How to use a PS5 controller on a PS4 Best Guide 2023

If you own a PS5 or a PS5 digital edition, the question of whether you can use a PS5 controller on a PS4 must have hit you.

And if you can, how is it possible to connect the DualSense to your PS4? 

There are, of course, valid reasons why these questions are popping into your head.

We have seen it earlier and have already used a PS4 controller with PS5.

So people want to know now if it is possible to use a PS5 controller with PS4. 

Can you use PS5 Controller on a PS4? 

The answer to that is simple. The PS5 controller is not compatible with PS4.

But as players have been obsessing to use the DualSense controller, there is a hack to do that.

We understand it can be very tempting to use the new sleek gamepad even if you don’t have PlayStation 5, and that is why you can try this method.

This involves cleverly using the PlayStation Remote Play app. You will also need a PC or laptop to work as a middleman.

Keep a USB cable handy to connect the PS5 controller on PC, or else the cable that comes with the packaging of the controller will also work. 

Follow these few simple steps to connect you are black PS5 controller on PC: 

Should you Connect a Custom PS5 controller on a PS4? 

If you only have a DualSense controller, and there is no DualShock or any other kind of controller compatible with PS4, then it is understandable that you want to use a PS5 controller on a PS4. 

But remember that doing this won’t be the same as using PS5. You will not be able to enjoy the full range of features of the DualSense controller.

The PS4 games will not do justice to the controller.

You will not get the next-gen experience. The adaptive triggers and haptic feedback won’t function for PS4 games.

These features will only help you in the games played on PlayStation 5.

Nevertheless, you can go for the Remote Play method if you don’t plan to buy PS5 in the near future.

Furthermore, there are allegations that DualSense starts drifting after being used for approximately 417 hours.

So, it is only wise to save the time for future when you can play on PS5. 

Do Ps5 controllers work on PS4?

As discussed earlier, it can be made to work. After all, the PS5 controller is very attractive.

There are a lot of websites that sell custom PS5 controllers.

Already it is sleek and looks stylish, but you can make your hardware one of its kind.

You can use different types of skin and grip handle covers for your controller.

The interesting fact is there are even customisations available to put your picture or name on the skin, print the pictures of your favourite game, movie or football team.

Recently everybody has been using a custom PS5 controller

The black PS5 controller is in demand the most. Black is a classic colour and it looks like a perfect gaming tool.

Apart from the black PS5 controller, there are Original White and Cosmic Red. 

Can you use the PS4 controller on PS5?

We have already answered the question to “Can you use PS4 controller on PS5?” Yes, you can. In fact, it is very easy to connect the devices.

They do not require any extra app or anything. Just find a micro USB cable that can be connected to the DualShock 4 pad.

Switch on the controller and press the middle button of the gamepad.

Keep holding it until the light flashes. PS5 will ask you who is using the controller.

You give them information and that’s how easy it is to connect.

This must-have answered, “Can you use PS4 controller on PS5?” 

How long PS5 controller’s Battery Last? 

Ideally, DualSense should have a longer battery life than DualShock4 with a ballpark of a maximum of about 12 hours of charge.

The PS5 controller charger uses a USB-C charging port. As you know, USB-C charges much faster than micro USB.

Also, the reversible cable is very handy as you can put the USB-C charging cable into the PS5 controller charger in any way. 

Final word

People like using a PS5 controller on a PS4 and this controller can easily be called one of the best gamepads till now.

The appearance of the controller is definitely different from the PS4’s and it feels premium. The buttons and the D-pad are positioned in a way to have a good amount of travel.

The best part is the triggers. The triggers get a lot more travel space and Sony has introduced a new adaptive technology.

They make you feel you are actually pulling the trigger of a gun while playing. The developers have also built-in strong resistance to create tension. 

You have got your answer to “Do PS5 controllers work on PS4?” The PS5 controller definitely provides an amazing gaming experience.

The joysticks operate smoothly and fluidly.

The haptic feedback everyone is talking about helps in shaking different parts of the controller separately with as much rigour as you want.

For example, if you are playing Astro’s Playroom, you will feel the left and right sides of the controller shake slightly when the main character moves forward, matching with the footsteps.

Isn’t that so immersive? It feels like you are actually the main character of the game.

However, if you use a PS5 controller on a PS4 you won’t be able to enjoy these features completely.

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