Secret Tricks How to Get Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem Content 2022

Many gamers around the world prefer Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem Content to the basic content that is available in the Garden Warfare series.

The extra content that people are really curious about only comes with the deluxe edition.

Fans of the Plants vs Zombies series would know that a lot of these games come in two different versions: The base version and the deluxe edition version.

EA has made sure if people are paying more price, they would be getting content that is not available in the base version which comes at a lesser price.

You are in the right place if you are looking for Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem content’s information or process.

Before we hop on to that, you should also have an idea how to redeem deluxe edition content.

All of that information is given in the article below.

What are the Extra Things you Get with The Deluxe Edition?

Plants vs Zombies Garden redeem content is different from game to game.

The Garden Warfare 2 game was one of the most popular games in the franchise.

As the name suggests, the main categories in the game are plants and Zombies.

If you plan on carrying out the process of Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem, you must have an idea about the things that are available in the deluxe edition.

This costs a little more than the base game but gives you a lot of extra features as well.

The increase in amount is worth the increase in things you get than the base game.

How to redeem deluxe edition content is not very difficult as well and it is discussed a little later.

4 sticker pack bonuses are available in the digital deluxe edition.

These can be redeemed easily and the first three packs are very random but useful.

The last and fourth pack rewards you with a massive amount of coins which are very beneficial for better gameplay in the future.

Garden Warfare 2 is a sequel worth remembering to Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem contents 2022 includes an exclusive accessories pack for plant class.

As you might already know, this game is a third person shooter game which basically means that the other people in the virtual room would be able to see your character, sometimes even real close.

In a situation like this, you would very well want to make your characters look the best, be it from the plant class or the zombie class.

This brings us to the second thing that is available in the deluxe edition along with the base game (obviously) is a pack for amazing customisation of the characters in The Zombie class.

Apart from customizations, there is a “phenomenal character pack” which can unlock a different variant of a plant or a zombie.

This brings uniqueness to the game and is definitely appreciated by all the gamers.

200,000 coins are what you get when you open the fourth pack.

This is very beneficial since a lot of customisation and character unlock can be done using these coins which will pace up your gameplay altogether.

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How to redeem Deluxe Edition Content?

Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem procedure is not difficult at all.

This is what makes the deluxe edition even more enticing for all people who love the franchise “Plants vs Zombies”.

First of all, make sure that your EA account is linked to the game.

One of the first things that you have to do in this game is kill a lot of Zombies and then head onto a field area where a circle is made.

If you are inside the circle when the timer ends, you will progress in the game and if the situation is exactly the opposite of what is mentioned, you will die and the game will not progress.

Once you are in the circle when the timer finishes, there will appear a cutscene and you will immediately be transferred to a lobby.

This is where the Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem procedure takes place.

Check through the messages in the lobby and find the one which has a particular claim rewards button.

This will lead you to a gifts tab which is exactly where you have to carry out the process of Plants vs Zombies Garden Redeem.

If you have the deluxe edition, four sticker packs would be available in front of you when you open the gifts tab, which you can then redeem.


The deluxe edition of Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is recommended over the base version.

It does not even cost that much in 2022 but the rewards you get as compared to the base game is quite commendable.

This is the reason why if you are a real fan of the third person shooter genre in the PvZ franchise, you should definitely go and get the deluxe edition before following the steps and redeeming the exclusive content you get with the deluxe edition. Enjoy the game.

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