Mobile Legends Bruno Guide| Bruno Best Build 2024

Welcome to the definitive guide on Bruno, the celebrated marksman hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Renowned for his explosive burst damage and unparalleled agility, Bruno is a hero capable of turning the tide of battle in his favor.

This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to unleash Bruno’s full potential, ensuring your ascendancy in the game.

Mobile Legends Bruno: Mastering the Art of the Protector

Who is Bruno?

In the lore of Mobile Legends Bruno is not just a marksman; he’s a hero with a rich backstory of resilience and determination.

Once a brilliant inventor crippled by a tragic accident, he was reborn through technology, granting him superhuman abilities.

On the battlefield, Bruno uses his football-inspired skills to outmaneuver opponents and protect his allies. His role as a marksman, coupled with his unique abilities, makes him a formidable opponent in the right hands.

Bruno’s Abilities Explained

A deep understanding of Bruno’s abilities is essential for mastering his gameplay. Here’s a detailed look at what makes Bruno a powerhouse:

Passive: Mecha Legs

Bruno’s passive skill is the cornerstone of his high damage output. Each time Bruno lands a skill hit, he gains a stack of critical chance, stacking up to 10 times. This passive makes his basic attacks increasingly deadly as the battle progresses.

Skill 1: Volley Shot

Bruno kicks a powerball at his target, dealing physical damage and slowing them. The powerball then bounces back, and catching it reduces the cooldown of Volley Shot. This skill is crucial for Bruno’s poke and harass gameplay, allowing him to maintain pressure on his opponents.

Skill 2: Flying Tackle

Bruno dashes in a specified direction, dealing damage and stunning enemies in his path. This skill is versatile, serving both as an escape mechanism and a tool for aggressive plays.

Ultimate: Worldie

Bruno’s ultimate skill unleashes a powerful shot that knocks back the first enemy hit and then ricochets between nearby enemies.

Each hit reduces the enemy’s physical defense, making them more vulnerable to subsequent attacks. This skill is particularly effective in team fights, where its area-of-effect damage and debuff can turn the tide of battle.

Best Builds for Bruno

The right item build can significantly enhance Bruno’s performance on the field. Here are the most effective builds to maximize his damage output and survivability:

Sustained DPS Build

This build focuses on maximizing Bruno’s damage over time, making him a constant threat throughout the game.

Swift BootsIncreases attack speed, enhancing Bruno’s DPS.
Berserker’s FuryBoosts critical damage, synergizing with his passive.
Endless BattleProvides lifesteal, physical attack, and a true damage bonus on basic attacks after using a skill.
Scarlet PhantomFurther increases attack speed and critical chance.
Blade of DespairOffers a significant boost in physical attack.
ImmortalityGrants a second life in late-game team fights, increasing survivability.

Bruno Burst Damage Build

Designed for players who want to maximize Bruno’s ability to quickly eliminate key targets.

Magic ShoesReduces cooldowns, allowing for more frequent skill usage.
Berserker’s FuryEssential for increasing critical hit damage.
Blade of DespairSignificantly increases physical attack.
Malefic RoarPenetrates enemy armor, making this build ideal against tanky heroes.
Hunter StrikeProvides physical attack and cooldown reduction.
Rose Gold MeteorOffers magic defense and a lifesaving shield when health drops low.

Emblem Setups for Bruno

The right emblem setup can significantly impact Bruno’s effectiveness in various phases of the game. Here are the best emblem configurations:

Marksman Emblem Set

  • Attributes: Focus on Attack Speed and Critical Chance to enhance Bruno’s basic attacks.
  • Talent: Electro Flash for mobility or Weakness Finder to slow enemies, making it easier to land consecutive hits.

Assassin Emblem Set (Alternative)

  • Attributes: Opt for Physical Penetration and Cooldown Reduction to maximize skill damage and utility.
  • Talent: Killing Spree provides healing upon kills, which is crucial for sustained fights, while High and Dry increases damage output in solo encounters.

Battle Spells for Bruno

Choosing the right battle spell can complement Bruno’s kit, providing him with additional tools to secure kills or escape danger:

  • Flicker: Offers instant repositioning or escape, crucial for a hero with Bruno’s playstyle.
  • Retribution: A must-have for jungling Bruno, helping secure buffs and objectives.
  • Purify: Essential against teams with heavy crowd control, ensuring Bruno can maintain his offensive momentum.

Gameplay Strategies and Tips

To truly master Bruno, one must go beyond skill and item builds, understanding the nuances of gameplay strategy:

Early Game Strategy

  • Prioritize farming to secure your core items early.
  • Use Volley Shot to harass and control your lane, but avoid overextending without vision of enemy junglers.

Mid Game Strategy

  • Begin to roam and participate in team fights.
  • Look for opportunities to use Flying Tackle aggressively to secure kills or defensively to escape unfavorable engagements.

Late Game Strategy

  • Position carefully in team fights, staying behind tanks and frontliners.
  • Utilize Worldie to initiate or turn around team fights, focusing on reducing the physical defense of key targets.

Bruno’s Pros and Cons

Understanding Bruno’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for optimizing gameplay:


  • High burst damage capable of quickly eliminating key targets.
  • Good mobility allows for effective positioning in fights.
  • Ability to reduce enemy physical defense, enhancing team damage output.


  • Vulnerable to crowd control, which can disrupt his damage output.
  • Relatively low durability makes him a prime target in team fights.

Countering Bruno

Countering Bruno requires strategic hero picks and itemization:

  • Opt for heroes with strong crowd control to lock him down.
  • Use items like Twilight Armor to mitigate his critical damage.
  • Maintain vision and pressure to prevent him from freely farming and scaling into the late game.


Bruno is a dynamic marksman hero with the potential to dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

By mastering his abilities, optimizing your builds, and employing strategic gameplay, you can leverage Bruno’s strengths to lead your team to victory. Remember, the key to success with Bruno lies in practice, adaptation, and teamwork.

We hope this guide empowers you to elevate your Bruno gameplay. For more Mobile Legends tips, strategies, and guides, stay tuned. Your journey to becoming a Mobile Legends champion starts here!

What’s your favorite strategy with Bruno? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below to help fellow players!

Mobile Legends Bruno FAQs

Is Bruno a good hero in Mobile Legends?

Yes, Bruno is considered a strong hero in Mobile Legends. His high burst damage and mobility make him a formidable marksman in the right hands, capable of dominating the battlefield.

What battle spell should Bruno use?

Flicker is highly recommended for Bruno as it enhances his mobility, allowing for quick repositioning or escapes. Retribution is also a good choice if you’re jungling, helping secure buffs and objectives.

How to counter Bruno in MLBB?

To counter Bruno, focus on heroes with strong crowd control to lock him down during fights. Items like Twilight Armor can also reduce the critical damage he deals, making him less of a threat.

Who is Bruno in Mobile Legends?

Bruno is a marksman hero in Mobile Legends, known for his incredible burst damage and mobility. His backstory portrays him as a valorous fighter, using his football-inspired skills to protect his team and defeat enemies.

Below Guide as per Old Patch Note

Mobile Legends Bruno is one of the strongest Marksman in the whole game. His passive allows him to deal an insane amount of damage right from the start of the game.

His farming efficiency and killing are great.

So make sure to check these hero guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends Bruno Guide .

Bruno Lane

Bruno can be Hyper Carry by playing in Middle Lane or he can Offlane solo in Gold Lane.

Bruno Skills?

Passive Mecha Legs

Whenever Bruno hits an enemy with his Skill, he gains a stack of Critical Chance which increases 2% Critical Chance for every 1 stack.

It stacks up to 10 times, giving you a Maximum of 20% Critical Chance increase.

Due to Bruno’s Mecha Legs, Bruno can deal more Damage but gains only 80% of the Attack Speed from the emblem and items.

Mobile Legends Bruno


Skill 1 Volley Shot

Bruno enhances his basic attack to deal more damage and also slow down the target by 30% for 0.5 seconds.

Bruno enhances his basic attack by enhancing his ball. Whenever ball hits the target, it will rebound to where Bruno is standing.

Bruno and his allies can pick ball for him to use the enhanced ball again. Picking ball will reduce the Cooldown of this skill by 1 second.

Mobile Legends Bruno

Skill 2 Flying Tackle

Bruno dashes towards a designated direction. He will stun all the enemies on his path for 0.5 seconds.

If Bruno has used Skill 1 Volley Shot and the enhanced ball is rebounding to him, then Bruno will immediately retrieve the ball.

Mobile Legends Bruno


Ultimate Skill Wave of the World Animation

Bruno kicks a powerful ball towards an enemy. First target hit will be knocked back and will have their Physical Defence reduced by 3/6/9 that stacks up to 3 times for 8 seconds.

After hitting the first target, ball will ricochet among the enemies up to 10 times.

Mobile Legends Bruno

Bruno Skill Combo Double Volley Shot

This is a very popular Bruno combo which is used by many players to farm faster when they are being the hyper carry.

Use Skill 1 5 seconds before attacking the Jungle. When Skill 1 is reset, then use Skill 1 again when the Enhanced Ball is getting rebounded.

This way you get 2 fireballs at the same time.

Mobile Legends Bruno
Mobile Legends Bruno


Skill Level Up Order

Skill 11357911
Skill 22610131415

Bruno Guide

Always use Double Volley Shot Combo for fast farming.

Prioritize levelling up of Skill 1 because it helps in dealing insane damage right from the start.

Best Emblem Set

Marksman Emblem for Bruno

  • Use Marksman Emblem and invest points in
  • Fatal – It increases Critical Chance.
  • Doom – It increases Critical Damage.
  • Weakness Finder – Basic Attacks has 20% chance of reducing Enemy Movement Speed by 90% and attack speed by 50%.
Mobile Legends Layla-Best-Emblem-marksman8

Battle Spells


When playing as Hyper Carry, use Retribution to farm more efficiently.



When playing as Offlaner, use Purify to be immune to Crowd Control Skills.


Strong and Weak Against

Bruno Strong Against

Khufra, Claude, Alice, Esmeralda, Selena.

Bruno Weak Against

Ling, Benedetta, Lunox, Gusion.

Best Build

Bruno Build for Core Items

  1. Swift Boots – It increases your Attack Speed by 10 %
  2. Berserker’s Fury – It increases the Critical Chance by 25%.
  3. Endless Battle – It deals True Damage in Basic Attack after using a Skill. It also provides Physical Lifesteal and Mana Regeneration.
Mobile Legends Bruno
Bruno Build for Core Items

Bruno Best Build

  1. Raptor Machete – It is a Jungling Item which stacks Extra Physical Attack for every Jungle Monster killed. It can stack up to 15 times.
  2. Swift Boots – It increases your Attack Speed by 10 %
  3. Berserker’s Fury – It increases the Critical Chance by 25%.
  4. Endless Battle – It deals True Damage in Basic Attack after using a Skill. It also provides Physical Lifesteal and Mana Regeneration.
  5. Blade of Despair – It provides an insane amount of Physical Attack.
  6. Malefic Roar / Queen’s Wing- Malefic Roar provides Extra Physical Penetration which is used when Enemies are Tanky. Queen’s Wing is used to get extra Defence when Enemies are mainly Burst type Heroes. It also provides extra Lifesteal.
Mobile Legends Bruno
Bruno Best Build

Best Build for Bruno

  1. Swift Boots – It increases your Attack Speed by 10 %
  2. Berserker’s Fury – It increases the Critical Chance by 25%.
  3. Endless Battle – It deals True Damage in Basic Attack after using a Skill. It also provides Physical Lifesteal and Mana Regeneration.
  4. Blade of Despair – It provides an insane amount of Physical Attack.
  5. Malefic Roar – It provides Extra Physical Penetration which is used when Enemies are Tanky.
  6. Queen’s Wing – It is used to get extra Defence when Enemies are mainly Burst type Heroes. It also provides extra Lifesteal.
Mobile Legends Bruno
Best Build for Bruno

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