Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2 Guide

Mobile Legends Bang Bang just got updated with a very Unique Update which brings various Major Changes in the game.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has been releasing its updates in the form of Project Next which targets the Revamp of some Old Heroes and make them even better.

But this update has brought some Major Changes to not only Heroes but also to Items, Builds, Jungle, Roam and any more.

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other MLBB heroes like Kaja, Hanzo, Nana, Clint, Hanabi, Badang, Alpha, Johnson, Beatrix, Argus, Zhask, Yve, Paquito, Balmond, Gatotkaca, Valir, Mobile Legends Tier List.

So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2 Guide 2021.

Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2- Revamped Heroes

Mobile Legends Karina

Mobile Legends Projext Next Phase 2
Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2 Guide

Karina is one of the earliest heroes in the game and also one of the earliest Assassin of the game.

Karina was already very powerful before the revamp but the update has made even stronger and has brought major changes to her Gameplay and Playing Style.

Changes in Skills:

Passive: Earlier Karina needed to deal 2 continuous damage to activate her Passive Damage. But now Karina needs 3 continuous damage to activate her Passive.

Karina also reduces her Skill 1 and Skill 2 cooldown, every time her Passive is activated.

Skill 1: Earlier Karina was just Immune to all types of Basic Attacks, but now it not only makes you immune to Basic Attacks but it also reflects some Damage to Caster of the Basic Attacks in the form of Magic Damage.

Karina when uses Skill 1, she gains a Dash on her next Basic Attack. Skill 1 ends whenever Karina uses her Basic Attack or Ultimate.

Ultimate: Karina’s Ultimate has changed Dramatically. Karina’s Ultimate was a simple Dash Skill which attacked her Target and reduced its Cooldown for Every Kill or Assist.

Revamped Karina’s Ultimate now deals High Damage to her Target by Marking her Target with Shadow Mark and also leaving a Shadow of her behind her Target.

Karina can dash back to her Shadow. Karina can only Reduce her Ultimate Skill’s Cooldown only by killing or getting an assist on her marked target.

Note that if the mark disappears and then you kill the Target then the Ultimate Cooldown will not be reduced.

Detailed Guide on Karina will be Uploaded soon

Mobile Legends Alpha

Mobile Legends Projext Next Phase 2
Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2 Guide

Passive and Skill 2 were tweaked a little by just giving a Buff to these Two Skills but there no Major changes in these 2 Skills. Passive deals more True Damage and Skill 2 gives better Heal.

Ultimate: Alpha’s Ultimate was changed drastically which has become a Major Game changer.

Alpha dashes to a designated direction and pulls all his enemies in the path. Alpha knocks all his enemies Airborne and commands Beta to shoot Lasers to his Targets.

Beta deals Physical Damage and also inflicts Stun to all his Targets.

Mobile Legends Minotaur

Passive: Rage accumulates faster and upon entering Rage State all of the Minotaur’s Skill’s cooldown will be reset.

Skill 2: after using this skill, Minotaur’s next Basic Attack will be enhanced for 5 seconds.

Detailed Guide on Minotaur will be Uploaded soon

Mobile Legends Sun

Skill 1: There are no Major changes on this Skill, but there is one change which is in favour of many Sun Players. Now Skill 1 will release a Doppelganger even though it has hit no Target.

Skill 2: Sun got revamped with a new Skill which shares its cooldown with Skill 1. This new Skill is named Swift Exchange and is Sun’s new Skill 2.

This skill when casted Sun will throw his Golden Staff and will leave a Doppelganger behind. When Golden Staff hits an Enemy or reached the end, Sun will appear at the End.

This Skill was added with the intention of tricking Enemies as earlier we knew that Sun only threw his Doppelganger towards us which made the fight very predictable.

Now with this Skill Sun can either throw Himself or his Doppelganger to secure his Kills.

Skill 3 Instantaneous Move: Earlier this skill was Sun’s Skill 2 but now with the introduction of a new skill this has become Skill 3.

This skill is similar to old skill but it has now Smarter AI for Doppelganger and also HP Bars of the Doppelganger is identical to Sun’s HP Bar.

Detailed Guide on Sun will be Uploaded soon

Mobile Legends Hero Adjustments

Mobile Legends Argus

Skill 2 will now deal continuous Damage even to the Jungle Creeps. This change makes it possible for Argus as Hyper Role.

Mobile Legends Zhask

Hive Clones now deals lesser damage and also has a Decay Effect on its damage.

Nightmaric Spawn has higher HP after casting Ultimate but has lower Basic Attack Damage.

Mobile Legends X.Borg

Fire Missiles got buffed. It deals higher damage to enemies and also Minions.

Ultimate now deals higher Damage but has lower damage on Fire Damage.

Mobile Legends Natalia

Natalia has HP increased. Now she can be played better in the role of Roaming.

Mobile Legends Lunox

Skill 2 of Lunox Chaos Assault now deals higher damage than before. Damage is proportional to Enemy’s Maximum HP.

Skill 2 also deals higher damage to creeps. Damage has increased from 1.5% – 3.5% to 3% – 7% of the Max HP. Maybe Lunox Hyper Role will be back with this Buff.

Mobile Legends Esmeralda

Esmeralda deals higher damage with her Skill Stardust Dance.

Mobile Legends Chang’e

Chang’e received a Nerf in this update.

Starmoon Shockwave now deals lesser damage to the enemies.

Meteor Shower now deals lesser damage to the enemies.

Mobile Legends Jawhead

Skill 2 Ejector now gives lower shield but now deals higher damage and also absorption of the damage by the shield in increased with increasing Physical Attack.

Mobile Legends Battlefield Adjustments

Damage Calculation

Now the algorithm for the damage calculation has been changed little bit. Earlier Fixed value Penetration was calculated first and then Percentage Penetration was calculated.

But now the algorithm will calculate Percentage Penetration first and then Fixed value Penetration. This is a Buff to all Heroes which has main Damage coming Penetration type Items like Blade of Heptaseas, Genius Wand, Malefic Roar, and Divine Glaive.

Due to the new Algorithm, now it is possible to have the combination of Items which have Fixed Value Penetration (Blade of Heptaseas, Genius Wand) and Percentage Penetration Items (Malefic Roar, Divine Glaive).

Jungle/Roam Item Adjustments

Hunter’s Knife and Roaming Mask were removed from this Update.

Jungle and Roam effects have been added to Boots which is way cheaper than before and Players can focus on getting their Core Items really quick.

Jungle Item Changes

Earlier there were dedicated items for Jungle Effects but now all of this effect has been added on the Boots in the form of Blessing.

Retribution spell is also adjusted to work in the favour of Jungler.
Retribution has 3 new Effects, they are Ice Retribution, Flame Retribution, and Bloody Retribution.

Ice Retribution

Deals a small amount of True Damage and steals Movement Speed from the enemy over 3s.

Flame Retribution

Deals a small amount of True Damage and stealing Physical Attack and Magic Power from the enemy over 3s.

Bloody Retribution

Deals a small amount of True Damage and stealing HP from the enemy over 3s.

Roaming Item Adjustments

Just like Jungle Items, Roaming Effects has also been added to Boots in the form of Blessing.

Blessings are Conceal, Encourage, Favour, and Dire Hit.

Conceal: The Movement Speed Boost greatly increased.

Encourage: Revamped it to be a Passive and removed the Movement Speed Boost.

Favor (New skill): Whenever the hero casts a healing or shield skill, it also restores HP for a nearby ally with the lowest HP. (Skills that only affect the hero itself do not trigger this effect).

Dire Hit (New skill): Whenever the hero damages a target which the Enemy HP up till 35% HP or below then, they’ll deal extra Physical and Magic Damage equivalent to a proportion of the enemy’s Max HP.

Note: Roaming Skills can only be obtained when you have the Lowest Gold in the team and also you have to collect 600 Gold from the Roaming Boots to unlock the Blessing effect.

If 2 or more players use Roaming Boots, then the only the player with Lowest Gold will receive the Gold and Blessing from the Item.

Other Players will not get any Gold and Blessing Effect, thus drastically delaying the farm of all the Players with Roaming Item.

Mobile Legends Equipment Adjustments

New Items List

War Axe

  • Attributes: +55 Physical Attack, +550 HP, +10% CD Reduction
  • Unique Passive – Berserk: Enter a battle stance upon dealing damage to any unit. This increases the hero’s Physical Attack by 8 and Physical Penetration by 4 each second for 3s, to a max of 8 stacks (and these effects are halved on Marksmen, Mages or Supports equipped with it); at full stacks Movement Speed will be increased by 20%.

Shadow Twinblades

  • Attributes: +55 Physical Attack, +550 HP, +10% CD Reduction
  • Unique Passive – Berserk: Enter a battle stance upon dealing damage to any unit. This increases the hero’s Physical Attack by 8 and Physical Penetration by 4 each second for 3s, to a max of 8 stacks (and these effects are halved on Marksmen, Mages or Supports equipped with it); at full stacks Movement Speed will be increased by 20%.

Radiant Armor

  • Attributes: +800 HP, +52 Magic Defence, +12 HP Regen
  • Unique Passive – Holy Blessing: Increases Magic Damage Reduction by 4-11 (scales with level) upon taking Magic Damage, lasting for 3s and stacking up to 6.

Removed Item

Deadly Blade: This Item was used to Build the Item Sea Halberd. It provided Anti-Regen Effect but now it is completely removed.

Equipment Effect Adjustments

  • Sea Halberd and Necklace of Durance can now apply Anti-Regen Effect from both Basic Attack and Skills.
  • Dominance Ice has New Passive. Previous Passive was applying a Slow Effect on the Enemies. New Passive now lowers the enemies Shield absorption and HP Regen by 50%. It will not affect the enemies which are already under the effect of Life Drain.
  • Malefic Roar and Divine Glaive now deals damage based on the Enemy Max Physical Defence and Magic Defence respectively. It is capped at 20%.
  • Twilight Armor deals True Damage to all the Enemies around you 3 times for 3 seconds. It is activated when you take 600 or more Physical Damage. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds.
  • Queens Wing is nerfed and reduces the damage taken by 20% and gives Spell Vamp of 25%.
  • Golden Staff Attack Speed Effect is reduced from 30% to 15% but the damage dealt by Basic Attack is greatly Enhanced.
  • Blade of Heptaseas now deals lesser damage from its Passive but has new effect of Slowing Down the Enemies.
  • Rose Gold Meteor and Magic Blade increases the Magic Defence as soon as you gain a Shield.
  • Blade Armor now reduces the enemy Movement Speed by 15% for 1 second whenever the Damage is reflected.
  • Blood Wings has new Passive. Old Passive provided Extra HP based on the Magic Power. New Passive provides a Shield which is equal to 200% of the Magic Power.

Guides on the Item Builds of Each Hero which be updated soon.

I hope this has solved many of the queries on Major Update by Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang has completely changed their style of playing with this new Update which has brought many new things and are all good changes.

Revamped Heroes like Karina, Minotaur, Sun and Alpha can easily enter Meta with the new changes.

Many Players have liked the changes as it brought a fresh air to the game and has motivated many players to play this game with new excitement.

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