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Welcome to a new hero guide, in this post we are going to be featuring Mobile Legends Beatrix.

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For now, let’s focus on Mobile Legends New Hero Beatrix Guide .

How to Use Beatrix Skills?


Beatrix has multiple passives. Read properly Beatrix passive details.

Need Backup– Having escaped battle for 3s, Beatrix can call for her butler Morgan to provide her with a backup weapons crate.

Beatrix must then choose two from the crate to serve as her primary & secondary weapons.

Need Backup

Mechanical Genius– Her Extraordinary talent in the field of mechanics allowed Beatrix to produce 4 weapon(s) of truly awe-inspiring firepower.

Nibiru Basic attack – Rapid Fire Let loose a volley of 4 shots, each one dealing 26(+52% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage (deals 60% damage to creeps).

Mechanical Genius Nibiru

Renner Basic Attack – Longshot Fire a powerful shot in the enemy’s current direction, dealing 225(+450% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the first target hit (this shot can be dodged, or blocked by others.

Mechanical Genius Renner

Bennett Basic Attack – Area Bombing choose a location to bombard, dealing 120 (+240% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to all enemies in that area and slowing them by 30% for 0.5s (deals 60% damage to creeps).

Mechanical Genius Bennett

Wesker Basic AttackProximity advantage Fire 5 shots at the target, each one dealing 75 (+150% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage (damage dealt to target hit multiple times decays to 60% damage to creeps).

Mechanical Genius Wesker

Beatrix totally has 4 weapons, each have their unique name, basic attack & Ultimate. Now Let’s look at what each weapons does in details.

Nibiru –SMG Single Target (Auto Lock)

Nibiru deals continue physical damage to a single target. If you play shooter games, then think of like a SMG. Mobile Legends Beatrix have Ammo Bar, if this bar runs out she have to reload her weapon before shooting again. The number of the Ammo for each weapon differs. Nibiru’s basic attack are locked, unlike her other weapons.

Wesker – Shotgun AOE Damage (Free AIM)

Wesker is similar to a shotgun, it deals damage to all enemies in its range. But it cannot penetrate through a target. Wesker has free-aim you can use your basic attack button to aim wherever you want.

Renner – Sniper Single Target (Free AIM)

Renner is similar to Sniper, it has long range and a single ammo. Renner has free-aim it can only deal damage to a single target.

Bennett – RPG AOE Damage (Free AIM)

And finally we have Bennett, it has free-aim and a total of 5 ammo. Kind of Like a RPG. It deals physical damage to all enemies in the area. It also has a 30% slow down effect.

All of her basic attacks only deal 60% damage to Minions & Monsters. Her basic attack cannot do critical damage, every 1% critical chance will be converted to 1 physical attack.

Skill 1 – Masterful Gunner

Even though she totally has 4 weapons, she can only carry 2 weapons with her at once. To switch between her current 2 weapons you should use her skill 1, it will take 0.6s to switch.

To change her Loadout, she has a special skill. From here, you can swap out her weapons.

Mobile Legends Beatrix Masterful Gunner

The highlighted area shows your current weapons, above that are the available weapons. To swap just tap on the available weapons.

Using skills moving joystick or getting CC’ed while using this skill will cancel it. You can’t use this skill while in a combat. You should stay out of combat for 3s to use it.

Skill 2- Tactical Reposition (Dash skill)

This is a basic dash skill like Kimmy. This dash immediately reloads your weapon.

Tactical Reposition

This skill doesn’t have any other unique effects for each weapon other than the dash animation.

Skill 3 – Nibiru’s Passion

She has multiple ultimate skills.

Nibiru ultimate deals continue physical damage to all enemies in the area. It can penetrate through targets.

Using other skill or moving will cancel this ultimate. This ultimate only enjoys 25% of her physical lifesteal & none of her skill can benefit from spell Vamp.

Nibiru Passion

Renner – Renner ultimate has very long range, and deals high damage to single target. This cannot penetrate through enemies, but it can penetrate through creeps & Minions.

This skill enjoys 50% of her physical lifesteal.

Renner Apathy

Wesker – this skill deals physical damage to all enemies in the area. But, it cannot penetrate through target. This skill enjoys 50% of her physical lifesteal.

Wesker Elation

Bennett – This skill ultimate deals physical damage to all enemies in the area & it also slows down the targets. This skill gets 25% of her total lifesteal.

Bennett Rage

All of her weapons have separate ultimate cool downs. That’s all for passive and skills.

Mobile Legends Beatrix Battle Spell


In my opinion, Flicker is the best spell to use on her. Skill 2 is mainly used to engage, you need flicker to escape.



Alternatively, you can also use Purify as an escape option.


Mobile Legends Beatrix Best Emblem Set

Marksman Emblem for Beatrix

Marksman emblem works well on Beatrix. Use the talent points on physical lifesteal and attack speed. Use electro flash talent it will increase her movement and HP after basic attack.

Marksman Emblem

Mobile Legends Beatrix Best Build 2023

This is my recommended build for mobile legends beatrix. This build has decent attack, defence and lifesteal. A balanced builds overall.

Best Build For Beatrix 2023

  1. Warrior shoes
  2. Demon Hunter Sword
  3. Blade of Despair
  4. Haas’s Claws
  5. Queen’s Wings
  6. Immortality
Mobile Legends Beatrix Build
Best Build For Mobile Legends Beatrix 2023

Beatrix Best Build 2023

  1. Warrior Boots
  2. Demon Hunter Sword
  3. Corrosion Scythe
  4. Windtalker
  5. Wind of Nature
  6. Blade of Despair

Beatrix Lifesteal Build 2023

  1. Tough Boots
  2. Demon Hunter Sword
  3. Endless Battle
  4. Wind of Nature
  5. Blade of Despair
  6. Immortality

Mobile Legends Beatrix Skill Combo Set

Beatrix Combo 1

These are the weapon combos I use for different situations.

Mobile Legends Beatrix combo 1
Mobile Legends Beatrix combo 1

Mobile Legends Beatrix Combo 2

This is a simple combo, but you have to stay close to the target to deal maximum damage. Using ultimate between the basic attacks will eliminate the delay.

Mobile Legends Beatrix combo 2
Mobile Legends Beatrix combo 2

Beatrix Double Ulti Combo

If both ultimate are ready, you can use this combo. You can combine ambush combo with this to maximize your damage output.

Mobile Legends Beatrix Double Ulti Combo
Mobile Legends Beatrix Double Ulti Combo

Mobile Legends Beatrix Guide

At level 1, unlock skill 2 and go to gold lane. Initially you will be equipped with Nibiru. You have to change it to Wesker.

With Wesker at level 1, you can be super aggressive and try to get first blood. Ones you run out of ammo use skill 2 to refill it immediately.

This is important in early game. Only use Renner to poke enemies from far away, don’t use it for short range, the basic attacks are easy to dodge.

You can also use Renner’s ultimate to clear minion’s waves. Bennett and Renner basic attacks can attack turrets from outside the range.

Use it when needed. While roaming around, mostly stick with either Wesker or Nibiru as your Primary Weapon.

That’s all for Mobile Legends Beatrix Guide article. Hope you learnt something.

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