Mobile Legends Benedetta Guide | Benedetta Best Build 2024

Mobile Legends Benedetta has a lot of interesting skill effect, especially loaded dash abilities. Mobile Legends have been turning stones to keep the MLBB community engaged with creative stunts.

And this is one of the interesting introductions to their awesome Hero line-ups.

Welcome to the ultimate guide for mastering Benedetta, the agile assassin of Mobile Legends.

This guide aims to equip you with all the necessary knowledge to excel with Benedetta, from understanding her abilities to executing advanced gameplay strategies.

Who is Benedetta?

Mobile Legends Benedetta Pro Guide & Build

Background and Role

Benedetta, known as the Shadow Ranger, is a character shrouded in mystery and agility. In the lore of Mobile Legends, she is a vengeful figure with a complex backstory. In-game, Benedetta is classified as an assassin, known for her mobility and burst damage.

Benedetta’s Abilities and Skill Analysis

Benedetta possesses unique abilities that, when mastered, can dominate the battlefield.

  • Passive – Elapsed Daytime: Enhances her basic attacks after a short period.
  • Skill 1 – Phantom Slash: A two-phase attack that deals area damage.
  • Skill 2 – An Eye for An Eye: A defensive skill that can block damage and counterattack.
  • Ultimate – Alecto: Final Blow: A powerful forward dash that deals significant damage.

Tips for Effective Skill Use

  • Phantom Slash: Ideal for clearing minion waves and poking enemies.
  • An Eye for An Eye: Time this skill to negate enemy attacks and retaliate effectively.
  • Alecto: Final Blow: Use for initiating team fights or escaping tight situations.

Item Builds for Benedetta

Benedetta’s item build can vary based on the game’s flow and the opponents you face.

Core Items

  • Bloodlust Axe: Provides spell vamp and attack power.
  • Warrior Boots: Increases physical defense.

Situational Items

  • Blade of Despair: For increased damage output.
  • Queen’s Wings: For survivability in team fights.

Emblem and Battle Spell Setup

Emblem Configuration

  • Assassin Emblem Set: With focus on agility and penetration.
  • Custom Talents: Choose between ‘Killing Spree’ for survivability or ‘Bounty Hunter’ for extra gold.

Recommended Battle Spells

  • Retribution: For jungling efficiency.
  • Flicker: For escaping or aggressive positioning.

Gameplay Strategy and Positioning

Early Game

  • Focus on farming and avoid unnecessary fights.
  • Secure buffs and look for opportunities to gank.

Mid to Late Game

  • Prioritize taking down key targets in team fights.
  • Use your mobility to split push and apply map pressure.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Master the art of chaining Benedetta’s skills for maximum damage.
  • Utilize walls and terrain for surprise attacks.

Countering Common Opponents

  • Against Tanks: Use armor-piercing items like Malefic Roar.
  • Against Mages: Dodge skill shots and close the distance quickly.

Community and Pro Player Insights

  • Watch replays of top Benedetta players to understand their positioning and decision-making.
  • Stay updated with the latest Benedetta strategies discussed in forums and social media.

Recent Meta and Benedetta

  • Benedetta’s effectiveness in the current meta.
  • Recent patches affecting Benedetta’s gameplay.


Benedetta is a dynamic and challenging hero to master in Mobile Legends. With practice and the right strategies, she can be a formidable force in any match.


Is Benedetta Good in Mobile Legends?

Benedetta stands out as a highly agile and effective assassin in Mobile Legends. Her mobility and burst damage make her a formidable choice in the right hands.

What is the Story of Benedetta in Mobile Legends?

In Mobile Legends lore, Benedetta is a vengeful figure, known as the Shadow Ranger. Her story is one of betrayal and a quest for justice, adding depth to her character.

What Hero Can Counter Benedetta?

Heroes with strong crowd control abilities, like Khufra and Franco, can effectively counter Benedetta. Their ability to restrict her movements is key to countering her agility.

How Do You Use Benedetta’s Passive?

Benedetta’s passive, Elapsed Daytime, enhances her next basic attack. Timing and positioning are crucial; use it to initiate attacks or when engaging in skirmishes for maximum impact.

Below Guide as per Old Patch Note

So, let us check out what the new MLBB hero, Benedetta is bringing is & How to play with Benedetta? Mobile Legends Benedetta Best Combo & Counters, MLBB Benedetta Best Spell & Much more.

For now, let’s focus on MLBB Benedetta Skills Guide.

How to use Benedetta Skills?

Passive Skill – Elapsed Daytime

Benedetta’s Basic attack button is different than other heroes. Tapping her basic attack button will make her do normal attacks.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Passive Skill – Elapsed Daytime
Mobile Legends Benedetta Passive Skill – Elapsed Daytime

Holding down her basic attack button will charge up her passive.

When this passive bar is full, releasing the basic attack button will make her dash in the direction of Joystick.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Passive Skill – Elapsed Daytime 1

This dash deals physical damage to all enemies in the path and it is counted as skill damage.

This passive dash only deals 30% damage to Minions/Monsters. Dealing damage using basic attacks or skills will also charge up her passive.

Skill 1- Phantom Slash

This skill has a short dash and it deals damage twice. The first damage has a big range and the second damage has a narrow range. This skill also slows down the targets by 60% for 0.5s.

Benedetta's Passive and Skills
Mobile Legends Benedetta Skill 1- An Eye for An Eye

Skill 2- An Eye for An Eye

This is a dash skill, it deals physical damage to all enemies in the path. Before the dash she will be in a defense stance for 0.8s.

During this period, she will be immune to damage and CC. If she successfully defends a CC skill with skill 2, her dash will stun the targets for 1.2s and her passive bar fills up.

Benedetta's Passive and Skills
Mobile Legends Benedetta Skill 2- An Eye for An Eye

Skill 3- Alecto: Final Blow

Her Ultimate is also a dash, she will be invincible while dashing. This dash doesn’t deal damage but it slows down the targets by 70% for 1s.

After dashing, it deals continues damage for 2.5s to enemies in the path and slows them down. That’s all for her passive & Skills.

Benedetta's Passive and Skills
Mobile Legends Benedetta Skill 3- Alecto: Final Blow

Mobile Legends Benedetta Battle Spell


In my opinion, Retribution is the Best benedetta spell to use in game. It will help her to Jungle faster.


Mobile Legends Benedetta Emblem Set

Emblem for Benedetta- Assassin

Works well on Benedetta. Use the Talent points on Movement Speed & Physical Penetration. Use Killing Spree Talent it will regen HP Every time you get a kill benedetta ml emblem.

use Assassin Emblem for Barats

Benedetta Emblem- Fighter

is also a really good option for Her. Use the Talent points on Physical damage and Physical Penetration. Use Festival of Blood Talent it will increase your spell Vamp for Every kill.


Mobile Legends Benedetta Best Build

This is my recommended benedetta build .

Benedetta Best Build

  1. Raptor Machete- 1650
  2. Magic shoes- 710
  3. Blade of Desp- 3010
  4. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  5. Rose Gold- 2120
  6. Bruteforce- 1870
Mobile Legends Benedetta Best Build

You can also use Queen’s Wings instead of Rose Gold benedetta item build. But I prefer Rose Gold because of the shield benedetta ml build.

Best Build for Benedetta

  1. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  2. Warrior Boots- 720
  3. Blade of Despair- 3010
  4. Brute Force Breastplate- 1870
  5. Oracle- 2060
  6. Queen’s Wings- 2250

Benedetta Mobile Legends Build – With Retribution Spell

  1. Raptor Machete- 1650
  2. Tough Boots- 700
  3. Bloodlust Axe- 1970
  4. Blade of Despair- 3010
  5. Athena’s Shield- 2150
  6. Queen’s Wings- 2250

Mobile Legends Benedetta Skill Combo

Benedetta Skill is not easy like others heroes so follow this tricks when you playing Benedetta in the game as a newbie combo skill benedetta.

Benedetta Combo Skill

  • Use basic dash for Gap close.
  • Then use Ultimate skill for slow down + damage the heroes.
  • Then use Skill 2 for reposition.
  • Then use Skill 1 for Finish off.
  • And last use Basic dash for Escape.

Note– You should use your ultimate last if the enemy has their dash skills left.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Pros & Cons

Benedetta is a cold blooded Assassin who relies on her high skill damage to make short work of any enemies that dares stand in her way.

No enemy is too far when using Benedetta, she always has a way to chase in and cease the deal.

Let’s first look at her Pros!

Her Passive makes her basic attack chargeable, you can hold on to your basic attack and charge it.

Once charged the sword goes red, you can release finger from the basic attack and she will dash in the direction of the move wheel.

You can also gain the charge from normal basic attack and skill damage when charged you can slightly hold the basic attack to unleash the fury.

This charged attack acts as dash skill and can be used to bypass obstacles and chase/escape enemies.

A Series of Deadly Dashes

If you already didn’t noticed, she is full of dashes, she has 3 dash skills if we exclude her skill 1 but that also is short a dash only.

With these many dashes, laning and ganking with her is really very easy. Plus she can irritate the enemy with dashing in and out.

While the enemy might think you are all dashes and no damage, it’s time to unleash your fury upon them.

She has a high early game damage with her skill 1, so early on even just focusing on connecting your skills will get you kills.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Cons

She has 1 major Con.

It’s easy to take A wrong turn. She has that innate high damage which always makes people believe that they will get their enemies no matter what.

Which while being certainly true puts you in a greater disadvantage of getting caught and killed?

1 wrong move and you will end up feeding the enemy a lot of gold! Which any amateur player would end up doing.

So, you need to play wisely! Check out from team objectives over personal achievements. Also, Franco   is her natural enemy, he disrupts all her skills.

Benedetta Skill Upgrade Order

  • Skill 1 – Unlock and Max First
  • Skill 2 – Max Last
  • Skill 3 – Upgrade whenever available.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Guide & Gameplay Tips

  • At level 1, unlock skill 1 and go mid lane. Your skill 1 deals good damage combined with basic dash early game.
  • You can use it to poke enemies. But Hunter’s Knife only after clearing first wave. Otherwise you won’t reach level 2.
  • While Jungling and clearing wave don’t use basic dash just use basic attack it will deal much more damage.
  • Wave > Blue Buff > Wave > Red Buff > Wave, follow this farming pattern to get to level 4 fast.
  • When roaming around, always use basic dash it’s unlimited and doesn’t have any cooldown or Mana.
  • With perfect skill 2 timing you can immune everything, Lancelot, Chou users can easily master this skill.
  • In addition, if you successfully dodged a CC skill you will also stun the target.
  • While tower diving remember you can immune a turret damage using your skill 2.
  • Use ultimate on Monsters while invading enemy Jungle or if you’re trying to steal Turtle/Lord.

That’s all for this Guide, hope you learn something.

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