score. 

Gear Score implies the zeal of the character in comparison to your Enemy Score.

Enemy Score is another number that signifies the hardship of a quest.

A high Enemy Score stands for how strong the monsters can be. 

While you may be powerful enough to combat opponents with a 15-30 higher Enemy Score than the Gear Score, there’s also more to it.

If you wish to reap the full benefits of your equipment, the best technique would be to wear matching equipment. 

Puzzle Quest 3 Review

A Puzzle Quest 3 Review has been great in demand by many players.

So after a couple of months of checking out the game, this is our verdict. 

The original predecessor of Puzzle Quest 3 integrated the matching genre with a fiction storyline.

It was a complete adventure featuring turn-based battles, cutscenes, as well as some special powers.

The second part of the series was further created on the same idea.

It featured a fresh addition of dungeons, towns, and several questlines, while also expanding the match-3 turn-based system to a great extent! 

After almost a decade, Puzzle Quest 3 has been introduced and it strips away plenty of aspects that once made its predecessors unique and special.

This latest addition certainly offers much more streamlined gameplay. 

Puzzle Quest 3 Gameplay is certainly rich in features.

However, if there’s one thing, it starts to become a little tiresome because of the repetitiveness and dullness owing to the gameplay itself. 

It is worth noting that the core element of the Puzzle Quest 3 Gameplay is more or less the same as its predecessors.

Matching different gems and inflicting damage to your opponent, gaining energy for abilities and spells- it is mostly the same. 

Nonetheless, there are several unique methods to play the game.

It includes a vast story mode comprising 14 chapters, daily dungeons, weekly dungeons, exciting rewards, as well a competitive multiplayer mode that helps you in testing the abilities of your character. 

As you pass through different chapters of the story, it will unlock more companions for you featuring unique perks, especially minions.

Minions in Puzzle Quest 3 will help you in blocking your chests much quicker and easier.

There are also some special events leading to rare equipment in the game. 

So it would be fair to say that what largely matters is how you play the game and make the most of it.

If you are on the right path, you will certainly become hooked to this fresh game in no time. 


Puzzle Quest 3 is the latest addition to the puzzle quest series by 505 Games.

Players are promised to enjoy every bit of this matching plus role-playing genre for this is something you have never experienced before! 

Before you get started with the game, keep in mind to learn and execute our above-mentioned tricks and strategies to conquer your enemies.

It is crucial to study your enemies in the game as winning should be your great priority.

Puzzle Quest 3 is packed with amazing features and you must make the most of them all. 

We hope this Puzzle Quest 3 Guide helps you in mastering the game with great ease. Have fun! 

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