No Mans Sky Expedition 8 Best Guide 2022

No Mans Sky Expedition 8: Want to know about more about the No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 update?

If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on the update and the phases of the expedition.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on NMS Polestar expedition phases and its rewards.

I am a professional content writer since 2012 and a gamer, I have been a big fan of the game No Man’s Sky and all its updates are amazing and therefore I wanted to guide on the new No Man’s Sky Freighter update.

Polestar introduces the new No Man’s Sky Freighter update

Polestar has upgraded the ability of the freighter with the new update and also fixes lot of bugs. 

The No Man’s Sky Expedition 8 is a whole lot better than that of the previous update as focuses more on narrative focused adventure where the gamer would be the captain of the interstellar cruise like heavy shipping freighter and you will have overcome challenges across the galaxy.

Earlier update had rogue like inspired mechanics but in this update the polestar will start by repairing your freighter and then only move on to investigating the thing that stranded your freighter in the open space.

As like the previous update, polestar will only last six weeks and you can unlock new rewards which will help your freighter upgrade its exhaust pipes to help it shoot miniature black holes and also has new building decorations such as the Navigation Archive, Data Display Unit, and Flaming Barrel.

With the new update, you can see that your Freighter consist of a technology slot with a hyper drive and you need to Charge that with warp fuel.

Then you can go on to the freighter’s bridge and after which move to the Freighter’s Warp Map and you will see a terminal opening the galaxy map, thereby allowing you to choose your expedition area and you need to choose your expedition area wisely so as to complete the objectives of the game and earn rewards.

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No Mans Sky Expedition 8 Phases and Steps

Expedition are missions that you should finish in order to make progress in the game and each expedition have five phases and you need to complete all the five phases in order to achieve the objective and to unlock the final reward of the expedition.

The expedition phase is split into 5 phases and steps to surpass it.

Each phase consist of its own set of objectives and if you complete the set of objectives, you will yield rewards which will help you move further through the expedition.

Each phase has its own set of rewards and objectives.

The reward will help you to improve your character and also provide with weapons which will help you to complete the other phases of the game.

The expedition starts with what you call the Emergency in No Man’s Sky and to complete the phase you need to follow the following steps:

  • At first you have to log in to the game and start a new game by using the No Man’s Sky’s main menu and then choose the option of Community Expedition and initialise the expedition and the expedition 8 will begin as you will find yourselves in the freighter’s main room along with the captain of the ship.
  • Then you have to verify your Freighter’s log and for this you would need to find the captain of the ship and communicate with him.
  • While communicating with the ship’s captain, you will see the option of “Access Ship’s Log” in the dialect box. 
  • Click on the option of “Access Ship’s Log” in the dialect box and after clicking on the option, you will see that the captain is changing from one system to anther system as the engine has failed to work and also other parts of the ship has broken down and therefore you will not be able to continue your journey until and unless you make the necessary repairs and you have to do it fast otherwise the ship will sunk.
  • This will therefore complete the phase and the gamer will be getting a number of rewards for completing the phase like that of Star ship Inventory Slot x2, Salvaged Frigate Module, Wiring Loom x2, Cargo Bulkhead, and Purple Paint Freighter Customization.
  • For achieving this rewards, you would need to go to the option of Expedition tab and after which click on the completed milestone option.

As soon as you click on the completed option, you will get the following rewards:

  • Pilgrim, Polestar, and Heavy Shipping Posters
  • High-Gravity Freighter Trail
  • Outlaw Building Decorations
  • Fleet Commander’s Cape
  • Child of Helios Companion

Final Words

In this article we have described all the phases and rewards of No Man’s Sky Expedition 8. 

Therefore you will find any hindrance while playing the game and in turn completing your challenges.

The update has brought a whole lot of changes in the freighter and have therefore make the game a lot more interesting and adventurous


How do you download the app?

The apps can be downloaded from the official website of the developers and for android mobiles, you may download the app from the Play Store.

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