Mobile Legends Eudora Guide | Eudora Best Build 2024

Welcome to Gaming Freak Hero Guide Tutorial. In this post, I’m going to show you How to Use Mobile Legends Eudora in the game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has captivated millions with its intense MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gameplay.

Among its diverse cast of characters, Eudora, the Lightning Sorceress, stands out with her incredible burst damage and crowd control abilities.

This guide delves into mastering Eudora, ensuring you can harness her electric prowess to its fullest.

Who is Eudora?

Character Overview

Eudora, known for her devastating electrical attacks, is a mage hero in Mobile Legends. She excels in dealing burst damage, making her a formidable opponent in team fights and solo encounters.

Eudora’s Abilities and Skills

Eudora’s skill set is what makes her a unique and powerful mage. Understanding and mastering these skills are key to dominating the battlefield.

  • Superconductor (Passive): Enhances Eudora’s other abilities.
  • Forked Lightning (Skill 1): A frontal AOE attack dealing magic damage.
  • Electric Arrow (Skill 2): Stuns and damages a single target.
  • Thunderstruck (Ultimate): A powerful AOE attack with massive damage.

Skill Usage Tips

  • Forked Lightning: Great for wave clearing and poke damage.
  • Electric Arrow: Use for initiating or peeling for teammates.
  • Thunderstruck: Best used in team fights for maximum area damage.

Eudora Best Build 2024

Eudora’s build varies depending on the match. However, a focus on magic power and cooldown reduction is essential.

Arcane BootsFor additional magic penetration
Lightning TruncheonIncreases burst damage
Holy CrystalEnhances overall magic power
Divine GlaiveFor magic penetration against tanky heroes
Winter TruncheonProvides survivability
Blood WingsBoosts health and magic power

Emblem and Battle Spell Selection

Emblem Set

  • Mage Emblem: Focus on Movement Speed and Magic Penetration.
  • Custom Mage Emblem: Prioritize Mystery Shop for faster item acquisition.

Battle Spells

  • Flicker: For positioning and escaping.
  • Flameshot: Adds to your burst damage and provides a knockback.

Skill Combos and Gameplay Strategy

Eudora’s skill combo is crucial for maximizing her burst potential.

  1. Superconductor Passive Activation: Hit the enemy with Skill 1 or Skill 2.
  2. Electric Arrow (Skill 2): Stun the target.
  3. Thunderstruck (Ultimate): Unleash for high damage.
  4. Forked Lightning (Skill 1): Finish off or further damage enemies.

Early Game Strategy

  • Focus on farming and poking enemies.
  • Avoid overextending as Eudora is vulnerable to ganks.

Mid to Late Game Strategy

  • Position well in team fights.
  • Target squishy heroes with your combo.

Positioning and Map Awareness

Eudora’s effectiveness heavily relies on positioning. Stay behind tankier teammates and always be aware of enemy movements to avoid ambushes.

Eudora’s Role in Team Fights

In team fights, Eudora should aim to hit as many enemies as possible with her ultimate. She excels in quickly bursting down key targets.

Countering Common Threats

  • Against Tanks: Focus on magic penetration items.
  • Versus Assassins: Maintain positioning and use Winter Truncheon wisely.

Synergies with Other Heroes

Eudora works well with heroes that can immobilize multiple enemies, like Tigreal or Minotaur, allowing her to land her ultimate effectively.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Master the art of quick casting for surprise attacks.
  • Use bushes for ambushes, catching enemies off-guard.

Community Insights

Gather insights from forums and experienced players to stay updated on Eudora’s evolving gameplay strategies.


Eudora, with her high burst damage and crowd control, is a force to be reckoned with in Mobile Legends. By mastering her skills, item builds, and gameplay strategies, you can electrify the battlefield and lead your team to victory.


How to Win Using Eudora?

To win with Eudora, focus on mastering her skill combos for maximum burst damage. Position yourself strategically in team fights, target squishy enemies first, and always stay aware of the map to avoid ganks.

How Do I Use Eudora Like a Pro?

Using Eudora like a pro involves perfecting your timing and positioning. Learn to anticipate enemy movements, use your skills for crowd control effectively, and coordinate with your team for successful ganks and team fights.

Is Eudora Good in Mobile Legends?

Yes, Eudora is a strong choice in Mobile Legends. Her high burst damage and crowd control abilities make her a valuable asset in team fights, especially when well-positioned and supported by teammates.

What is the Best Item for Eudora?

The best item for Eudora is the Lightning Truncheon. It significantly boosts her burst damage potential, synergizing well with her skill set to maximize her impact in battles.

Updates and Patch Notes

Always keep an eye on the latest patch notes for any changes to Eudora’s abilities or items that might affect her gameplay.

Below Guide as per Old Patch check if you are interested

How to Use Eudora Skills?

New Enhanced 2nd Skill

Eudora’s 2nd Skill is her main and only Crowd Control skill this is the skill that allows her to freely one-shot enemies ever since she was released in the game.

Revamped Eudora New 2nd Skill

Revamped Eudora’s 2nd Skill is a major upgrade to her old one since it now allows her to stun multiple enemies at once, which means her 2nd Skill is not focused on one hero anymore.

However, there is a condition for you to achieve this and it is connected with her passive that we will discuss below in her Skills Descriptions.

New Enhanced Ultimate Skill

The Ultimate skill of Eudora once have reached a certain level and item can deliver a devastating one-shot damage to enemies. This skill also contributes greatly in team fights.

Revamped Eudora New Ultimate

The newly revamped Ultimate Skill of Eudora enhances the destructive ability of this skill more significantly.

The enhanced Ultimate will consist of two phases, the first one being the old Ultimate of Eudora and the second one is a destructive thunderstorm followed by a delayed electric shock.

Like her new enhanced 2nd Skill there will be a special condition for the 2nd phase of this Ultimate to be triggered.

Revamp Passive

Superconductor: This passive skill is the backbone of all Eudora’s skill since this will be the one responsible for enhancing the effects of her skills.

Revamped Eudora Passive

Every time Eudora damages an enemy with her skill they will be inflicted by Superconductor. The effect will last for 3 seconds.

You will know if an enemy is inflicted with the Superconductor Passive if they are marked with a lightning mark beside their heads.

Tips: Be aware of the Superconductor Mark beside the enemies heads it’s best to exhaust all your skills to them only when they are marked so you can maximize Eudora’s damage output.

Revamp Skill 1

Forked LightningThis skill is an Area of Effect (AoE) Skill. Eudora will cast a forked lightning in a fan-shaped area in front of her that deals magical damage eudora mobile legends.

Revamped Eudora Skill 1

Enhanced Forked LightningIf an enemy is marked with Superconductor and you use this skill on them they will receive an additional delayed magical damage in addition to its normal damage.

Revamped Eudora Enhanced Skill 1

Tips: Although all of Eudora’s skills inflict the Superconductor Passive it’s best to use this skill as the opening skill since its enhanced version is the least destructive among all of her skills.

This skill also has widest range and reach due to the fact that it is a fan-shaped skill making it the most suitable skill to inflict the Superconductor.

Mobile Legends Eudora Revamp Skill 2

Electric ArrowThis is Eudora’s Crowd Control skill. Eudora throws a lightning bolt towards a single target and stuns them for 1.2 seconds as well as dealing Magical Damage to them.

The damaged target will also have a reduced Magic Defense for 1.8 seconds making them more vulnerable to Eudora’s next attacks.

Revamped Eudora Skill 2

Enhanced Electric ArrowIf the target is already inflicted with the Superconductor Passive before Eudora uses this skill the lightning bolt will flow to nearby enemy heroes who are also marked.

Those who are not the main target of the skill will only be stunned for 0.6 seconds compared to the main target who is stunned for 1.8 seconds.

The maximum number of targets that can be stunned by this skill who are marked with Eudora’s Passive is only 4. 1 main target and 3 who are nearby the main target.

Since minions and creeps can also be marked with the Superconductor Passive the lightning bolts will prioritize the enemy heroes if there are any.

Revamped Eudora Enhanced Skill 2

Tips: The enhanced Electric Arrow also flows from minions and then to the heroes, to harass your enemy laner make sure to inflict the passive to the minions and enemy heroes and then let the 2nd Skill flow from the minions to the enemy hero.

Mobile Legends Eudora Revamp Ultimate Skill

Thunder’s WrathThis is Eudora’s Burst Skill and her main damaging skill. Eudora summons a lightning strike to a specified target dealing huge amount of burst magical damage.

Revamped Eudora Ultimate

Enhanced Thunder’s WrathIf the targets are already marked with Superconductor after the initial lightning strike, dark clouds will form above the target that will strike another lightning strike.

After the lightning strike there will be a delayed lightning charges that will engulf a circular area that surrounds the main target of the skill dealing additional magical damage.

Revamped Eudora Enhanced Ultimate

Tips: The 2nd Phase of this skill is delayed and will allow most enemies to escape, to prevent that it’s best to follow it up with the 2nd Skill to stun them so they will not escape the damage.

Mobile Legends Eudora Best Build

This is Eudora Quick Ultimate Cooldown Build since Eudora’s ultimate is her only burst damage skill and her only trump card it’s best to always have that skill available as soon as possible.

Eudora’s one shot ultimate along with the passive of Fleeting Time works perfectly together, this allows Eudora to have almost no Cooldown for her Ultimate eudora item build.

Best Build for Eudora

  1. Demon Shoes- 720
  2. Lightning Truncheon- 2250
  3. Fleeting Time- 2050
  4. Holy Crystal- 2180
  5. Divine Glaive- 1970
  6. Blood Wings- 3000
Revamped Eudora Quick Ult CD Build

The Balanced Mana/Damage Build, as a mage Eudora consumes too much mana and her basic attacks doesn’t much damage rendering her useless once she runs out of mana best build eudora.

This build covers up for her high Mana consumption as it regenerates her lost Mana through time allowing her to fight back continuously without recalling from time to time eudora mobile legends build.

Eudora Best Build Savage

  1. Arcane Boots- 690
  2. Enchanted Talisman- 1870
  3. Lightning Truncheon- 2250
  4. Holy Crystal- 2180
  5. Calamity Reaper- 1950
  6. Divine Glaive- 1970
Mobile Legends Eudora Guide | Eudora Best Build 2024

The High Burst Build, this skill utilizes the Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon that when combined can melt down enemy heroes instantly in just a single press of a skill build eudora mobile legends.

This eudora ml build is more suitable for late game but once Clock of Destiny is already bought Eudora can already deal massive damage with proper utilization of her skills build for eudora.

Best Eudora Build

  1. Arcane Boots- 690
  2. Clock of Destiny- 1950
  3. Lightning Truncheon- 2250
  4. Holy Crystal- 2180
  5. Divine Glaive- 1970
  6. Genius Wand- 2000
Revamped Eudora High Burst Build
mobile legends eudora build

Mobile Legends Eudora Battle Spells

Mobile Legends Eudora Flicker spell

  • Eudora’s main problem is that behind her wide crowd control and high burst damage is she lacks mobility that makes her an easy prey.

  • Flicker will cover up her lack of mobility as this spell will serve as her blink skill, it can be used as an escape option or for chasing escaping enemies.

Mobile Legends Eudora Best Spell is Flameshot

  • In early game there are times when Eudora’s skills won’t kill a single target easily, therefore Flameshot can secure the kill for her.
  • Flameshot’s knockback effect can also be used as an escape tool for assassins who are trying to engage Eudora.

Mobile Legends Eudora Emblem set

MLBB Eudora Magic Emblem

  • This type of emblem is good for beginning players as it is already available in early level accounts. This emblem provides additional Magic Power.
  • For the first row allocate all 3 points for Awaken. For the 2nd row put all 3 points on Observation.For the talent choose Energy Absorption because the restoration bonus for HP and Mana when clearing minion waves will allow you to stay on your lane more.
Revamped Eudora Magic Emblem

Mobile Legends Eudora Mage Emblem

  • This emblem is the most suitable one for Eudora because of the huge bonus it gives in terms of Magic Penetration and Movement Speed.
  • For the first row allocate all 3 points for Agility. For the 2nd row put all 3 points on Observation.
  • The talent Magic Worship will inflict targets with burn effect so even if they manage to escape with a tiny bit of HP left they will likely be slain by this Emblem Talent eudora emblem.
Revamped Eudora Mage Emblem
mobile legends eudora emblem

Mobile Legends Eudora Gameplay Tips

Best Laning, Rotation and Ganking

Ever since the new update there have been changes to the new laning and jungling mechanics of the battlefield of Land of Dawn.

There is a Gold lane that is occupied by a Marksman along with the Tank to protect them while they battle with the Marksman and Tank of the enemy team as well.

Then there is the EXP lane which is considered the new offlane lane, heroes who have high sustainability are usually stationed hero, a role for fighter heroes to occupy.

In the jungle area there is only 1 recommended jungler on the team, their job is to gank lanes to ensure that their team’s laners will not get dominated by the enemy laners.

Lastly we have the Midlaners, this is the lane that is occupied by Mages like Eudora, this is where they battle their fellow Mage as they both duke it out with their burst and CC skills.

Revamped Eudora MidLane
mobile legends eudora

Unlike the other lanes the Midlane doesn’t have any bonus like extra Gold and Exp in Minions but like the other lanes it also has a Shield Turret that provides Gold depending on damage dealt.

As a Midlane hero you shouldn’t leave your lane to gank because if you do your enemy laner will take the opportunity to get the extra Gold from the turret putting them into an advantage.

If you can’t duel the enemy Mage by yourself it’s best to ask for backup to your Jungler because if you don’t you might end up feeding that will cost you the whole game.

After 3:40 the teamfight will likely commence so make sure to participate often because aside from the Marksman you are the source of damage of the whole team.

Mobile Legends Eudora Guide

  • Before her revamp most people uses Eudora to hide in a bush and then one-shots an unsuspecting enemy that just happen to walk nearby, however most players are having problems doing it now.
  • That is compared before Eudora’s Ultimate deals lesser damage compared to before but her enhanced Ultimate can still pull this old trick.
  • To do this use your 1st Skill to mark the enemies with her passive then use the Ultimate already, afterwards use her 2nd Skill to prevent enemies from escaping the delayed lightning surge.
  • The new combo is now longer but this time it works on multiple heroes as well compared to before where you need to run off after slaying just one because your skills are still on cooldown.

Mobile Legends Eudora Strong Against Which Heroes?

Marksman heroes like Lesley and Layla will have a hard time facing Eudora even in late game because she can stun them and then one-shot them with her Ultimate.

Revamped Eudora Strong Against

Mobile Legends Eudora Weak Against Which Heroes?

Heroes like Hayabusa, Ling and Lancelot will be too much for Eudora because of their superb mobility, immunity and burst damage that can end Eudora in an instant.

Revamped Eudora Weak Against
Mobile Legends Eudora Weak Against

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