How to Play Mushroom Wars 2 Best Guide 2022 & Cheats 

Mushroom Wars 2 is a strategy based game that was launched by Zillion Whales. Users will be able to enjoy the game on both PC as well as mobile devices.

For starters, Mushroom Wars 2 is a pretty simple and direct game and players will certainly have a great time playing it.

However, when it comes to mastering the game, things can get a little tricky. 

If you are someone just getting started with the game or planning to, we are sure that you must be looking for some quick tips, tricks & strategies to play Mushroom Wars 2.

If yes, you have just stumbled upon the right article! 

The following article will brief you on how to deal with the protein-rich mushrooms and how to lead your mushroom armies to victory in this terrific game.

These tips, tricks & strategies will help you conquer the game in no time

So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

About Mushroom Wars 2

In Mushroom Wars 2, the player would have to command the army of the little, adorable mushrooms to win over a war with not so little body count.

The game requires you to capture a range of structures while also properly managing the troop deployments.

In Mushroom Wars 2 there is no unit or allies.

The only element here is the commands of the character or the hero in the game that will determine your entire gameplay. 

The position of your army along with the ideal time for the movements of the troops is immensely important in Mushroom Wars 2.

A you must put considerable emphasis on how they move around the map. 

Keep in mind that your hero has to be attentive and take his chance while also seeking weak spots in the opposite team.

This will help him in attacking the enemy efficiently and successfully. 

While conquering territory, attack your adversary and make them bleed! 

With amazing graphics and beautiful art featuring little shrooms, this game would surely consume a lot of your time.

A seemingly easy yet brainstorming gameplay is a notable element of Mushroom Wars 2. 

How to Lead Mushroom Armies To Victory

This is a pretty obvious question that the majority of players wish to understand. 

The guide is to direct you not only on how to lead your mushroom armies to victory but also to understand the gameplay in a better way.

Though Mushroom Wars 2 also has single-player gameplay, the following guide focuses on multiplayer

To begin with, the player first needs to complete the multiplayer game mode as the single-player one can’t be unlocked otherwise.

Another way to unlock is to give away some cash to unlock this campaign mission. 

These little mushrooms are cute but deadly at the same time.

The basic trick to winning any battle is about taking the right decision at the right time.

Besides, use the mushroom soldiers but not without a certain strategy – this would ensure your victory in a short period.

There are many other features in the main game you require to pay attention to. 

We can understand all your queries and concerns regarding the gameplay of Mushroom Wars 2.

So without further delay, let’s begin with some winning strategies in our Mushroom Wars 2 Beginner’s Guide

Here, you would get to know how to dominate your enemies and how to lead mushroom armies to victory!

The guide includes all the crucial points that one needs to be careful about while playing this unique game. 

Mushroom Wars 2 Beginner’s Guide

Let’s now take a look at some of the most precise points that can guide a beginner well to play Mushroom Wars 2.

The Tips, Tricks & Strategies to ace Mushroom Wars 2 are as follows: 

Update Your Buildings Regularly

Many players make the mistake of focusing merely on the buildings and the enemy.

One must remember that rushing into a building does not ensure your victory in the game. 

If you start it with quite a few troops, then it is probably like committing a big mistake.

You don’t have enough points for your buildings to stand the attack, and you would decrease the protection of the other buildings as well.

It is like placing a big “Attack here and lower my defences” symbol in front of the building if it is invaded and attacked blindly. 

So the best option for you would be to upgrade the buildings in such a case.

In simple words, you must first focus on strengthening your defences and only then proceed to attack your enemy. 

Remember To Collect The Free Chest 

The second tip is probably the easiest of all. Players must keep in mind to acquire their free chest in Mushroom Wars 2 after every 4 hours.

These chests include plenty of useful stuff and they are usually bought in exchange for real-world currency.

Well, on the other hand, you will also find a free chest that you can easily collect in the game without having to pay anything.

Therefore, you must always remember to visit the Shop after every four hours and claim your free item! 

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Do Not Invade the Empty Buildings 

In Mushroom Wars 2 if you enter into the empty buildings, then that will bear you no fruit. Rather, employ your troops to update your buildings. 

As mentioned earlier, the main idea is to strengthen your defence skills and defence power before attacking the enemy.

This is true for the buildings that are near your opponent.

If you capture any building like this, the very first thing that the player should do is to upgrade it. 

By doing this it would decrease the number of possible routes for the enemy and consequently, he follows a specific route.

As you would now get an idea of the route that he will follow.

Use this strategy to establish a defence tower on that route. This is certainly a smart strategy. 

Significance of Towers

You must have a minimum of one tower working during any level of the game.

If you see unsafe and unprotected towers on the map, you must try to captivate them.

In case no towers are there, then converting one of your buildings into towers is the best thing.

In fact, by establishing a tower on the accurate spot, you could make your enemy follow a specific route and put all of your defences on the same route. 

Pick Your Hero Wisely 

It is important to select the hero wisely as per his skills.

This can be done by bringing him on the map and utilising his skills.

There are numerous heroes so choosing the relevant one is crucial as each one of them has a different skill set.

If you are a beginner then look for a player who has good defensive skills.

This would improve your defence and help you fight the powerful attacks of the enemies. 

Therefore, it is recommended to select Rudo, he would be perfect as the main hero.

Nothing needs to be paid for him as he is a free hero and he is also available from the beginning, which means no real money needs to be spent. 

Rudo can increase the protection of any building, increase the unit speed, and immediately capture an unprotected building. It is the best choice at the beginning.

Try to empower Rudo before chasing anyone. 

Additional Tips, Tricks & Strategies For Mushroom Wars 2 

Slithery Like A Snake

If you are wondering what slithery like a snake would mean in the game then we’ll brief you. 

In Mushroom Wars 2, it is a technique that is specific to the way the troops are made to stand.

Under this the garrison count is low, that is only about 30-50 men.

It is called Snake Maneuver, because this kind of maneuver, if executed properly, resembles the configuration of the cobra snake.

The front side of the formation bulges out like a cornet, with a line that looks like that of soldiers.

To make this structure, keep the troop deployment rate to just 25%, and quickly set the structure to send troops to the target.

This will guarantee a strong attack arrangement.

Moreover, you will also be able to thoroughly optimize the use of a few units this way.

This kind of a strategy might be used for the defence as a strong reinforcement technique as we generally want enormous garrison counts to defend the front row. 

Players will require smart troop setting to protectively pull off a Snake manoeuvre.

Move the troops carefully, and let them enter the backside from the front row. 

Timing Your Troop Deployments

Timing your troop deployment means having good time management when deploying the troops.  

Sometimes, it is a good idea to make your troops enter the front line from the rear immediately, rather than stopping them in the front of your buildings and towers.

While doing this, you may want to fortify the structures with the troops from the front as well? 

So make sure that the troops move out of the structures immediately as the troops from the rear side are going through them, so that the attack is intensified. 

This becomes important when attacking the villages as they can generate enemy troops even though they’re being assaulted.

You’ll want the attack to be quite intense so the enemy or the village doesn’t have enough time to regenerate the troops.

They won’t be able to protect themselves, which is making it difficult for reinforcements. 

Deployment Numbers 

Deployment numbers are located on the left-hand side of the display screen.

While fixing them, players must be truly conscious of where they are deploying the heroes from and what is the objective behind that. 

A safe range is 50-75% only when the deployment of the troops is installed at the front line.

In the beginning, almost everyone likes to choose Rudo as their hero.

It is however worth mentioning that in case you utilize his special power at the worst moment, the complete rear might get devastated!

Besides, in case Rudo is not there, then without him, the enemy may get the clear idea to bypass the prime fortified front line.

Consequently, he would invade the troops from the rear side, no matter how dangerous that might be.

Reinforce Before Upgrades

You would update buildings in the back before updating the villages which are positioned near the front, in case you haven’t already set the defensive garrisons there. 

Upgrading structures doesn’t come for free in Mushroom Wars 2. It is worth noting that it will rather cost you troops.

Players must keep in mind that a Village would generate only a limited quantity of troops in the game.

You can use them up to their maximum potential by sending them from one garrison to another to be able to strengthen them. 

Once you are convinced that the number of defenders is adequate on the front, upgradation can simply be done after that. 

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Mushroom Wars 2 Cheats 

If you have been rummaging the internet for Mushroom Wars 2 cheats, then you are at the right place.

There are a few of the cheats mentioned below that work both on PC as well as mobile.  

The Achievements and their cheats are as follows-    

•Winning 10 times in the multiplayer mode


•Destroying 10,000 units through towers


•Conquering 300 buildings of your opponent


•Completing the gameplay tutorial         

-Every Lesson Learned

•Win in the multiplayer campaign even having only one building

 -Just Luck

•Acquire All the campaign stars   


•Deploying all heroes in the multiplayer mode

-Gotta Catch ‘Em All

•First victory in the multiplayer game mode

-First Steps

•Achieving 200 campaign stars   

-Half Way Through

•Achieving top attack rating            

  -Locked and Loaded


As you could see for yourself, Mushroom Wars 2 features pretty fun and easy gameplay, to begin with.

The graphics and the concept are quite appealing as the little mushroom seems to be adored by everyone.

However, while playing the game, it is highly crucial for all the players to strategize and choose their hero wisely. 

We hope that after reading the above-mentioned Mushroom Wars 2 beginner’s guide, you would have got the answer to how to lead your mushroom armies to victory.

Some quick tips like timing your troop deployment and reinforcing before upgrades can truly help in boosting your gameplay to a great extent. 

Mushroom Wars 2 cheats are quite helpful in dealing with many difficult situations that the player might confront in the game.

The above-mentioned tips, tricks & strategies are quite intelligent ways to overcome the challenges in the game.

This is a must-try game if you like war and adventure and adore the little shrooms. 

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