Mobile Legends Fredrinn Guide 2022 | Fredrinn Best Build 2022

Mobile Legends Fredrinn: Want to know about the Mobile Legend game and its hero character Fredrinn? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on Best Build of Fredrinn.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the gameplay of Fredrinn and its skills.

I am a You Tuber since 2012 and a gamer, I have been playing the game Mobile Legends since its release.

Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the skill set and gameplay of the heroic character Fredrinn.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Skill How to Use?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has only added the heroic character, Fredrinn in its recent update who has the role of Tank/Fighter.

This new hero is quite amazing as his passive lets him regenerate/recover HP as easily as possible whenever he deals damage with his skills.

Fredrinn has a lot of variety in his skills. In this article, we have given a detailed description of the skills of Fredrinn:

Passive – Crystalline Armor

The damage that is caused by the enemies to Fredrinn, he converts 6% of it to crystal energy but it decays at a rate of 5% Max HP at every 8 seconds and it can convert the stored crystals in HP at a rate of 30% of his damage that he receives.

You should not take power of the Fredrinn as a defensive shield rather you should use the crystal energy to gain HP by your basic attack skills.

The crystals can be seen by your opponents and therefore you should the Appraiser’s wrath to shield your crystals whenever you have too much amount of crystals in the HP bar. 

Piercing Strike

This attack is done by throwing in your enemies’ direction as it will cause 150 physical damage and also slows your enemy by 30% for 2 seconds time.

This is the most basic skill of Fredrinn and you should upgrade the skill to its maximum to yield maximum damage to your enemies.

The advantage of this skill is that you do not have to close to your opponents as you can use this skill from a long range itself. 

Brave Assault

As you know, Mobile Legends Fredrinn can give a powerful dash to its enemies causing 200 physical damage to the first non-minion enemy that it hits and the target will be sir-borne for 0.3 seconds.

This skill can also be used to pass over thin walls. If you are trying escape using this skill, you should make sure that no enemies are there in your escape route as Fredrinn will stop if he bumps into an enemy.

This skill can also be used to taunt minions and creeps.

Energy Eruption

By using the skill, you can cause 300 physical damage to your nearby enemies and also jibe them for one second.

If you hit a non-minion enemy then Fredrinn will possess 30 physical and also have a 3 seconds of magical defence.

It also helps you to reduce the cooldown of the brave assault by 75%. But you will acquire this skill only when you reaches level 4 and if you learn the appraiser’s wrath, you will gain one point to energy eruption.

And due to this you would not be able to use this skill at the beginning itself rather you have to use the other skills and then gradually use this skill to defeat your enemies when it becomes available to use.

This skill can also be used at minions and creeps.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Best Lane

There are three lanes on the map: Top Lane, Middle Lane (or Mid Lane) and Bottom Lane (or Bot Lane).

All three lanes are set up with three turrets each and your goal is to get through waves of minions and destroy all the turrets.

Once you’ve passed the turrets you need to destroy enemy base building to win the game.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Skill Combo

If you have reached level four, you can use basic attacks on your enemy like that of once you hit Brave Assault before you knock out your enemy with powerful attacks like that Energy Eruption and Piercing Strike.

Then use another basic attack so as to enhance the damage from the first skill and finally use the Brave Assault to surprise the target and then strike with the Piercing Strike.

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Mobile Legends Fredrinn Best Battle Spell

The most useful spell for Fredrinn is the spell of vengeance as it make him more tanky and also helps him to deal with damages.


Sometimes gamers also prefer Flicker just to get the flicker plus Alt combo and to run away from dangerous situations.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Best Emblem Set 2022

The best emblem set that you can use for Fredrinn is the Custom Fighter Emblem as it is the most premium emblem which helps you with deal with maximum physical attack and HP in the battlefield.

You should also unlock persistence when you reaches the second tier as it will increase Fredrinn’s HP while you are in the battlefield.

In the third tier you should unlock the Unbending will as it will increase the damage output. 

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Skill Level up Order

The most amazing feature of the heroic character Mobile Legends Fredrinn is that he can stack some energy which will later allow for him to use his third and fourth abilities which are not usually available to use at any time.

So without much further ado, let’s check out his amazing skillsets.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Pros and Cons

The pros of Fredrinn is the following:

  • It slows down the enemy and in turn can knock back the targets. 
  • It is also easy to regenerate the HP after losing his HP
  • Whenever Turrets causes any damage, it can be converted into HP as and when he deals damage to enemies.

The only Cons of Fredrinn is that its basic attacks are slow but however it compensates with other powerful attacks.

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Best Build 2022

As you know, Mobile Legends Fredrinn is tank build character so you should provide physical attack damage so that you can compensate for his lack of causing damage in the early stages to the mid stage of the game.

Therefore you should pick both attacking as well as defensive items so that Fredrinn is good in both attacking as well as in defense.

Otherwise it may succumb in a battlefield pretty easily.

You should always have a package of best build so that you are not defeated easily.

Fredrinn Best Build 2022

  1. Bloodlust Axe: This matches perfect with his skills as you would need to regenerate his HP on a quicker basis whenever there is crystal energy stored in the HP bar.
  2. Cursed Helmet: You can also pick the cursed helmet when you are in an attacking mode.
  3. Guardian Helmet: You can pick this item when you are in a defensive mode so that to protect Fredrinn from damages caused by the enemies. Therefore you should keep in mind that Fredrinn is not only built in offensive items but also defensive items. As built in offensive item may cause his death easily while in a battlefield.
  4. Thunder Helmet: This item provides a mix of offensive and defensive stats to the Fredrinn.
  5. Warrior Boots: This item also increases the power of Fredrinn while in the battlefield.
  6. Immortality: You can purchase the build for 2020 gold and its makes the character more powerful to withstand enemy’s attacks.

Best Build for Fredrinn 2022

  1. Bloodlust Axe
  2. Warrior Boots
  3. Cursed Helmet
  4. Thunder Belt
  5. Guardian Helmet
  6. Immortality

The top best Fredrinn Build is given below so that you must collect the items to make your heroic character more powerful so as to defeat your enemies. Fredrinn sample best build in Mobile Legends: 

Mobile Legends Fredrinn Guide 2022 Gameplay Tips

As per the gameplay of the Mobile Legends Fredrinn, it can be divided into three phases- Early, Mid and Late game.

We will guide you so to have perfect game plan in all the three phases.

  • Early Game: At the early game play, you have to unblock the first skill so as to defeat the first minion waves and then use the second skill on the enemy hero so as to defeat them as it is more effective against them as it will cause them to airborne. You may use the following skill set so as to gain an upper hand over your enemy: Skill 1 + Basic Attack + Skill 2 + Basic Attack
  • Mid Game: When you will reach the fourth level, you can unlock the third and the fourth skills and you should collect combo points so as to use the skills more easily. You may use the following skill set so as to gain an upper hand over your enemy: Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Skill 2 + Skill 1 + Skill 4
  • Late Game: On achieving the most of his build, Fredrinn will become powerful and a force to reckon as he can easily spam his skills with also having the power to endure enough Regan to survive intense and also causing serious damage to its enemy.

Final Words

In this article we have given the detailed description on the Mobile Legends Fredrinn and the method that can used to enhance its skills.

Therefore you can easily follow the steps mentioned above and defeat your enemies.

For getting more information on the other characters of Mobile Legend game, you can also bookmark our article.

If you have any queries regarding the Mobile Legends Fredrinn, you may ask us by writing in the comment section of the article.


How to Download the Mobile Legends Game?

The game can be downloaded from the official website of the developers or if you have an android smart phone, you can directly download the game from the Play Store. You can also download the game on you IPhone through the Apple Store.

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