Mobile Legends Gusion Guide| Gusion Best Build 2024

Welcome to the definitive guide on Gusion, one of the most dynamic and challenging assassins in Mobile Legends.

Known for his agility and high burst damage, Gusion remains a formidable force in the current meta.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary knowledge to master Gusion, from understanding his skills to executing game-winning strategies.

Gusion’s Skill Set

Mobile Legends Gusion Pro Guide & Build

Understanding Gusion’s Abilities

Gusion’s skill set is what makes him a unique assassin. Let’s break down each of his abilities:

  • Passive – Dagger Specialist: Enhances basic attacks after skill casts.
  • Skill 1 – Sword Spike: A versatile magic damage skill with a blink effect.
  • Skill 2 – Shadowblade Slaughter: Throws multiple daggers, dealing AoE damage.
  • Ultimate – Incandescence: Enables Gusion to blink and refreshes cooldowns of his other skills.

Tactical Use of Each Skill

  • Passive: Ideal for finishing off weakened enemies.
  • Skill 1: Use for initiating attacks or escaping.
  • Skill 2: Great for crowd control and burst damage.
  • Ultimate: Best used for repositioning and chaining skill combos.

Optimal Skill Combos and Usage

Mastering Gusion’s skill combos is crucial for maximizing his potential.

  • Basic Combo: Skill 1 → Skill 2 → Ultimate → Skill 2 (Recall Daggers) → Skill 1.
  • Advanced Combo: Add basic attacks between skills for maximum damage output.

Gusion best build 2024

Choosing the right items is key to unleashing Gusion’s full power.

Magic ShoesFor cooldown reduction
Calamity ReaperEnhances next basic attack after skill use
Concentrated EnergyProvides spell vamp and HP
Holy CrystalBoosts magic power significantly
Divine GlaiveFor magic penetration against tanky heroes
Winter TruncheonOffers a defensive option

Emblem and Battle Spell Recommendations

Emblem Setup

  • Custom Mage Emblem: Focus on movement speed and magic penetration.

Battle Spells

  • Retribution: Essential for jungling.
  • Execute: An alternative for aggressive laning.

Early Game Strategy

In the early game, focus on farming and securing buffs.

  • Gank: Look for opportunities to gank and secure kills.
  • Map Awareness: Keep an eye on enemy movements to avoid ganks.

Mid-Game Tactics

Mid-game is all about expanding your lead.

  • Objective Control: Prioritize turrets and the turtle.
  • Team Fights: Target enemy squishy heroes like marksmen and mages.

Late Game Approach

Gusion’s late-game strategy revolves around smart positioning and target selection.

  • Pick Offs: Try to isolate and eliminate key enemy heroes.
  • Avoid CC: Stay clear of crowd control abilities.

Advanced Gameplay Tips

To truly excel with Gusion, consider these advanced tips:

  • Skill Precision: Practice landing Gusion’s skills accurately.
  • Map Control: Use wards for vision and control over the jungle.
  • Adaptability: Adjust your playstyle based on the enemy team composition.

Gusion in the Current Meta

Gusion remains a viable pick in the current meta due to his high burst damage and mobility.

  • Strengths: Excellent at picking off key targets.
  • Weaknesses: Vulnerable to crowd control and burst damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Gusion in Mobile Legends?

Gusion stands out in Mobile Legends due to his high burst damage and mobility. He excels in taking down squishy targets quickly, making him a formidable assassin in skilled hands. His effectiveness, however, heavily relies on player skill and understanding of his mechanics.

Why is it so hard to use Gusion?

Gusion’s difficulty stems from his complex skill combos and the precision required to execute them effectively. Mastering his timing and skill sequence, along with quick decision-making, is challenging, making him one of the harder heroes to play proficiently in Mobile Legends.

Why is Gusion so popular?

Gusion’s popularity in Mobile Legends can be attributed to his exciting playstyle and high skill ceiling. He offers a rewarding experience for players who master his intricate mechanics, and his ability to decisively impact games makes him a favorite among many players.

How do you use Gusion effectively?

To use Gusion effectively, focus on mastering his skill combos and timing. Prioritize farming in the early game to build essential items quickly. In team fights, target squishy heroes and use his mobility to reposition. Practice and map awareness are key to excelling with Gusion.


Mastering Gusion requires practice and a deep understanding of his mechanics. With this guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a formidable Gusion player in Mobile Legends.

Below Guide as per Old Patch Note

Mobile Legends Gusion has high movements, great burst damage, as well as a skill that allows him to blink into his enemies.

With features like Gap-closing and high burst magic damage Gusion is one of the best assassin out there.

So this guide will help you to learn how to use Gusion combos and skill effectively.

So make sure to check these hero guides as well.

For now, let’s focus on Gusion Guide.

Mobile Legends Gusion Best Build

Using this gusion build for quite some time & it’s very OP. It gives early game damage as well as nice CD reduction.

This build gusion is effective in early game as well as provides immunity to survive danger.

You may wonder why there is no magic lifesteal item in the build but first item “Star Shard “will give you enough lifesteal.

We have calamity reaper in the build so try to use basic attacks after every ability use.

Gusion Build

  1. Star Shard- 1605
  2. Magic Shoes- 710
  3. Calamity Reaper- 1950
  4. Holy Crystal- 2180
  5. Winter Truncheon- 1910
  6. Divine Glaive- 1970
Mobile Legends Gusion Best Build
Gusion Build

Note- Star Shard jungle item in the best gusion build is very important as it gives lifesteal and no other items are provided for this purpose so don’t forget to make.

Gusion Best Build

  1. Magic Shoes- 710
  2. Calamity Reaper- 1950
  3. Holy Crystal- 2180
  4. Concentrated Energy- 2020
  5. Winter Truncheon- 1910
  6. Divine Glaive- 1970

Best Build for Gusion

  1. Beast Killer- 1805
  2. Magic Shoes- 710
  3. Calamity Reaper- 1950
  4. Holy Crystal- 2180
  5. Concentrated Energy- 2020
  6. Divine Glaive- 1970

Best Build Gusion

  1. Beast Killer- 1805
  2. Magic Shoes- 710
  3. Calamity Reaper- 1950
  4. Holy Crystal- 2180
  5. Winter Truncheon- 1910
  6. Divine Glaive- 1970

Mobile Legends Gusion Emblem Set

Mage Emblem for Gusion 

For Gusion I suggest Custom Mage emblem with talent magic worship. You can also Mystery use Mystery shop Talent to buy equipment’s at 90% cost gusion emblem and build.

For those whose Custom Mage emblem isn’t High enough use Magic emblem gusion emblem.

Mobile Legends Gusion Best Battle Spell

Gusion already have escape abilities and very few spells works with Gusion like purify, retribution but due to new update of ML you must have retribution in order to make jungle items.


Retribution is the best choice for Gusion right now as it will give good early game farming benefits and allows you to make level 3 jungle item in you build.


How to use Gusion Skills?

Gusion Skill 1 – Sword spike

Gusion throws a dagger in the specified direction dealing magic damage to the first target it hit.

Mobile Legends Gusion Sword_Spike

Tapping this skill again make Gusion to appear behind the target, and he deals magic damage.


He can’t go to enemy that is too far away from him. This Skill is to mark enemy, so you can teleport to behind him and initiate your combos.

Skill 2 – Shadowblade Slaughter

Mobile Legends Gusion Throws 5 daggers forward, each dealing magic damage to targets it hit and slowing them for 2s.


Tapping this skill again will recall the daggers, dealing magic damage to enemies they hit as they return.


Damage of recalling daggers is less than casted daggers.

You can recall daggers just when they hit the ground or wait, if not recalled they will come back on  their own.

This is Gusion’s main damage dealing skill so make sure not to waste it recklessly. Damage of this skill depends on how many daggers hit the enemies.

If you hit enemy standing close to you, all 5 daggers will hit him & damage will be maximum. So try to hit enemy will as many as daggers as possible.

There’s a lot of difference in damage, when enemy get hit by single dagger & all 5 daggers.

Ultimate Skill – Incandescence

Mobile Legends Gusion Dashes to a designated location immediately refresh 1st skill & 2nd Skill Cooldown.

This Skill provides two dashes to Gusion for better mobility. Remember 1st dash is longer than 2nd dash.


Ultimate is used to make 10 daggers combo, to give enemy enormous amount of damage & 2nd dash is to retreat after successful combo.

Gusion Passive Skill – Dagger Specialist

Each time Gusion uses a skill he gains 1 stack and after 3 stacks his next basic attack will deal extra damage equal to 15% of lost Hp of enemy.


Gusion also restores Hp equal to 80% of damage dealt by this basic attack.

Mobile Legends Gusion Skill Combos

There are many combos that can be performed using Gusion some are 5 daggers & some are 10 dagger No. of daggers you need to use, depends upon enemy’s HP.

My 5 Daggers Gusion combo

  1. Recalling of daggers depends upon where you are standing.
  2. 2nd skill – 1st skill combo is mostly use to recall daggers.
  3. When your daggers are close to enemy, in that case we use 1st skill – 2nd skill.
  4. If you do 2nd skill – 1st skill in this case, daggers will get to you first & all daggers won’t hit enemy.
  5. If you use 1st skill – 2nd skill when daggers are away from enemy, your daggers will come in more time & enemy Might escape in that time.
  6. Simplest way to remember it is Daggers far 2-1, daggers near 1-2.
  7. Always use 2-1 if your daggers are on side or behind the enemies. In this case never use 1-2 combos.

How to Use Gusion Combo

My 10 Daggers combo for Gusion

  1. Here we use 1st 5 daggers then use daggers of ultimate.
  2. Combo – 1st skill1st skill2nd skill3rd skill2nd skill1st skill2nd skill1st

If enemy use flicker to run, or move from it’s place you have to check your distance from enemy & your dagger’s distance to perform perfect recalling combo.

If enemy is running, use your 2nd skill to slow him down, and then normally perform your 10 daggers gusion skill combo.

Mobile Legends Gusion Guide

How to Gank with Gusion?

  • Before performing the whole combo, wait for enemy’s reaction to see what he’s going to do.
  • It’ll help you to perform a perfect combo.
  • Aiming your 1st is very important, if there’s more minions & enemy you might get confused.
  • check at bottom of enemy, to see if he’s marked or not.
  • Whenever you’re attacking fanny, make sure to mark her with your 1st skill, to do so aim in the direction she’s going.

Mobile Legends Gusion Game-play Tips and Tricks

  • Whenever you find a enemy missing on map, aim 1st skill in bushes, they might be hiding there waiting for you.
  • Don’t dive in turret when there are CC heroes like Chou, Helcurt, Nana, etc.
  • Try to pair up with heroes like Chou, Kaja, Minotaur to ambush enemies.
  • Try to hide in bush and wait for enemies to come close to you so you can hit them with all 5 daggers at once.

That’s all for Mobile Legends Gusion Guide, hope you learn something.

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