How to Play Puzzle Adventure Best Guide 2022 | Puzzle Adventure Promo codes 2022

Pixel Federation Games is already up with its exciting and intriguing 3D adventure game, Puzzle Adventure. A large number of players can be seen thoroughly enjoying and loving this game! 

In the true sense, Puzzle Adventure requires the player to brainstorm and be a detective in investigating complicated cases that barely have answers. Intriguing, right? 

If you are looking forward to being a pro in the game and solving the mysterious puzzles of the Puzzle Adventure, then all your queries will be answered with the help of this article.

Apart from this, we will also enlighten you on Puzzle Adventure Promo Codes that are a great way to boost your journey in the game! 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Puzzle Adventure About the Game

Puzzle Adventure is an exclusive adventure game with interesting creatures, exciting puzzles, and many twists in it.

To deal with puzzle adventure games one needs courage and some tips and tricks which can help break any mystery.

Puzzle adventure has numerous quests and objectives that have to be accomplished by the player.

Puzzle adventure is not only about solving the puzzles like other puzzle adventure games, one also has to deal with monsters here. 

When looking for Puzzle Adventure games android, then the Puzzle Adventure is the ultimate answer.

As there are more android users, puzzle adventure games become a highly searched heading, therefore Pixel gave us a mind-sharpening logic game.

Features of Puzzle Adventure 

Let’s now have a look at some amazing features that the Puzzle adventure offers to its users. 

As we know it’s a 3D game, and it has excellent graphics, besides the knowledgeable content, riddles & puzzles can help build one’s IQ. It’s like learning while playing.

The player has to find hidden treasures, crystals, and magical artifacts.  

You would also get a chance to see a supernatural world where there are different beasts, monsters, and paranormal beings. 

Puzzle Adventure is a perfect example of a combination of the traditional click-and-play adventure games with exciting tasks and puzzles along with exploration.

The player will be helping Uncle Mort, solve supernatural and complicated crimes and find the mystical treasures. 

The Player should perform well in Puzzle Adventure to establish a name for himself at the Supernatural Detective Agency.

You’ll be happy to know that these features can be enjoyed by all the ‘puzzle adventure games android’ searchers as well. 

How to Play Puzzle Adventure 2022

As mentioned before, puzzle adventure games are intuitive, this goes with the Puzzle Adventure also.

In case one gets stuck or perplexed about the features and options offered in the game, refer to a comprehensive beginner’s guide.

It helps fresh players know the mystery of Puzzle Adventure, puzzle adventure mystery clues, and super tricks are best to make progress in all.

We have provided below the best guide to deal with the common queries like puzzle adventure redeem codes, puzzle adventure mystery clue, puzzle adventure walkthrough, etc.


The basic goal of the objective of each level is delivered to the player through a dialogue box or exposition.

While that’s the only aim one needs to fulfil to clear a level.

This would include solving many puzzles, their level can vary – some simple, others tricky– to complete your goals and get the treasures.

At the bottom of your display will be all the details of your goal at that current level.

Precisely, you only need to complete the objectives to clear a level, but won’t that be too simple for puzzle adventure games?


Buttons are included in the primary technicality of the stages. Buttons will be connected to some other piece – which can be a platform, rotating pipe, or a switch.

While clicking a button is not for free, it costs stamina.

One should surely press a button whenever required to see how it will affect.

You will be surprised to discover how a platform moves in an unforeseen direction with a button. 

An example- In the area of the Basilisk’s Lair, a button starts the movement of the water intake pipe into the other pipe networks which can be 1, 2, or 3.

Clicking the button moves the pipe in the order of 1-2-3-2-1, and so on.

Experimentation is important, especially, on the objects that a button moves have many possible directions.

Room Layout 

And while we discuss the important points, the Room layout mustn’t be missed out.

We pay careful attention to the room layout, specifically the height of objects as they can conceal the elements that are required to find an answer to the puzzles.

Some spaces become difficult to examine due to the lots of stuff in front of them.

The very big icon of UI on the top of the display won’t help.

You can’t get a clearer view of your surroundings even if the camera is rotated.

The room layout required proper analysis and inspection. The best is to move the camera and observe. 


If you get confused or bewildered, puzzle adventure has a solution for it too, Uncle Morto can call a friendly creature, a good companion to help you.

It’s the puzzle adventure pets that will give you a way further when stuck. 

You’ll gain the ghost dog who’ll be very helpful, this will happen in the third level, the name is the Crystal Trail.

This helpful pet sways out the suspicious places by going to that spot of the concealed blocks or the items.

This function is not for free, as the pets can be sent out only once every 6 hours otherwise the gems will be used. 

There’s also a choice to change the skin of the pet.

The skin of the pet can be changed by paying a hefty amount of Gems or coins. 

Stages and Stars

Now we’ll ponder over the stages and stars of puzzle adventure. The stars can be gained by losing some of the energy.

These stars represent the progress one has had at that particular level.

Each stage has a definite amount of stars which is the maximum. But the reward is there for filling up the bar. 

If you don’t have to do anything with the energy, you can increase the stars for the previous levels that you have already completed. 

Your progress to the puzzle adventure level remains in the game even if you go back to the previous stage. 

Stages and stars have a well-known link in puzzle adventure games, as these rewards are a one-time gain, you can watch ads and double your prize. 

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Puzzle Adventure Mystery Clue

Puzzle Adventure has a different environment which is uncommon in other puzzle adventure games.

Players would experience numerous different fascinating stories.

If your search is also a puzzle adventure mystery clue then there are some very crucial points to be noted. 

Hidden things

The events that happen in puzzle adventure are not meaningless, but each event that takes place has secrets that are to be revealed.

It’s the player, who will be accountable for that “hard” work. It’s not just an easy challenge, it requires brilliance & exclusive intelligence.

An eye has to be kept on everything, keep track of the trails that each incident tells, and look out for the correct explanation.

Accumulate unique items 

Puzzle Adventure is a game to showcase your intellectual level, intelligence, and presence of mind.

A game that offers players many surprises and exciting things. Where you get challenges constantly.

Besides, when you accomplish a task, you will get precious gifts. You can get unique things by completing the challenges.

One should also accumulate coins from different rewards including chests that are found on each level. 

Otherwise after completing them and levelling up. Another way is to get coins frequently from the Motel. 

Explore and communicate with Different Creatures 

You will experience a lot of unique things in the puzzle adventure.

A game where supernatural things appear often.

Where you ought to become a distinctive detective performing dangerous missions. 

Use the Important Information 

Being a detective in puzzle adventure games is not a piece of cake.

In this game, you have to examine and analyze murder cases, all this becomes easy with the help of a puzzle adventure walkthrough, these are good demos kinds of videos that can be effectively used.

One needs to be smart to deal with complicated cases.

The spirits in puzzle adventure will increase the energy earnings. You will easily see when the energy is utilized.

To call spirits you will have to pay to get the shards along with the other items needed. 

Fight Monsters and Destroy Tiles 

What awaits you in this game is not a peaceful world where you have to fight hard.

In Puzzle Adventure, players get many chances to showcase their incredible power.

On each level, there are a huge number of tiles, shard cubes and boxes.

These could be seen surrounding the map. To clear the level you need to break those that are blocking the path.

But for completing a level you would need to break it all.

This would earn the player a good reward. Though this uses excessive energy.

You can return to previous levels as well if you run out of energy earlier. 


In the lab, the player creates the random items that are found while roaming in other people’s homes.

After landing up in the laboratory, one is given up to 3 recipes that you can combine with whatever is there at hand, and each recipe provides a different level of energy.

If the ingredients are insufficient, one can select to buy that item with the gems, though it would be expensive so try not to use that, it is not recommended. 

Although, no limit has been put on the number of recipes.

The choice is yours, you can make a lot of recipes per day if you have the ingredients.

Each time a recipe is completed, the slot cooldown for a little while.

Ghostly Greenhouse

As you have been told about the pets and Stages and Stars that are helpful to have an upper hand in the game.

Similarly, a ghostly greenhouse is also helpful.  It helps in the regeneration of the energy and is also known as the regeneration hub.

It’s a good option to use those hard-earned coins or maybe the blue shards to buy new plants.

The plants elevate the energy regeneration rate. 

All players begin with the Possessed Lillies, getting 15 energy/hour. As the other options are not so good. 

Both the choice of your garden and the number of slots will improvise as the levels are gained.

Whenever a level is gained, go to the greenhouse to check if a new slot has been unlocked.

If there is, you should use some of your coins to unlock a slot permanently for other plants.

If you have enough gems, you can spend those to pull up the level requirement for an unpurchased and new slot.

Puzzle Adventure Redeem Codes 2022

  • Promo codes are very helpful to accomplish difficult tasks and offer a great help whenever a player feels stuck.
  • The codes are very helpful in regaining energy. It is one of the smart tricks that can be used to get the rewards, accumulate coins and other prizes in the game but unfortunately, there is no reliable information under the puzzle adventure redeem codes head till now.
  • You’ll be updated immediately if there any redeemable codes available, so keep a close check. 

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Puzzle Adventure is a wonderful and exciting game, one must play this amazing game as it has exclusive features.

The guide to puzzle adventure redeem codes, puzzle adventure walkthrough, and Puzzle adventure mystery clue, all have been provided in the article above. 

Learn to analyze and understand the explanations for murder cases. Try to accumulate valuable items.

It is best played on android and is a satisfying answer to puzzle adventure games android.

Interacting with strange creatures in the unexplored world can prove to be really helpful. 

Players must strive to seek answers to the reality that is hidden behind a trial of murder cases.

Fight with monsters, Solve puzzles, regenerate energy, analyze rooms, and surely you will be in a win-win situation! 

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