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All Leviathan steps, rewards, tips

Leviathan is a huge expedition, as its name suggests.

As they work with Specialist Polo to solve the mystery of the odd loop that has plagued the space-time continuum, travellers will need to apply all of their survival abilities.

He believes that the amazing, almost mythological space creature known as the Leviathan is to blame for this bizarre occurrence, but he will need the community’s assistance to properly comprehend the situation and break the curse.

Expedition VII Leviathan hits No Man’s Sky

The Leviathan Expedition is available right now and for the next six weeks.

Around July 6, it should be over.

After finishing the assignment, don’t forget to go collect your earlier gifts from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion on the Anomaly on your other saves!

Players will encounter death more than once while attempting to aid Polo in his research, but in a rogue-like fashion, each death enables the players and their fellow expedition members to contribute to the group effort and draws the lifting of the curse closer.

Every reincarnation wipes out some of the work that each player has made, but players are given the chance to start over with a procedurally generated beginning load out, the quality of which only becomes better as the community effort grows and the incentives for taking on this adventure.

A mini Organic Frigate for the player’s base, a Temporal Starship Trail, the Whale stalker Cloak, and the first-ever living frigate, an impressive tentacled and spectacular beast, are just a few of the spoils to pick up along the way.

The ultimate reward is the first living frigate to add to their freighter fleet.

The seventh expedition in No Man’s Sky, Leviathan, will be different from the others because it is on permadeath mode, which means that if you die, you will sort of lose all of your progress.

The good news is that as this is a community-led expedition, you will still be able to contribute to its advancement through a number of milestones that will open up improved technological advancements that will support the expedition’s overall success.

Each player will begin on the scorched planet Christole Oich, which is located at a random POI and is 300–600 miles away from their crashed spacecraft.

A random solar ship with 11+9+3 slots serves as the starting spacecraft.

A random 9-slot rifle with an installed Scanner, Analysis Visor, and a damaged Terrain Manipulator serves as the starting Multi-tool.

The global advancement of the search for the Universal Loop is reflected in both the Starship and Multi-tool classes.

Starship and Multi-tool remain S-class when Memory Fragments are upgraded to X-class.

The 18+8+0 slots on the exosuit are filled with a memory fragment, a portable refiner, a save point, and five ion batteries (Exosuit).

The first appearance of the avatar is generated at random.

A C-class Freighter with 16+8 slots that the player also owns is not equipped with a Hyperdrive and cannot appear to have one installed.

The player starts the game knowing the following blueprints:

  • Crafted Products
  • Antimatter
  • Antimatter Housing
  • Warp Cell
  • Equipment
  • Boltcaster
  • Hyperdrive
  • Constructed Technology
  • Construction Research Unit
  • Portable Refiner
  • Save Beacon
  • Signal Booster
  • Construction Parts

Several timber construction components.

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Leviathan Expedition phases and steps

The Leviathan Expedition involves five key phases.

There are several extra milestones for each of those.

Always keep in mind that reaching each milestone will result in important benefits that will hasten your advancement.

This applies to materials, warp drives, and supreme modifications.

As you advance, make sure to collect each milestone prize before continuing!

Before departing the solar system you’re in, we advise that you review all five phases of this expedition.

Many tasks can be done without the requirement for immediate warp travel thanks to the systems that Hello Games usually employs.

Additionally, it should be noted that the “optional” milestones at the conclusion of each stage appear to be objectives for community research.

Phase 1

Similar to the majority of other expeditions, this one begins with traveling to your ship.

This is crucial since, in Survival mode, the starting planet will kill you in a flash.

After you’ve reached safety and comfort in your flying house, you can worry about the expedition’s true “first” step, “Remembrance.”

Simply locate the black and white ship icon on your compass, then dash over to the sinking ship.

Given that Expeditions have players begin in the same location, you ought to see it next to a number of other ships.

Remember to access your main menu, choose the “Expedition” page, then press “Collect Reward” after achieving each milestone.

However, the initial step in phase one is to “retrieve a prior existence.”

Although it may seem like something you need to search for in the outside world, you already have it in your possession.

To “Absorb Memory,” locate a Memory Fragment item in your inventory and interact with it. Essentially, this is a loot box.

Depending on the type of memory fragment you unlocked, it will yield a free good or piece of technology, such a coolant network to guard against severe heat damage.

Install every required technology as soon as you open it.

The third step, “Observing the Cycle,” merely refers to fixing your ship. Now let’s try to do it.

From your Milestone rewards, you should be able to get some of what you need.

To fix the pulse engine, we still require a metal plating and a hermetic seal.

You can craft these items by selecting any available slot in your Exosuit inventory by clicking on it. Only 50 Ferrite Dust are required for plating.

Simply leave your ship and mine this resource from nearby rocks; it’s one of No Man’s Sky’s most prevalent materials.

After the spacecraft has been repaired, it’s time to launch into space and call up the Space Anomaly from your Quick Menu (X on the keyboard by default).

This is where things become challenging… Ancestral Memories, Liquid Sun, and/or Somnal Dust are just a few of the materials Specialist Polo, who can be found in the Space Anomaly’s upper floor viewing area, will ask you for after speaking with you.

Your record will show three separate “Loop Research” quests that each want one of these things.

Thankfully, each quest provides directions on where and how to acquire a specific type of resource.

This indicates that you have a few options for how to move forward. Harvesting Liquid Sun is the simplest of all.

The previous Milestone was supposed to have given you the design for the “Solar Ray” multi-tool attachment.

If you haven’t already made or gathered Magnetized Ferrite and Cobalt, you can find more of each on the starting planet.

Also available are Galactic Trade Terminals, which can be found on adjacent space stations, in Trade Outposts, or if one spawns near your starting ship.

Try using your gun to “mine” any nearby animals if you don’t have enough units to acquire everything you need.

This will result in Meaty Chunks and other food products that sell for a respectable sum of money.

That concludes the opening section of Expedition 7! It is time for the next.

Here is a list of all the milestones that have been reached thus far.

Remembrance – Recall a previous life through .

A new beginning – Arrive at your spacecraft.

Observing the Cycle – viewing the loop

Repeat and iterate – Die

Bounds testing – Polo find patterns in the loop by testing.

The first anchor point is attained.

Wake the Past (Optional) – Build the Memory Resonator.

Phase 2

It would be quite simple to start work on two more future Milestones at this time.

It is possible to speak to three aliens from each of the three main subspecies—Gek, Korvax, and Vy’keen—and acquire the “Universal Language.”

On any space station, you can discover meandering NPC aliens.

Whether it’s an illegal or regular station. In order to acquire words in their language, “request dialect guidance.”

Just keep conversing with every alien you come across as you make your way through the stations in your hyperdrive jumps toward Anchor Point 2.

Every station usually has a mixture of all three aliens.

While you’re there, improve your Exosuit inventory by paying Units at the Exosuit upgrade pods located on each station. Although not required, this is a tremendous assistance.

This is how this section should appear.

Anchor point 2-Make it to the second anchor point.

Crave the stars – Feel their thirst 

The Anchor -Create a base on a world that is invaded 

Universal language -3 words from each foreign language should be learned 

Attonment – extraterrestrial creature as atonement

Fallen giants – View the scene of a freighter collision .

Complete the second universal loop to achieve perpetuity.

When phase two is finished. A-Class Memory Fragments are yours if you successfully accomplish the optional Milestone of assisting Polo with his studies (making subsequent loops even easier).

You get a Temporal Starship Trail customization as part of your aesthetic improvement.

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Phase 3

If you heeded the advice in the preceding section, you ought to have already been able to accomplish some of those side goals along the way. , “Call of the Void,” etc.

However, Whispering Eggs can still be found on the infected planet or at Abandoned Buildings located using the Signal Booster.

The third grave requires interaction before you may create your own Memory Fragment.

To do this, you need Pugneum, Wiring Looms, and Silver, which you can easily obtain by shooting asteroids in space.

The Storm Crystals and Units are the only things left. You may already have the 1,000,000 Units required for “Taking It with You” at this point, according to the odds.

If not, sell items, take on side missions from the mission agent at space stations, shoot pirates, etc. It’s really simple, really!

Storm Crystals are more difficult, however manageable if you know where to seek.

Only “extreme weather” planets—worlds with extremely hot, poisonous, frosty, etc.—have these suckers.

During those severe storms, Storm Crystals can be found on the ground.

During those storms, they are indicated by a yellow lightning-bolt indicator on your Analysis Visor. If Storm Crystals are produced by the planet.

Extreme weather planets are everywhere, but any planet having “active” materials would undoubtedly have extreme weather.

Only intense storms allow for the spawn of activated indium, activated copper, etc.

In relation to it, the fourth Anchor Point planet is where you can obtain Activated Copper and Storm Crystals.

Find the required Storm Crystals by proceeding to the “Anchor Point 4” Milestone! Just be cautious because severe storms can be dangerous.

Consider constructing a Minotaur bay and advancing with your mech.

Storm Crystals can be collected by the Minotaur without you having to step out of the vehicle and proceed on foot.

Phase 4

Anchor Point 4 – Reach the fourth anchor point

Monomania – Witness their folly

Hot Pursuit – Smuggle contraband (500,000 Units worth in total)

Banished Glass – Shut down a planet’s Sentinel forces

Pugneum Dreams – Eliminate Sentinels (20 in total)

Cluster Horde – Earn Nanites (2,000 in total)

A Way Out? (Optional) – Complete the fourth universal loop.

Phase 5

Further warping Target sweeping continues. Every step is familiar to you.

Then, if you haven’t already, you can simply complete the “Partners in Time” Milestone along the route.

Simply bring five shipments of ancestral memories, liquid sun, or somnal dust to Polo.

The most effective item to farm quickly on Derelict Freighters is definitely the Somnal Dust.

The item can be purchased in large quantities in a single run.

Not to mention that we already have a required Derelict Freighter coming shortly.

So if you haven’t yet finished “Partners in Time,” concentrate on “Anchor Point 5” and “Another Chance” first. That manner, we can accomplish two goals at once.

Until you finish “Another Chance,” none of the following three steps will have names in your Expedition record.

Simply as you advance, the names and demands become available.

A Shattered Past, The Siren, and Leviathan are their names.

The last two are quite simple, but “A Shattered Past” needs additional clarification.

A large collection of Memory Fragments, the Title: Looper customization, Leviathan Expedition Decal plans, and a Leviathan Expedition Banner are all rewards for completing phase five of the Leviathan Expedition.

You get The Leviathan as a Frigate for your Freighter fleet as a prize for finishing Expedition 7: Leviathan in its entirety!

Final Words

Here we provided the best guide for how to play No Man’s Sky Expedition 7 Leviathan 2022.

We sincerely hope the details provided were helpful.

You can leave your recommendations in the comment section, if you have any questions or need clarification. Moreover, we expect your valuable feedback.


Is no man’s sky expedition 7 available on pc?

The new expedition is available now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Can you beat no man’s sky?

You can’t really beat the game because it has no end.

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