Best Guide 2022 How to Play Mini Basketball? 

Mini Basketball is one of the most popular and intriguing games out there and well, what’s more like a touch of live-action to it? 

Miniclip is here with its new endeavor, known as Mini Basketball which is no less than a treat to all those NBA fanatics out there!

If you are one of them, get ready to dive into the world of incredible basketball retreats. 

In essence, Mini Basketball is a simulation game that gives real-world basketball feels to the players.

The game is like no other and with all its stunning elements, it is sure to stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Unlike its rivals, Mini Basketball features easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics as well as simple controls.

For all those players seeking out some casual fun, this game is hard to miss out on! 

In case you have just started your journey with Mini Basketball or planning to do so, then a beginner’s guide is all that you need!

Our exclusive Mini Basketball will help you start right as it enlightens you on all the fundamental aspects of the game. 

Apart from this, we are also going to provide you with some of the best strategies to adapt to challenges and outsmart your competition in Mini Basketball. 

So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

Mini Basketball Major Features

The following are some key features that you can expect from Mini Basketball by Miniclip: 

  • The game provides you with the opportunity to play some casual matches. 
  • You will be able to create, update, as well as customize your players as per your needs and preferences. 
  • There is a wide variety of unique outfits available that you can claim for your team members. 
  • You will also be able to participate in various tournaments as well as events in the game. 

Let’s now learn about each element of this unique game in detail.

Here is our Mini Basketball Guide 2022. 

Mini Basketball Guide 2022

As mentioned above, a casual gaming experience is the highlight of the new Mini Basketball.

This makes it capable of providing the players with similar gameplay as the actual sport. 

There is no need to expend numerous hours on understanding the complicated mechanics of the game.

All you need to do is pick up and enjoy! Owing to its numerous tournaments and events, you are going to have a great time playing this game

Talking about the gameplay mechanics, Mini Basketball is quite similar to Mini Football which is another popular title from the same franchise.

The games are short yet quick and efficient.

Every victory is going to praise you with some generous Player Packs which you will be able to unlock as a specific time limit ends. 

In general, the game provides you with three different game modes that you will be able to enjoy.

Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail.

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Mini Basketball Game Modes

1 VS 1

If you have been in the gaming world for quite some time now, you would know the buzz for 1 VS 1.

It’s a classic game mode in which players will be able to fight with other players for an online head-on fight. 

Both the players are going to field their respective teams of 5 members each who will then go against one another for short 4-minute matches that are divided into two halves.

We presume you are already aware of the original rules of basketball so you won’t have a hard time understanding them in the game as they are largely the same here as well. 

One of the most realistic elements that you will encounter in this game mode is the massive applause from the audience near you.

They will cheer you up which will not only give you real-world feels but also boost your confidence considerably. 

Every victory in this game mode is going to reward you with both Leader points as well as some gold coins.

In essence, Leader Points are not a part of the in-game currency in Mini Basketball.

We will enlighten you about gold coins in the later sections of the game

In a nutshell, if you are trying to make it to the All-Stars League, 1 VS 1 is your best bet and the way to go. 

Slam Dunk

Basketball fanatics aren’t unfamiliar with this popular term called Slam Dunk.

In this game mode, players will be required to slam their ball ( known as the dunk shot) through their basket.

However, unlike the actual sport, there isn’t going to be a defender here and all you need to do is dunk your basketball in the given open net. 

This game mode counts as a part of your dailies and you will be provided with five tries every day to execute your dunk shot.

In case you end up basketing the ball thrice or more, you will be able to get access to plenty of freebies.

These may include Player Packs, gold coins, as well as gems! 

Nonetheless, once you are done exhausting all your tries for a day, the game mode is going to be locked.

After that, you will need to wait for exactly 25 hours for it to be unlocked back again. 


Last but not least, tournaments make one of the most special elements of the game.

This game mode gets unlocked as the player arrives at Level 5 in Mini Basketball. 

In essence, this one’s a virtual multiplayer game mode wherein you will be able to challenge worldwide players for a match series.

The match takes place on not only the home court but also on the international court. 

Undoubtedly, tournaments are the most challenging game modes of all.

But in our opinion, the trophy, in the end, makes everything worth it.

You are also going to earn tons of currencies in the game along with Leader Points as well as Player Packs.

This will further help you in rising the Leaderboard ladder. 

Mini Basketball Currencies

When it comes to currencies in Mini Basketball, you are going to come across two different kinds of resources that you must focus on accumulating at all times.

These include Gold Coins as well as Gems.

Here’s what you need to know about them: 

Gold Coins

Gold Coins, as an in-game currency in Mini Basketball, are the ones that are showered at you at almost all times.

You will be able to gain more and more of them by simply playing the game regularly. 

For starters, you must focus on winning more games, fulfilling daily missions, and collecting Player Packs to earn a generous amount of gold coins in the game.

You can use them for upgrading as well as reinforcing your team members.

Not only this, but gold coins also work as the entry fees required to play a match in Mini Basketball.

There are more applications of gold coins in the game which you will get to know as you move forward. 

The game is generous enough to provide you with 300 of these gold coins as you start with the game. 


As far as gems are concerned, these are certainly the toughest to collect.

This is because gems in Mini Basketball are not just showered at you for free. 

For a one-time thing, players will be able to earn a hundred gems by simply signing into Mini Basketball with their Facebook account.

Post that, you can largely earn them by collecting Player Packs or fulfilling some specific achievements in the game.

As compared to the Basic one, The Gold and Super Packs provide you with a substantial number of gems. 

The game still provides you with 40 gems when you initially commence your journey in Mini Basketball. 

Best Strategies to Adapt to Challenges and Outsmart Your Competition in Mini Basketball 

Now that you are well-acquainted with all the key elements of the Mini Basketball game, here’s our take on some of the best strategies to adapt to challenges and outsmart your competition in the game.

These tips and tricks are going to come in truly handy as you start and progress in the game.

So make sure to read them thoroughly and implement them wisely. 

Practice as much as you can

We all know the importance of practicing when it comes to playing and mastering any virtual game.

And to be quite honest, there isn’t any shortcut to the way. 

To simply understand the feel of the game and grasp how it truly works, it is important that you practice whenever you can and as much as you can.

Reading about the mechanics is one thing and implementation is another.

It’s the amount of effort you put into the game that will help you conquer the court in the true sense.

Whether it’s about mastering your techniques or winning against your opponents in the game, keep playing the game more and more to hack it all. 

Don’t skip your Missions

Missions make a significant element of Mini Basketball.

As soon as you are going to open the game, you will be able to see the tab of Missions on your left-hand side. 

In this section, you are going to come across three different challenges that the game refreshes every day.

These may include some of the simplest tasks that one can encounter in the game such as upgrading your team member, equipping a fresh celebration, and others. 

You must always strive to complete these missions every day as they are generous enough to provide you with some incredible rewards.

Rewards may include Player Cards, Mission Points, as well as Gems. 

Mission points may be a new term for you here.

So every time you manage to collect eighty mission points, the game is going to provide you with a special Mission pack.

And once you unlock this mission pack, it rewards you with even more handsome stuff!

So our most crucial tip is that you sign into the game every day and if not anything more, just play the game for the sake of these missions.

This will help you in assembling a powerful team for yourself and eventually, rise higher on the leaderboard. 

Not only daily missions but the game also provides you with another unique segment in this Missions tab. This includes Point Missions. 

Unlike the aforementioned daily missions in the game, these aren’t refreshed every day.

Moreover, you won’t be provided with any sort of deadline to finish them. 

Rewards in this section include some interesting Player Packs as soon as you fulfil the mission requirements. 

Efficient management of the Resources 

Management of your resources in Mini Basketball is one element that is not only vital here but in any sports mobile game for that matter.

One must always be highly careful when it comes to spending their in-game currencies and every time you do so, make sure it’s for a good cause. 

In our opinion, you should spend your gold coins in the game just as an entry fee or to upgrade the players of your team.

There isn’t any hard requirement to go and buy Player Cards when you are still new to the game.

It’s nothing but an unnecessary waste of coins. 

So as a newbie to the game, your primary focus should be on collecting more and more resources and saving them up for later stages.

You will not be able to hack the in-game All-Stars League within a day. 

Moreover, 1V1 matches are still going to provide you with a decent number of Player Cards in the game.

So keep in mind to not make any impulsive splurges that you may regret in the future. 

Just like that, you must also save up on your gems and not waste them on unlocking Player Packs every so often.

Even when the slots are all full, every pack will only require almost a couple of hours to unlock.

It will always be in your best interest to wait for a while instead of going on to waste those hard-earned resources simply for the sake of being impatient enough to wait for a while. 

Gems are not only a crucial resource in the game but they are also the hardest to collect.

They become extremely crucial when it’s time to unlock your Mega Box as well as Ultra Box.

So it is always a good idea to save up on them initially and spend them for the right cause when you truly need them. 

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Keep in mind to Upgrade your Team

As the player moves forward in the game and wins more games, they are going to unlock more Player Packs as well as Player Cards.

This will further provide you with an updated edition of the prevailing Player Cards that you retain as well. 

As soon as you see the option to upgrade a player in your team, you must not think twice and immediately do so with the help of your collection of gold coins. 

It will not only enhance the personal stats of your team member but also boost the OVR of the team at the same time.

The player’s overall performance in the game also receives a major boost when you do so. 

To check for a player’s upgrade, you can check out the symbol of the upward arrow that is available on your team sheet’s Player Card. 

Some additional tips

Lastly, here are some extra tips and tricks that will be helpful in your Mini Basketball journey. 

  • Players must always keep in mind to watch video advertisements in the game regularly. This will help you gain access to plenty of free gems, gold coins, as well as some basic kinds of player packs. 
  • You shouldn’t feel intimidated by long shots in the game. Long shots can play a great role in helping you earn maximum points for a match. 

Final Thoughts

Miniclip has been a popular name in the gaming industry for a long while now.

They come with some of the most innovative and interesting titles now and then that are promised to keep all 

players hooked to their mobile screens. And well, Mini Basketball is no different.

The controls in the game are so smooth as well as simple to understand.

This makes the game a perfect deal for people of all ages. Casual gameplay and real-world feels- what a wonderful blend! 

However, as the player moves forward in the game, they start to fall short of both Player Packs as well as in-game currencies.

Things may truly seem a bit challenging and intimidating at such times. 

In such a case, all you need are our best strategies to adapt to challenges and outsmart your competition in the game!

By following our Mini Basketball Guide 2022 mentioned above, players are promised to make the most of their gaming experience in this unique game. 

Especially if you are just a beginner, we hope that our Mini Basketball Guide 2022 was helpful for you and helped you grasp the key elements of the game.

Now it’s time to try this out for yourself and conquer that basketball court! Good luck, and have fun dribbling! 

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