How to Play Minecraft PS5 on Next-Gen Console 2023? 

How to Play Minecraft PS5 on Next Gen Console 2023? “Is Minecraft on PS5?” “How to get Minecraft on PS5?” 

Questions like these have been popping up in many heads these days.

If you are also caught up with the same, you are just at the right place.

In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Minecraft PS5. 

Is Minecraft on PS5? 

While the Minecraft PS5 edition is not an actual thing as of now, you can easily play the popular game on the PS5 console by following some simple instructions.

The PS4 edition is also possible with the PS5, and all you have to do is make a simple purchase and install it from the PlayStation Store on your device.

It is going to work in more or less the same way as it does on PS4. You may even make use of PSVR as well, in case you need to. 

You can play Minecraft on PS5 consoles. Isn’t that much of a relief?

Now, users will easily be able to prepare and bring in a personal blocky world, directly on their next-gen consoles.

Well, now the question is how to download Minecraft on PS5 or precisely your console? 

Let’s have a look. 

How to get Minecraft on PS5 consoles next-gen?

To get Minecraft on PS5 consoles, you must carefully follow all the steps provided below: 

  • To get PS5 Minecraft on your next-gen consoles, all you need to do is simply head to the PlayStation Store on your device.
  • You can just visit the official PS5 Store page by clicking on this link
  • As soon as you reach the webpage, go on to make the purchase and get the game.
  • Next, boot up the PS5 console. 
  • After this, reach the game library. Now here, you must be able to find Minecraft.
  • Just add the Minecraft PS5 game to the list of your downloads and wait till it completely installs.
  • Once the installation process has finished, go to the list of all the installed games and search for Minecraft PS5.
  • Simply tap on it and open the game. Now, you will easily be able to enjoy Minecraft PS5.  


There is also one more method for getting the Minecraft PS5 edition. This involves the Physical Disc of the game on PS5. 

  • For this method, you will have to get a physical replica of Minecraft as well as a disc edition of the PS5.
  • Now, simply put the disc into your PS5 console and launch the game directly.

More you need to know about Minecraft PS5 consoles 

The primary issue with newly playing Minecraft on PS5 is the point that it lacks a certain number of features.

This has been indicated in a disclaimer provided by Sony.

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft PS5 isn’t an actual thing as of now.

In other words, the developers of the game haven’t configured it for the PlayStation 5 yet and are awaiting a new update regarding the same.

The release date for Minecraft PS5 hasn’t been announced yet and there is no certainty. Let’s see what more there is to know about it. 

Can we expect a Minecraft PS5 update? If yes, when?

Console-specific versions of the popular Minecraft game are heritage games.

The decision had been made sometime before to create an even better extensive experience for all the gamers playing Minecraft.

This was completed in the Bedrock version of the game.

It was most likely influenced to some degree by the desire for cross-play gaming as well as the ability to play such types of games with friends regardless of the platform you are using.

As a result, there will very certainly be a PS5-exclusive edition of Minecraft.

However, will there be an upgrade to the Minecraft game for the PS5 to make use of its new elements and abilities?

At the time of writing, there has been no official confirmation that work on an enhanced PS5 version of Minecraft Bedrock is underway.

That is also not a huge surprise.

As the proprietors of Minecraft PS5, Microsoft is unlikely to hurry out a more recent version of the game to all users of Sony.

All things kept in mind, they would probably have to postpone this one thing for a while to entice more players to their foundation.

On the balance of probabilities, you can most likely expect an updated version to appear in the end. We just don’t know when and well, nobody does.

Be it as it may, in the meanwhile, if such caverns and precipices do appear, you should be able to appreciate exploring them in any case. 

Wrapping up 

So that was all about Minecraft PS5 and playing it on your consoles.

We are aware of the effect the popular game has on everyone and how everyone awaits the Minecraft PS5 edition.

However, since the launch date for the same is nowhere to be verified yet, you must not miss out on playing the game on your consoles.

Follow the instructions provided above and have fun playing! 

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