Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Guide 2022 | Lapu Lapu Best Build 2022

Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Lapu-Lapu in the game.

In this Guide we will cover below topics about Lapu-Lapu Passive & Skills, MLBB Lapu-Lapu Pros & Cons?

You will know Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Build 2022 & Emblems, ML Lapu-Lapu Best Spell, MLBB Lapu-Lapu Recommended Lane.

MLBB Lapu-Lapu Gameplay Tips and Tricks, MLBB Lapu-Lapu Strong against, How to Play With Lapu-Lapu 2022 Effectively?

So are you Ready to know about Great Chief “Lapu-Lapu”?

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How to Use Lapu Lapu Skills?

Mobile Legends Lapu-Lapu Passive skill – Hero’s Faith

His passive states that every time he deals damage with his skills, he gets 1 stack of Bravery Blessing. After 5 stacks, his next basic attack deals extra damage.

Mobile Legends Lapu-Lapu Passive skill – Hero’s Faith

After 5 stacks, he will also get an extra shield.

Additional Tips Try to gather stacks by poking enemies with your skill 1 and 2. Use the enhanced basic attack and shield to your advantage when jungling.

Mobile Legends Lapu-Lapu skill 1 – Justice Blade (AOE)

In his skill 1, he sent 2 boomerang blades forward and deals damage to enemies on its path.


Additional Tips- Use this skill for clearing minions and pocking enemies. You can also be used for gathering stacks and securing long range-kills.

Mobile Legends Lapu-Lapu skill 2 – Brave Stance (AOE Blink)

In his skill 2, he charges forward and deals damage to enemies on his path. He also slows down any enemies in his path.


Additional TipsUse this skill for running away and also chasing enemies. You can be used for jungling and clearing minions.

Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu skill 3 ultimate – Chieftain’s Rage (Morph Burst)

In his ultimate, he combines his 2 swards and deals damage to enemies in its area and stuns them.


After using the skill, he enters heavy sword mode, increasing defense and enhancing all skills. His enhanced skill 1 deals damage in a straight area and slow down enemies.

In his enhanced skill 2, he charges forward and deals damage to enemies in a circular area. In his enhanced ulti, he deals damage to nearby enemies.

lapu-lapu enhanced skill

Additional Tips- Use this skill on mainly MM and Mages to quickly take out the enemies damage-dealers. Use your enhanced skill in team fights and try to deal as much damage as possible.

Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Best Build 2022

This is lapu lapu mobile legends build & recommended for Beginners as it gives plenty of CD reduction, Physical attack and some defense, which will help in dominating the game lapu lapu mlbb build 2022.

Best Build for Lapu Lapu 2022

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Endless Battle- 2470
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Immortality- 2120
MLBB Lapu Lapu Starter Build

Lapu Lapu Best Build 2022

  1. Warrior Boots- 720
  2. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Brute Force Breastplate- 1870
  5. Immortality- 2120
  6. Rose Gold Meteor– 2120
MLBB Lapu Lapu Durable Build

Lapu Lapu ML Best Build 2022-  Pro Build

  1. Raptor Machete- 1650
  2. Magic Shoes- 710
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  5. Queen’s Wings- 2250
  6. Malefic Roar- 2060
MLBB Lapu Lapu Pro Build

Note- Don’t always sticks to one build but buy items according to the enemy team composition with his core items.

MLBB Lapu Lapu Core Items- Lapu Lapu Build Fighter 2022

  1. Queen’s Wings
  2. Blade of Despair
  3. Bloodlust Axe

MLBB Lapu Lapu Battle Spell 2022

  • Flicker is recommended for lapu lapu spell as it allows him to chase enemies as well as run away from them when needed.
  • Retribution– This spell allows him to farm faster and gets items faster to dominate the game.
  • Execute– This spell will allows him to finish off enemies with low HP.

Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Best Emblems Set 2022

Assassin- this configuration is recommended for him as it gives plenty of movement speed, physical pen and killing spree restores HP and gives extra movement speed lapu lapu emblem 2022.

MLBB Lapu-Lapu Best Emblems assassin

Best Emblem for Lapu Lapu 2022

Fighter- this configuration is recommended for him as it gives plenty of physical damage, physical pen and Festival of Blood gives extra spell vamp for every kill.

MLBB Lapu-Lapu Best Emblems fighter

How to Fix Cons?

Weak against heavy CC – Buy some defense items and play cautiously against them.

Heavily reliant on SkillsTry to use your skill wisely as he relies a lot on his Skills and they have moderate cool downs.

Mobile legends Lapu Lapu Strong Against

Lapu-Lapu is Strong against Odette, Gord, and Kimmy. He is generally strong against those heroes who are not very mobility nor very durable.

Mobile legends Lapu Lapu Skills Upgrading Path

Upgrade skill 1 first the upgrade skill 2 then last upgrade Ultimate.

Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Recommended Lane

Experience Side-Lane is recommended for him as he can easily farm and gank other lanes from that lane.

Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Guide 2022 & Gameplay Tips

  • In the early- game, go to Experience lane of the side-lanes and clear the minions there with your skill 1, then go for the monster creep beside your lane.
  • Then go back to clearing the minions and poke enemy laners with your skill 1. Don’t play too aggressively but focus on farming for items first.
  • Then in the Mid-Game, keep clearing the minions and clearing the jungle. Keep ganking other lanes as well with your teammates as he is a great Ganker.
  • When ganking, try aiming only for squishy heroes and avoid tanks and finally, keep pushing turrets as well to get a nice advantage in late-game.
  • Finally in the Late-Game, try not to be the first initiator in team fights but be the 2nd or 3rd so that your tanks will stun the enemies and make it easier for you to hit your ulti.
  • Also if your team has killed 2 or 3 enemies in team fights, you may go for the Lord but if your team has wiped out the entire enemy team, go straight for their base.

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Well, that’s all for this guide and hope you enjoy playing Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Great Chief.

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