How many types of Pikmin Bloom Flowers 2022? 

Pikmin Bloom Flowers are a fundamental part of Niantic’s latest mobile game, Pikmin Bloom. The thrill of the game is that it is location-based just like Pokemon Go.

This game offers you a real-life experience. Whenever you go for a walk you can turn on the game and plant flowers on your way.

The more you walk, you will see more Pikmin join your squad.

Your only task in the game is to collect flower petals from the head of Pikmins and plant them while walking, leaving a trail of colors and happiness wherever you go. 

What are Pikmin Bloom Flowers? 

Pikmin can be described as sentient plant creatures who come in different colors and have unique abilities.

All Pikmin Blooms look very similar, coming in a humanoid body shape, their heads are shaped like a large bulb, and they have big round eyes, two arms, and legs along with hands and feet which have only three fingers.

From their head arises a tall stem that has a single five-petaled flower.

However, each one of them has a different color and they wear a different kind of flower.

That is why these are called Pikmin Bloom Flowers.

You need to pluck the flowers and plant them along the way.

As you go ahead in the game more Pikmin Blooms are added and they work very well in groups, helping you solve puzzles with real-time strategy. 

You will be able to collect new seeds in your backpack and if you want to grow them into a complete Pikmin, you are required to walk a certain number of steps.

If you feed nectar to the Pikmins they will start blooming more Pikmin Bloom flowers on their head, which will provide you petals to plant flowers on your walks. 

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How many types of flowers in Pikmin Bloom? 

If you are a fan of the game you already know how many types of flowers in Pikmin Bloom are there. 

1. White Flowers 

White flowers are very common in the game.

When you plant the white petals into a big flower, they can produce any color.

And these petals are the only ones that can bloom into whatever color you want. 

2. Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers are the second most common Pikmin Bloom, right after the white ones.

But unlike the white flower, the yellow petals can only produce yellow flowers. 

3. Red Flowers 

Red flowers are rarer than the other two. When the red petals bloom, they grow up to be red flowers.

4. Blue Flowers 

Blue flowers are the rarest to find among all Pikmin Bloom flowers.

You can grow these flowers by only planting blue petals. They can be quite tough to catch and plant in the game. 

The flowers are basically same with different colours and rarity. They don’t add much to the gameplay of Pikmin Bloom flowers

Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom

Big Pikmin Bloom flowers are an important part of the game.

The big flowers help in providing you with nectar which is important for the Pikmin to bloom faster.

To get a big flower you need to plant several small flowers around it or inside it.

The important part is that you place the petals in a specific way.

The bigger plants included in the Pikmin ecosystem are capable of producing various types of fruits.

Whenever you want, you can command your Pikmin squad to collect these fruits. Planting big flowers is a very simple process. 

If you are to find a big flower remember to look for public locations and significant spots in your locality.

Whenever you are passing by churches, community centers, or other such landmarks you will find a big flower planted there.

They mostly grow in such areas and even if they are not fully grown, it is easy to identify them.

You can see Iarge sprouts growing right from the ground. 

Going out to find Big flowers in Pikmin Bloom all by yourself might look a little silly, it should be community work.

There are two options to hit the flower count in the game, one is that you make sure to walk to a new spot every day, and the other option is that you become a part of a community and let them help you. 

Once the flower count is reached, the Big flowers in Pikmin Bloom can grow rare fruit.

Then you can send your Pikmin on expeditions to collect them.

Whichever flower surrounds the big flower while it is growing will determine what will be the color of it.

What kind of rare fruit this flower drops depend on the color of the big flower.

So, it is important to mix and match different flowers around a big flower so that you can get different types of fruits. 

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How can you plant Pikmin Bloom Flowers? 

The first step is to collect petals that grow on the head of your Pikmin.

To choose the petals, you need to tap on the flower icon, next to your whistle on the main screen.

Choose the color of petals you want and start walking.

You only get a certain amount of time to plant flowers.

That time depends on how many flowers you have on hand.

You just need to walk around the area and the petals will automatically get planted beneath your feet. 

Most probably you will only be able to plant two or three petals every minute.

Remember, if you plant two petals in the same area by mistake, there will be a 5-minute cooldown period, so you will lose time.

It is important that you keep walking around to make the most out of the time. 

Final Words 

These are all types of Pikmin Bloom flowers you need to know about. Every time you go on a walk you will come across them.

Although they do not add any value to the game, the flowers make the area beautiful, and planting flowers is the whole point of the game.

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