Secret Tricks Merge Mayor Best Beginner’s Guide 2022

Merge Mayor: Puzzle games are always an ideal adventure to take on, especially when you are just looking for some casual fun.

A stunning game on the internet, Merge Mayor, is one of the best options that you have that features traditional puzzle-based gameplay with some unique features.

It is worth mentioning that you shouldn’t mistake Merge Mayor to be solely a puzzle game as it also revolves around the processes of the building as well as construction. 

If you are also planning to start your journey in this distinct game, we are here to guide you through it all.

In this article,  we are going to enlighten you on various Merge Mayor Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Grow your Town and earn maximum experience points in the game. 

There’s a lot that you will discover in Merge Mayor and our beginner’s guide only aims at making your journey a bit easier and more efficient. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Merge Mayor Gameplay 

Merge Mayor was launched just last year by Starberry and ever since the grand release in April 2021, it has already fetched more than a million user downloads.

All the users using Android 5.1 or above will easily be able to play this game on their mobile devices. 

While Merge Mayor is essentially classified as a puzzle game on the app stores, in the true sense, there is a lot more!

It is a single-player game that will expect you to dive into the world of building and construction.

You will be assigned the position of the Merge Mayor in the game wherein you will be carrying out the responsibility of a great expedition that revolves around world-building puzzles. 

It may all seem a bit overwhelming when you first look at it.

However, there’s no reason for you to feel like that because, with a clear and chilled-out mindset, you will easily be able to grasp the game in no time.

You don’t need to focus too much on being a perfectionist all the time.

All you need to do is go through the below-mentioned strategies and keep them well in mind when you start your journey in the game.

There’s no rocket science involved here and you can simply play the game to explore, relax, and enjoy it the way you want. 

Merge Mayor is a quite straightforward game which you can decipher in a quick while.

However, to be able to master it, the game expects you to put in a little amount of effort.

You will need some good strategies to grow your town in Merge Mayor because that’s your primary objective.

The world of merging, power-ups, and crafting awaits you! 

From achieving different missions, and building communities, to uncovering different stories, you will be helping in transforming a small village into a town.

Apart from all of this, you will of course be enjoying some fun games as well! 

Merge Mayor, in essence, is the kind of game wherein players are going to play on the same board over and over.

In simple words, throughout your journey in the game, your board puzzle doesn’t change. 

You will come across only random items with some instances of higher-level products generated at times.

So this means that you will be able to generate various kinds of items without exactly merging.

However, the chances of requiring more vacant lots are also going to increase as you will need to adjust all kinds of items. 

As you start your journey in the Merge Mayor Game, you will be provided with only a few vacant spaces.

This is because wooden crates would be occupying any surrounding tiles.

As soon as you merge an element, this wooden crate around that particular element is going to destroy its own and you will be able to see any items that were present within them.

Players must keep in mind that you won’t be able to pick these items up and shift them to any other vacant space on your board as you do with your regular stuff. 

Different Kinds Of Items

You will come across two different kinds of items in the Merge Mayor game.

These include the product as well as the supplier kind of items. 

You will be able to merge both kinds of items to generate a high-level item.

However, the products, in essence, are the fundamental resources that your city requires in the game.

On the other hand, the latter kind, supplier items are the ones that work to produce these random items. 

A good instance of a product item in the Merge Mayor game would be a thick wood log as well as cherries whereas a supplier item would be Farmers Cart. 


In the Merge Mayor game, you will be provided with an energy limit of 100 that you can use and play on your board.

After every one and a half minutes, this energy is going to restore on its own.

You won’t be expending energy while you merge items in the game, however, every time you click on a supply item, you will be depleted of one energy.

A completely blank stock of energy is going to take fifteen minutes to recover. 

A lot has been said and it’s about time that you explore the game for yourself now.

Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned Merge Mayor Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to grow your town and become a profitable Merge Mayor. 

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Merge Mayor Tips, Tricks | Strategies to Grow your Town

Complete Your Missions Gradually

It may seem a never-ending task when it comes to rebuilding a city in the Merge Mayor game.

Players are going to come across a series of tasks that they will need to accomplish in every area of the city.

You will be able to access these objectives through the folder located on the bottom left-hand side of the screen. 

It is worth mentioning that these objectives will only begin at the pace of a single one at a time.

However, in no time, you will find a range of pending ones on your plate. 

As mentioned earlier, not only the free spaces but also energy stock is merely limited in the game.

Apart from this, the supply crates would also be only producing a limited amount of stuff.

Hence, it would be in your best interest to only prioritise a single objective rather than going around generating and merging various things at once. 

A basic technique would be going for the simplest mission first and if every task only has a requirement of a single item, things would be too easy. 

Nonetheless, the Merge Mayor game expands a little challenge for you through these missions.

Every mission will require you to bestow a range of items if you wish to accomplish it.

These tasks will generally demand a mixture of items which may be produced from distinct kinds of supply crates.

It is worth mentioning that every time you go on to complete a challenge like this, you will not only be able to hone your organizational abilities but your overall technique as a whole.

Especially when the player doesn’t have many free lots available on their board, this tip can truly come in handy. 

The definition of a simple objective in the Merge Mayor game may vary across different players.

You must focus on the requirements that have been established by each mission and then decide which item is going to require a lesser number of merges to be able to accomplish. 

You will be gaining not only a better understanding but also experience points for every objective that you complete in the game.

These experience points will be used for attaining new stages in Merge Mayor.

Apart from this, some missions may even provide you with some additional rewards including gems, gold, as well as some distinct kinds of supply crates as well as loot packages. 

Experience point in the Merge Mayor game is an extremely crucial resource especially to unlock more stages in the game.

Every new stage that you attain provides you with a reward which further includes various kinds of elements that the players can use for boosting their supply crates. 

Maintain The Organized Structure Of Your Merge Board

Our second tip of this Merge Mayor beginner’s guide is a quite basic one.

However, in terms of implementation, the majority of players often miss out on this vital aspect of the game.

Especially if you are a newbie, you may simply not know enough to do it. 

Initially, it may be a challenging task to keep the merge board well-organized at all times.

There’s no doubt that a lot of times, you will simply come across locked items on the board which tend to stay in one place and hence, look a bit messy.

However, once the player moves forward in the game, it will truly get way easier to maintain your board as organized as possible. 

Farmers Cart, as well as Tool Box, are two supply items that you will always require during your puzzle.

Generally, they stay at a fixed spot as you won’t be merging them very regularly.

So a good way to go about organizing these two would be to place them towards the perimeter of your puzzle board.

You can simply choose a left or right corner and line these items up in that specific corner. 

Then Starting from either of the sides, players may position those elements that they can produce from these crates.

As you will click on the box, some random items will be produced in any free space on your board which you can then drag anywhere you want. 

Players must bear in mind that in this game, they are going to come across some specific tasks that will take longer than usual.

Considering some temporary restrictions provided by the game, the play time often ends up getting hampered and it would be a tough job to accomplish it all in a single sitting. 

Our tip is that before you go on to engage in a lot of merges for a mission, you must first make sure that you are left with an adequate amount of free space.

You may even require multiple sessions to be able to finally get done with a mission sometimes.

Just make sure that you are always prepared with a clear mind and an organized puzzle board.

Don’t Miss Out On The Mayor Points 

Apart from your primary objectives and regular tasks that you need to complete every day, you will also be provided with some more quests through which you can gain yourself some mayor points. 

It is worth mentioning that Mayor Points in Merge Mayor will help you get access to a lot of unique perks as well as bonuses that may vary depending on the number of points you collect.

And well, in the true sense, one can never have enough of these!

Mayor Points are more or less some special milestones that will help you access some special and notably, permanent boons in the game.

The good part is that these quests related to mayor points operate similarly to your regular missions of the game so there’s no hard rocket science involved. 

All you need to do is tap on the icon of the hat located on the top left-hand side of your main screen if you wish to check out the available quests at a point.

An exciting thing is that you will be able to take a look at the number of mayor points beforehand that you may be able to earn out of these quests so this could boost a sense of purpose in you. 

We strongly recommend that you always prioritize your primary objectives in the game first.

However, a lot of times, these quests related to mayor points are simply way too simple.

So we don’t see any reason why you should delay them for too long. 

Complete these quests as soon as you can and gain as many mayor points for yourself.

Trust us, those perks are way too good to miss out on! 

Make Use Of Ad Boosts And Other Freebies

Lastly, there are also some more freebies that you can take advantage of while playing the Merge Mayor game.

These complimentary items will help you in enriching your adventure and progress in the game even further. 

On the top right-hand side of your screen, you will be able to take a look at the in-game store.

We strongly urge all the players to check out this shop every day as you will often be able to access a free energy pack here. 

There are also some more freebies that you will come across as you move forward in the game.

Apart from this, you will often have the opportunity to get an item free of cost by simply watching a quick video advertisement.

Just like the majority of other mobile games today, Merge Mayor provides you with various kinds of ad boosts.

We advise that you take advantage of all of these as they are certainly worth every second that you watch that ‘dull’ advertisement. 


And with that, we wrap up our best beginner’s guide for the Merge Mayor game.

In the article mentioned above, we tried to enlighten you on various elements involved in the game that make the basis of its core gameplay.

When you are new to a game, whether Merge Mayor or any other, the first step is to grasp everything well enough. 

Before you go on to start your journey, you must know what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to do it.

As such, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly understand and implement all the Merge Mayor Tips, Tricks, and strategies to grow your town in this incredible game.

With the right strategy, you will be able to considerably maximise your overall experience as well as master the game in no time! 

Nonetheless, there is a lot more that you still need to discover in this game and well, you will be doing so as you progress with your merges.

There will be times when you may feel like you are stuck and feel like quitting the game in sheer confusion, however, that’s exactly what you must avoid.

If you keep failing to complete a particular level, you must keep calm and change your strategy a bit before you try the level again.

Sooner or later, you are assured to get there! 

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